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Thirteen ordinary members of the general public cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win $500,000. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 37 of them. 

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Recaps by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Julie Chen
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"Eviction Night: Diane vs. Nakomis" - September 14

It's Tuesday, so you're expecting a pretaped episode with the final Veto, right? Well Julie's here to greet nominees Diane and Nakomis, so this must be live. Tonight, day 75, we'll have the live veto competition, the live eviction, and the live HOH. One week from tonight, a new lord of the manor will ascend to the Big Brother throne.

Back to nominations, as Nakomis would've taken "you sunk my Battleship" over "you're a really strong player." That's so cliche, really. Michael is hoping that he will join Drew at the big boys' table tonight.

Meanwhile, focus switches to the veto, as she notes that if the veto is used, Michael will be put on the block. "I'm breaking a promise to somebody." She admits to Drew about those two promises: one to Drew and one to Nakomis. Drew sees it as a game move to guarantee her spot in the final two.

Diane thinks clothes were awesome. Nakomis thinks Dad would be just peachy to see both kids on the Final Four. Drew thinks Ben would say "Step by step". Michael wants to use the money to take care of his family.

And Julie flubs her pronunciation of Nakomis. Not a good sign. Meanwhile over at the Jury House, it's Hell in Paradise, as "the black guy and the gay guy" are up against the twins. Will Karen's arrival heal the schism? Well, it may, but Natalie was a little sick so she might not be in on the whole new evictee love. Marvin's toast makes the line of the night: "To backstabbers, liars, cheaters, and deceivers!" Adria follow up: "Don't forget snitches!"

Happy tape time, as we see the veto, the eviction, and everything in between. We also see Karen caricature-drawing of the bad eggs that are still stinking up the joint. "The Big Brother House is now a freak nest.


The houseguests need to order up the correct sequence of houseguests within the past 10 weeks in the fastest time in order to win. They do so by connecting sockets to each other and to a big honking generator. Drew connects veto winners, letting out an S-bomb and saying "I'm an idiot, I'm an idiot, I'm an idiot" over his forgetting that he won the veto. Final time: 14:27.

Diane has the same challenge, as she thinks she has to prevent Nakomis from winning the veto, even if it means winning the veto for herself. Final time: 4:14

Michael gets the same challenge... "I won this sucker." Scott, Jase, Nakomis, Jase again, Drew, Adria twice, then Karen, then Diane twice. Final time: 2:13. His only worry? Nakomis, who dies after completing her round. Final time: 6:13

Michael wins it where it counts. And what does he do? Tells Nakomis of the agreement between the other three. Nakomis vows to take him to the end, playing the blood-is-thicker card. Michael counters with last week's campaigning to get him out of the house. It's sister versus friend. Once again, head versus heart. Head over heart for Nakomis once again as she feels horrible having to lie to stay in the game. This breaks her down to about 160 decibels and some tears. Diane sees it as a front. "I've never seen anybody cry so much and not shed a tear." Diane quickly says that the front may indeed send her home. "It's in Cowboy's hands."

Next morning, Diane reminds Michael that Nakomis wanted him out and that she wants to be next to him at the end. They agree that it'll be the final two of Diane and Cowboy if she wins the HOH next week. And now, the pinky swear. If Diane doesn't deliver, Cowboy gets one of her fingers.

Tonight's Veto Ceremony is unique in that Michael is safe alongside Drew, meaning that if he uses it, the other houseguest will be evicted spot-on. In the Diary Room, Michael feels the pressure of the decision weighing on him. April told him to step up. And he's done so. Now he's choosing between his sister (who wanted him out last week) and his friend (who wanted him out on countless occasions in the past). This is what we call a catch-22, or as Bart Simpson more famously put it, "You're damned if you do, and you're damned if you don't." The blood bond will not factor in this decision, which is forthcoming.

Meanwhile, if you have what it takes to backbite, shake dice, and kiss your gal on Sunday for three months, CBS wants to have a little chat with you. Go to if you want to be a part of Big Brother 6 next summer.

And now, the veto/famous last words. Diane says that she proved her trust three weeks running, and will honor his trust now. Nakomis brings dad's grounding into the picture. Michael's decision, once again, not a personal decision. Factoring in the promise he made and the promise Nakomis broke, Michael uses the veto to a) save Diane, and b) evict Nakomis. "Door door door!" The first person to walk out the door and not hold a grudge, Nakomis hugs all around, we're all happy, we're all smiley, get out.

It's a little darker, because it's a little later, and Diane has to pee before we come back for the HOH. Meanwhile, Nakomis is not really shocked by Michael's decision. If he's a nice person outside of the house (meaning that he doesn't act all snarky vis-a-vis his actions in the house) sure she'll chill. She wants to meet April and Chase. Meanwhile, we all laud her Six-Finger plan and her twins eviction, while Cowboy is now pretty much vulnerable, not having heard the conversation between him and Diane. She calls Drew as winner and says that Cowboy won't be receiving her vote. Someone's a little bitter.


Drew, Michael, and Diane will compete. It's three parts, with the winners of parts 1 and 2 facing off in part 3. For the final three, it's an endurance trial a la Survivor's Hands on the Idol. Last one standing moves on to round 3. One hand on the key, both feet on their pedestal. No sleeping, eating, or bathroom breaks.

Oh, and one final twist... do not assume that those rocks will stay in place for long, as we exit to... an earthquake. We'll wrap up this and the other rounds Friday.

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