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Seven pairs of "secret teams" cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win up to $1 million. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 47 of them. 

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Recaps by Chico Alexander, Gordon Pepper, and Eric Pierce,  GSNN

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"Big Brother Death Match" - July 19

For those of you who might have missed the interruption, John “G-Money” Roberts has been nominated for the Supreme Court…

And what did this 10 minute preemption force us to miss you ask? Good question, I don’t know, but when Big Brother took over the airwaves we were treated to the tail end of a bodybuilding competition. That’s right our first images of the evening were of Howie flexing his quads and screaming Bam! like Emeril Lagasse.

As for strategy, Janelle and April are talking outside at the table and April is convincing Janelle to under no circumstances remove Michael from the nomination block (yeah, I’m sure she was planning on doing that). Janelle can’t believe how stupid April as well as the other houseguests are and believe that the manipulation of Eric is rampant. Oh we shall see about that.

At the Kitchen table, Eric and Maggie converse and Michael stands 5 feet away staring at them. This bothers Eric who tells Michael that he can’t intimidate him, and Michael continues to stand there silent. As the situation escalates, Maggie steps in and defuses both parties.

In preparation for the Veto competition Michael talks to Kaysar, his secret partner, about being his veto partner. Kaysar is reluctant feeling that Michael is a lost cause and that he does not want to risk putting a target on his back. Once again, everyone has targets on their back, and Kaysar was nominated Week 1 so why does he think the target disappeared?

The Houseguests are getting restless over not being able to use the gym. Then Ivette makes a discovery. She sees a poster on the fridge that says, “It’s time to get in shape.” Everyone rushes around the house and seeks clues and eventually Michael notices there is now a clock on the wall in the gym. While Michael’s elevator did not go all the way to the top, Sarah’s did and she realized the time on the clock, 5:34, was the combination. Thanks to Sarah, now Beau can get all in shape and buff.

The exuberance over the gym is short lived. Michael is angry that he has been transformed into a sexual predator by Eric and the girls. Meanwhile, Eric is in his HoH room further putting down Michael, verifying with April and Beau that Michael’s actions construed sexual harassment.

Up at the chess table, Kaysar points out to Michael that he is doing nothing to help calm down the lynching mob. Unfortunately, Michael doesn’t get the message and later outside on the lawn couch spouts to Jennifer and Maggie that he must be a pervert. Janelle and Kaysar try to pipe him down but Michael is on a roll. He proceeds to “ask” Jennifer if he molested her and Jennifer keeps walking around the yard carrying her weight without giving the slightest response. Of course all of this information gets back to Cappy, and without further ado, we are almost ready for a Big Brother meltdown!

Michael and Janelle are in the Gold room and Michael decides to say something mean about Cappy, joking about asking Eric how his grandparents died. Little did Michael know that Rachel was listening through the door and proceeded to pass the info to Eric. (God, this is so high school!). Eric steams up with ferocity and gives the classic line about how you can mess with him but you don’t mess with his family. However that’s not all. As Ivette trots through the house, Michael proceeds to burp (or should I say belch… it was that loud) in her face. With a kind nod, he tells Ivette that it was “Just for her” and Ivette, disgusted, responds that she “hopes his mother is proud.” Michael repeats this back and BOOM, Ivette is in the yard ready to go Latin on his arse. Mind you she has to go re-enact the situation for all of the other schoolchildren at the Jacuzzi first.

Ivette is convinced that Michael is treating her poorly because he wants her and she isn’t giving him the time of day. By the end of the re-enactment, Ivette ahs upgraded from going “Latin” to going “Cuban.” Once again, a warning, the Shitake mushrooms are about to hit the fan.

In one last ditch effort, Kaysar is attempting to play the role of pacifier, but Michael is having none of it.

Back in the yard, the whining continues as Cappy whines about Michael having made statements about his family. When Kaysar comes outside the situation escalates, as apparently Ivette and Eric both think Kaysar is Michael. No, really, they attack him as if he is responsible, preventing Kaysar from getting a word in edgewise. As Ivette tries to calm down her Latin temper, Kaysar asks simple question only to be attacked even more. Eventually, Michael enters the yard behind Kaysar’s back and as Kaysar says that he is about to walk away from the conversation, Cappy suggests that it would be a good idea because he might not want to be a part of what is about to happen.


(Please feel free to insert expletives where appropriate. Don’t worry, you can’t overdo it.)

Cappy asks Michael if he has a problem, and Michael calls Cappy a midget. With a single short joke, Eric rises out of his chair and the houseguests do their best to separate the combatants. Within a few moment, Big Brother commands Eric to the Diary room and Michael to the Storage room.

But wait… there’s more!

After Michael and Eric are broken up, Kaysar and Ivette continue their conversation. Ivette recalls their first conversation in the gold room together where she told him how she played the game and while Kaysar confirmed his recollection of the conversation he asked Ivette to shorten the story and basically get to the point. If there is anything men should know by now it’s that a woman, especially a Latin woman on a reality show, is not happy when her speech is restricted. Ivette explodes and tells Kaysar that he has no respect for women. Kaysar gets angered and rises to his feet at which point Big Brother decides to be pre-emptive and sends Ivette to the gym and Kaysar to the hammock.

In a big meeting in the living room, the houseguests quash their feuds and Cappy tells everyone that at no point would he have ever resorted to physical violence. (And after watching this episode, we know that Cappy has a B.A. in BS) Michael also speaks up saying that he does not like the gossipy nature of the house (Obviously, Michael doesn’t realize what show he signed up for). Later, Kaysar apologized to Ivette to quell their mutual anger and in another apology, possibly a strategic one, Eric apologized to Michael. Understandably, Michael is suspicious.


Eric selects James
Michael selects Howie
Janelle selects Rachel

And running the event is your hostess with the mostest, Beau!

The challenge:
Attached to a zip line each houseguest will have to grab a funnel of water and push off of their starting platform platform. They will then travel to the other platform on the opposite end of the yard and dump their water into a container containing a ping pong ball. Going back and forth they need to make the ball float to the top until they can grab the ball and place it in the Veto container back at start. Fastest time wins.

In heat one, James beat Eric mostly due to the fact that Eric took 3-4 trip to realize he could use the funnel end to ensure the water goes into the holes in the top of the container.

In heat two, both Michael and Howie did well, but Michael edged out a win.

In heat three, Janelle pulled off an upsets beating crowd favorite Rachel by a long shot.

Here are you final times:

Eric 9:03
Rachel 8:30
Howie 7:45
Janelle 6:48
Michael 6:44
James 6:31

With James winning a collective sigh of relief is let out, but James says he is more concerned about Janelle than Michael, so maybe, just maybe a veto might happen.

But why should I waste your time? Janelle tells James that using the veto would upset certain people in the house and that he should do what is in his heart. Michael says “same.” James says No Veto. The veto ceremony is adjourned and with that another veto is wasted. Either Michael or Janelle is going home Thursday, so until then, addicts can watch the live feeds, and others can chat at the water cooler. Enjoy!

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