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Seven pairs of "secret teams" cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win up to $1 million. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 47 of them. 

Visit the Roundtable to see who is still in the house and in the game.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Gordon Pepper, and Eric Pierce,  GSNN

Julie Chen
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"Eviction Night: Kaysar vs. Ashlea" - July 14

Last time, secrets were revealed (in the form of the gold room), and Rachel won the first power of veto, but decided not to exercise it, leaving the nominations as is. Tonight, either Kaysar or Ashlea will have the dubious honor of being voted out first.

But before we vote anyone out, we have to find out who is playing with whom.

But before THAT, let's see Kaysar and Ashlea fight it out for votes. Ashlea totally expected Rachel not to use the veto, as she coys up to Howie for protection. Howie would keep Ashlea around for "eye candy" only. Several of the girls meanwhile decide to try and boot Kaysar. Janelle and April had a conversation to this effect.

Meanwhile, Michael ogles Jennifer. And for good reason. Good looking woman in a bikini and all... Watching Mike through all this: Kaysar and Eric, who thought that the guys alliance was being shaken at the core. Kaysar decides to let Eric know that Michael is threatening his presence (not in those words). So he does so. "Stay close to her, but not as close. Just tone it down." Michael's retort... he decides to face it heads up. And by it, we mean Eric. "Do you think I'm being too close to Jen?" Eric knew something was up. "Somebody opened his mouth." Kaysar is accused of breaking trust, but he and Michael try and patch things up over foosball. "Do I worry that my time is near? Sure, I do. But you really have to wait and see how things play out."

That's the state of play as we go to the houseguests live. Ivette did not like living on PB&J for the last week. "Then our plan is working," Julie says. Creepy. Howie loves living in a house filled with eight beautiful women. "I'm not mad at Big Brother for doing that." Janelle thinks that Howie has the best sense of humor... and Julie probably has to agree. Sarah loves the new gold room, the first of many secrets, as Julie divulges the theme of this series of Big Brother.... and leaves it at that. "I told you that wasn't the end!" Howie says.

And one of them will be revealed later, but first, tonight is eviction night. Of the 14 houseguests still in the game, only 11 may vote. Nominees Kaysar and Ashlea may not vote, and neither can HOH Rachel. Let's go to the Diary room... Janelle is closer to both of the nominees. Ivette thinks that Ashlea is annoying. Sarah doesn't view her as a threat. Janelle "really doesn't want to get rid of him." Ivette is wondering whether or not to trust Kaysar's words as HOH. Hypothetically speaking. We end with Janelle voting to evict Kaysar.

And now, the moment you've been waiting for... SECRET TEAMS! They are...

Ivette (who wants Eric's wife to know that she's gay) & Beau: friends and former co-workers. Beau thinks that no one knows, but Ashlea knows and she's talking.
Kaysar & Michael: Neighbors. Michael warns Kaysar that "we're not the only ones" and that "April knows someone too."
Maggie & Eric: friends. Maggie's boyfriend is on the same precinct as Eric. She thinks that Janelle is awfully pushing Ashlea to stay... There's a reason for that.
James & Sarah: dating. Cue the two flirting with each other. She wants shinies.
April & Jennifer: sorority sisters (C-Note: Oh GREAT...). April knows that other twists are afoot.
Janelle & Ashlea: friends and ex-roommates. "If Ashlea goes this week, it'll be the young beautiful people versus... the Latin Chick and the little gay guy."
Rachel & Howie: friends. No one suspect them being even that close.

Each team has no idea that the Big Brother prize is $1 million this year. They can either choose to disclose the secret or keep the housemates guessing. With that, we go to the HOH room to talk to Rachel. Rachel likes the power, and believes that it worked right into her plan. How hard is it to act like a stranger? "Not too hard, but I'm just watching him make everyone laugh." The two of them were the last two standing on the orange surfboard, when Rachel told him to get off. About the last two Rachel discoveries, she wanted to make the reveal fun... So she did.

