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Thirteen ordinary members of the general public cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win $500,000. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 37 of them. 

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Recaps by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Julie Chen
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"The Last Don Standing: Days 6-9" - July 6

The house was thrown into turmoil the likes of which any normal person can live through as the houseguests were informed that Michael and Nakomis were half-siblings. Half of the house is saying "No way". The other half - including Jase, still HoH - says "Could be." Also, the hamsters unlocked the hot tub o' love for the summer while making Southern California's largest shelf rita, and Jase uses catgirl Jennifer to bump off Mike in his nominations. We pick up at that moment.

"That was nervous-ing," Cowboy of the extraordinary grasp of the English language says. Meanwhile Jase confirms my suspicions that he only put Jennifer up to get rid of gamer Mike. Jennifer: "I'm not worried about it anyhow." Scott, Jase's co-horseman, literally pulls her aside to tell her so. And already I'm beginning to see a Dynaman revival with Scott, Jase, Drew, Cowboy, and Nakomis.

Meanwhile the Big Lubinski is going around doing what he does best... poorly. Mike tries to ream in Marvin, saying that it was going to be him instead of himself that was put up. (X) Will is next, as he gets the 411 on what Mike wants to do. Will, on the other hand, knows that everyone wants Mike gone. Will takes his story to the crowd outside, while Mike soon follows suit. Everyone else wants to distance themselves from the disease that is Mike, because, as Drew put it, "if you talk to him, it's like you're marked next."

And Diane, who did consult with the Big Lubinski, was pretty close to all that, but Jase decided to have her sweat it out. We may have a first here, a person on Big Brother who actually uses his brain for something other than keeping their ears apart.

Next day, it's an exercise in... well, exercising, in the backyard. Adria starts and ab class, some of the Horsemen do push-ups, and Marvin... watches. "Adria, we nicknamed her 'Big Bootylicious', because she's well-endowed in the booty department." Marvin, I don't think you're ready for HER jelly.

In the house, Mike lashes out at Scott for holding an alliance that is trying to get him out, even going so far as to say that the two weakest players, Michael and Nakomus, are in cahoots with them. Scott's response: "You're talking (^_^) about everybody in here." Lori thinks that he was being a sore loser.

Next day, it's storytime with Hollywood, as she recalls changing in front of her window. Oh wait, it was her mannequin, although at this juncture, you could not really tell the difference. Among other Holly revelations: when she was younger, she thought that tartar came from eating too much tarter sauce (I can understand that); she is an animal lover; and she tried to hook her mannequin up with a friend's. Hot fiberglass on fiberglass love...

Meanwhile, we have more unauthorized brain usage, as Michael details to Jennifer that they don't hang out as much as they should because he doesn't want people to think that they're in an alliance. They'll bond later, though.

Jase gets some instructions on the Power of Veto challenge. This year, it's a little different, as he (being HoH) and the nominees compete with people of their choosing. As with last year, each PoV this time is golden. If you're on the block, and you don't need to be, you're going to want to get your hands on this bling here.

Mike and Jase have it out afterwards in the kitchen. Afterwards, Mike has a pep talk with his presumptive partner Holly, in which she is told to take a powder. Why? Don't know.

Meeting of the Four Horsemen gazes upon Will, wondering if he's a) a ladies' man or b) just really really effeminate. "He's not being too gay for us to freak out." Gay card, Will... Gone, because everyone (except Mike for some reason) figured it out. But it's not like he fits the mold of a stereotypical flamboyantly gay homosexual, so it's all good. And of course, Mike, being the staunch Conservative he is, goes into the current civil rights issue of civil unions and marriages (read your local paper on this one, folks. We're just here to cover a game). But Will does call Mike an extremely intelligent and articulate man. "His talk can match his walk." For what it's worth, they have a strong rapport with each other. That, in and of itself, is pretty cool. "We just all have to be willing to stand in each other's shoes."

More PB&J, anyone? Not after today if they win this next Food Challenge. The challenge: read the card...

"Congratulations house guests. You've survived your first week of peanut butter & jelly. Enjoy... until the next food competition."

Needless to say, they pretty much won that.

Meanwhile, Adria and Diane are on the hammock talking about, sweet jeebus, another girl power alliance. Basiaclly, if they can get the guys to pick each other off for a couple of weeks, then they can move in and take over. So would they pull Will in or Nakomis? First case, it's inner man vs. inner woman. Second case, blood or money? After all, it's a competition, and to think otherwise would prove most destructive.

Next day, and Jase is dramatic for a Power of Veto competition. Replete with Zorro mask. Jase, Scott, Mike, Holly, Nakomis, and Drew compete.

PoV Challenge: Flaringo Toss

Ring toss with plastic lawn flamingos. Zone one is the water flamingoes, zone two is the left island, zone three is right island, zone four is the far back island. They must ring a flamingo in a more difficult zone than their competitors in three tries. Drew gets in zone 1, but Mike gets in zone 3, knocking him out. He calls out Jase, and he gets a ringer. Holly (as instructed) and Nakomis get a ring.... ZERO.

Round 2, as Mike gets another zone 3 ringer. Jase hits it at zone 4. Mike's gone. Scott gets zone 2, while Jenn hits zone 1 (as instructed). Jase eliminates Holly, until he draws Scott. Scott nails zone 2, while Jase... misses. Scott gets the veto. Just remember... power corrupts.

And the ladies are capitalizing, solidifying their bond against the common enemy... with a Y-chromosome. They draw Will into the mix, as they plot to put both Jase and Scott up. But where does Will fit in? "We'll take you and Drew as far as we can." And we're back to being morons again!

Will and Drew go to the HOH room, as they talk about the girl power alliance. "We'll eventually become expendable to her." Jase came in, Will comes out... Now it's all about "Four Horsemen". Keeping it real... Keeping it together. Jase weighs in in the Diary Room: "If you wanna pull that... You gotta go."

Next day, Nakomis changes up her hair. It goes from blue to green. She wanted to go orange, but her stripper didn't take the hair down to complete blonde first.

Speaking of stripping, here's the veto, as the Horsemen gather to discuss getting Diane or Adria out next. They discuss their options, including taking Mike off and putting A up. In the actual meeting, Scott elects... NOT to use the veto. Looking at the weather report, it's still clear to partly stupid... Or maybe not. If you were to take Mike off and put up A, then you'd still have a gamer in the house. Same with Nakomis. And with either A or Mike, you'd have a chip the size of Cleveland to deal with. Basically put, it boils down to one thing... "You shoot the queen, you better kill her."

So who will get bumped off first, The Big Lubinski or the Cat-Girl? Next time, the first live eviction notice is served.

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