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Thirteen ordinary members of the general public cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win $500,000. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 37 of them. 

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Recaps by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Julie Chen
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"Eviction Night: Michael vs. Karen" - September 9

Drew, Cowboy, and Diane entered into a pact to evict Karen last time, but will it work? We'll find out as Drew and Diane vote to evict live tonight, day 70.

Diane thinks she's sitting pretty with the current setup. Nothing, to Karen's knowledge, is changing. Key words being "to Karen's knowledge". Karen sees herself as the backdoor and goes to Nakomis to complain about it, setting up many a scenario that puts Nakomis, Drew, and Diane guaranteed in the final four. Isn't that the way it is already? Nakomis is worried that she will have to break her word to Michael in order to protect her own standing. She's looking forward to breaking a tie and, in essence, pulling an Adria.

Meanwhile, the Cowboys/girl are plotting to give Karen one minute to realize that (^_^) just got sour. Both Drew and Michael are scared that the girls will corner Diane to vote in their favor. And that's what happens, as Diane lays it out that if the vote isn't unanimous, it will be a tie. Well, those are really your only two options. Meanwhile, Karen and Nakomis are pretty much sure of themselves that Cowboy is past tense.

And is this what I think it is? Drew and Michael planning not to let Diane win HOH? Drew confides in him, while Diane thinks he's playing the game as the rest of them.

But to the other side of the coin. What is Karen's strategy for staying in the game? A) Laughing at stupid jokes. B) Playing card games. C) Watching people get wicked pissed. D) Doing dishes. E) Talking about things she doesn't know about. F) Tanning. G) Sharing makeup. H) Drinking coffee. I) Crying with people. J) Listening to and trying to relate to stuff that she doesn't know about. K) Swallowing her pride. L) Flying under the radar. She's also trying not to ostracize people who, in the end, will hold all the cards and ante up.

Talking with Nakomis, she has found that Diane's trust is pretty much gone, but that was understood. As for the final two, it's all opportunity at this point.

Talking about Karen in the Diary Room, Drew notes that Karen kisses a lot of ass, and Diane likes the way the numbers favor the women.

It's Jury time, as Will and Natalie await Adria and Marvin. Will puts it well, on the nature of karma: "I might not be walking home with half a million dollars, but neither are those bitches." And yet they still act as one person. They watch the tape of the previous round action, including Adria's rant walking out the door. Adria's going into her logistic for the rant (which STILL doesn't make any sense) when out of nowhere...

"Y'all got a new landlord in town, and his name is Marvin."

Happy dance ensues. Marvin line of the night (yea! I finally get to say that again!): "A brother get locked up, he'll kiss Nakomis!"

Famous last words time. Karen first: "I have nothing officially prepared. I don't think anyone's reasons are more or less important than anyone else's. I'd like to stay if you'd like to have me." Michael: "Karen actually took the words out of my mouth." Now to vote.

Diane: KAREN

Julie gives Karen the news that 2-0 tells the tale. "Thanks for backdooring me. That was great." She meets up with Jules to tell the tale in her words. Adria warned Karen that it was coming, but didn't heed her warning. "I'm emotionally sapped, and it's really hard to deal with the kind of people they are." Adding that she missed her family, it more than likely was for the best, even as Karen wanted Diane out of the house at one point. But for now, she's off to join the party posse in paradise while the final four get ready for...

HOH COMPETITION: Before or After?

It should be noted that this week's HOH will be eligible to compete in next week's final HOH. Eight questions on whether events happened before or after other events. Most right wins.

1) Was Mike nominated for eviction before or after Margarita Madness? (AFTER, Drew and Michael)
2) Was Backyard Bonanza before or after Smoothies from Hell? (BEFORE, everyone)
3) Was the hot tub unlocked before or after Treadmills of Terror? (AFTER, everyone)
4) Was the twin twist before or after Scott's eviction? (AFTER, everyone)
5) Was Natalie's eviction before or after Chemical Reaction? (BEFORE, everyone)
6) Was Michael and Nakomis' initial discovery of relation before or after his first nomination? (BEFORE, Drew and Michael)
7) Was Marvin's replacing Jase before or after Jase's replacing Diane? (BEFORE, Drew, Diane mathematically eliminated)
8) Was Pop Goes the Veto before or after This Little Piggy Won the Veto? (AFTER, everyone, Drew is the new HOH).

Once again, Michael is denied, as Drew gets the power again. We'll see what he does with it on Saturday.

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