More on Sarah & James in a bit, but first... back to the diary room. Maggie thinks Ashlea is "prettier than everyone else." Howie can't stop thinking about her boobies. Jennifer thinks Ashlea is very egocentrical. Howie thinks Kaysar is a better massager. Michael thinks Kaysar is a better ally, voting to evict Ashlea.

Now to James & Sarah.  James and Kaysar think that Sarah's the hottest girl in the house. Of course James would think that. Sarah thinks that it's hard not to show any emotion in the house. James agrees as the two share a shower. Sarah thinks that they're finding ways to show their emotions secretly. Among them... crossing fingers at each other. Sarah knows that the other girls adore James. James is being kept on the straight and narrow, saying that Sarah is threatened by the rest of the girls getting close. "In my head, I think we can pull this off, but in my heart, there's some reservation." We end this segment with: "I love you, (^_^)/I love you too, jerk." Funny, Kathleen (my GF) and I say the same thing.

Back to the diary room... April thinks Ashlea is high maintenance. Eric thinks she's a tool. Beau cites something about Barbie dolls. Eric thinks Kaysar is a rat. James agrees, voting to evict him.

Now the moment of truth. Final words for Kaysar... standing: "I respect your decision. It's tough being on the block, but someone has to be up here. I want to thank everyone for a very enriching experience, and I hope that there's more weeks to come."

Final words for Ashlea... sitting: "Thank you for everyone here. I had the best time. Thank you for letting me share in this."

And now, the guillotine. Remember, once Julie makes the decision public, the evicted houseguest will have one minute to say goodbye, pack their stuff, and exit through the front door. After some fumbling with the results, Julie puts on her best Ryan Seacrest face, not too hard, and says...

"By a vote of 9 to 2, Kaysar.... you are safe." Ashlea Evans is the first person evicted from the Big Brother House. Did she take it personally? "I really didn't get to connect with her at all this week." How hard was it to keep her secret? "We got to spend our time together. It was really hard." Knowing it was the goal to make it to the end, she doesn't think she played hard enough to stay in the house. And Janelle's chances? "I think it's gonna be really hard. She went against the majority rules. I think her and Howie may be going up next." And speaking of Janelle, we have a goodbye message from her: "It's not your fault. The reason you've been evicted is because you look good in a bikini. Playing the game without you is going to be hard, but you're my best friend forever. I will take care of those people behind your eviction. Guaranteed." With that, Julie lets Ashlea know EVERYTHING. Ashlea's response: "I knew it! I knew Bo & Ivette knew each other!" Just a reminder from Julie, this is a Summer of Secrets, and you never know what's going to happen, but for now... please get off our property.


We have a series of questions which, while relatively simple, requires you to think quick, because anyone who either gets it wrong or is the slowest will be eliminated. Last person standing after 11 true/false questions will be the new HOH.

1) All of the fish in the house are yellow (TRUE); Beau is eliminated
2) Fifteen houseguests moved into the Big Brother House (FALSE, 14); Kaysar eliminated.
3) In the first competition, you picked coconuts off a tree (TRUE); Maggie eliminated.
4) There are two hot tubs in the backyard (FALSE, one); James eliminated.
5) The HOH Room is on the first floor (FALSE, second); Sarah eliminated.
6) The team that lost the first food competition can only eat yams (FALSE, PB&J); April eliminated.
7) There are more men than women in the house (FALSE, less); Michael eliminated.
8) The Gold Room was discovered by Rachel (TRUE); Jennifer eliminated
9) The gumball machine only accepts nickels (FALSE); Ivette eliminated
10) The kitchen cabinets are green (FALSE, red); Howie eliminated.
11) There are only 2 safes in the gold room (FALSE, three); Eric is the new HOH!

Back in the living room, Eric is vindicated that he can go to sleep whenever he wants. "I'm only missing my wife and the kids." How will Eric use his new power? Find out next time...

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