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Thirteen ordinary members of the general public cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win $500,000. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 37 of them. 

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"Halfway House: Days 42-43" - August 14

Last time, Jase got kicked, having only one sympathy vote to his name, and Adria got kicked up... to HOH, that is. So what's in store now that one-half of the twins is in the HOH Room? One thing's for sure, everyone in the house is now in the game until the bitter end. This round begins the jury selection, but more on that later.

Will gives the ATGS Salute (RIP Randy) on a job well done. "Words cannot describe the pure elation that we're feeling." Well met. Drew tells Michael that he made his decision based on what people might do later. Michael's retort: "Day one, we were supposed to be men of our words, and he wasn't. There's only one out of the Four Horsemen left in this game, and that's me, and I'm going out with a fight." Or, as Michael put it, a FAHT.

Meanwhile, Adria's having the Best Week Ever as HOH. Nakomis sees this as a test to see how much of a team effort A is willing to put in now that she holds all the cards. One thing's for sure, the original counteralliance, Will, Karen, and Nakomis, were cringing. You wouldn't think that they could cringe, but they could. One thing's for sure: "It's safe to say Natalie's safe." Same with Diane and Drew.

Adria's holding a glass again... Wait, we're past that, aren't we? Everyone goes HOHing in Adria's new crib. Natalie gets to see her mom again. Will wants to see her CD: "Confessions", Usher. Good choice. "I screamed like a 12-year-old schoolgirl," Will says... Insert joke here.

"It was me!" Marvin adds. "I was the one screaming like a little chick." Again, insert joke here.

Michael tells Adria that he has been straight since day 1, adding on the "who deserves this money" clause. Even goes so far as to say, "If y'all help me, I'll help you." But will it work? Adria asks the $1 million question: "If you could save one person, who would you save?" Michael's answer: "You and your sister." That's TWO people, homey. He suggests that Marvin might be the biggest threat, and in a way, he's right.

And he looks REALLY funny now. Check this out...

Went from Cowboy to Boy Band Reject... He prophesizes all the Project DNA subjects in the final four. Diane enters for her fit of groveling. She brings up the looks from earlier. Adria noticed. Diane also thinks that Cowboy is someone to look out after.She also brings up an interesting point given by Nakomis: "Who do you think they're going to nominate?" If I were you, I wouldn't start counting your chickens JUST YET.

Karen's next, and she tells Adria not to sweat it. But in the Diary Room: "I could smell the power trip brewing the first time those two girls sat in the same room together." She says she would save... okay, she doesn't say anything, as Karen scoffs at her offer to tell her. Karen tells her of trust... which she later rescinds in the Diary Room. And yes, folks, Karen gone done lost it.

"I think that they're starting to get cutthroat now," Nakomis says to her left-hand woman Karen and her right-hand woman Will. Never say a name around them is a rule. Okay, here's where that rule falls short: do they have to? I mean, and I thought I would NEVER say this about a BB contestant, but Adria and co. aren't stupid.

The twins notice that the houseguests are getting louder and more annoying. Then they actually discuss the nomination, saying that there's no need to put up Marvin and Cowboy at the same time. Well, we can save Cowboy, so how about either Karen or Will? Preferably Will, because Karen would be a drama queen all week. The new plan: put up Will and Karen, and get Nakomis out later. So now, it's more or less a three-finger plan.

How do you know that this is the smartest bunch that BB has ever seen? "At the center of the universe, could there be an anti-black hole? And if the entire universe is a black hole in an anti-black hole, then what's on the outside of our universe?" A parallel universe... duh! "And if the black hole supernovas, wouldn't that be considered a big bang? So could there be multiple universes?" Quite possibly. Now explain the Big Burp theory as presented on the pilot of "Sliders".

While I'm being mentally stimulated by my new reality show wench, Adria's thinking about dinner. Drew needs not think, as you recall that he must partake upon PB&J for the rest of the first half of this episode. Hey, it could be worse. It could be pot noodle.

FOOD COMPETITION: Backyard Burger Bonanza

Two teams, red (Natalie, Drew, Marvin, Diane) and blue (Cowboy, Will, Nakomis, Karen), must make as many fake cheeseburgers as possible in five minutes. Team with the most unlocks the outdoor grill for the week. Losing team eats more PB&J. And much like the Double Dare stunt this was stolen from, Natalie and Cowboy must catch the ingredients on their buns.

And in case you're tallying, this is the gratuitous bathing suit stunt. I'm almost expecting Adria to say "On your mark, get set, go!" Oh, look! She does!

Final burger tally: Red, 10. Blue, 11. The doomed three and Cowboy win it. Blame missing ingredients and mat violations. Marvin, your thoughts, please: "I hate losing, and the losers we lost to... Cowboy, Nicodemus, Gay Will, and Karen, to lose to them is just doubly bad."

Big Brother Spyscreen Truth or Dare in the HOH room as we see... more of Michael than is absolutely necessary. And Will. And Drew. Diane's determined to outdo them all by wearing Drew's Miami flag and... not much else. Okay, so she was wearing something underneath... Party poopers.

"Diane suffers from the disease we know as 'tanorexia'," Will notes about Diane's constant lounging. "We should all make a very valiant effort to get Diane out of the sun."

But before we can get too comfortable looking at Diane's tanned and toned body, Will complains that he can't get a read from neither Adria nor Natalie. Marvin, on the other hand, thinks it's him and Cowboy. Will says that Marvin feels safe with him.

Natalie barges in on Adria thinking about nominations. Should she leave? "No, you're gonna lock the door and get your ass up in here!" Among probables: Will, big threat Marvin, and outside chance Karen as Adria works on building both the BB House and the jury house. Will's thoughts? "I have a feeling that we could see the next Jase brewing inside the Head of Household room." I have a feeling we could see the next Jase brewing out on the patio next to you.

Getting to crunch time. Six keys on the block... Nakomis's... Drew's... Natalie's... Michael's... Karen's... and Diane's. Marvin's back on the block for the third time, while this is Will's first nod. "Does this mean I can't listen to Usher no more?"

Li'l Jon: YEEEEEAH! So it's time for Marvin and Will to rise up and overcome. Can Marvin survive a third straight week? Or will he "let it burn"? One thing's for sure with veto looming next time, it's now everyone for themselves.

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