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Thirteen ordinary members of the general public cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win $500,000. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 37 of them. 

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Recaps by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Julie Chen
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"Every Chicken Counts: Days 14-15" - July 17

This is my first recap for the wackies in the house, and they are quite wacky. We have the Horsemen who want to get rid of the women, the women who want to get rid of the men, and the single people, who are unallied - which would be Will and Marvin.

Marvin is the New Head of Household. This means that Marvin gets to nominate the two people who elimination.

This could be interesting.

To add to the fun, we have Adria and Natalie playing the roles of one contestant and Holly acting like she is playing the role of 2 contestants with her split personality. What a wacky household.

But before we get to that, we get to last episode, when Mike gets booted. Everyone grieves - but just for a little, while Jase and Karen aren't going to miss him at all. Jennifer was happy that people thought she did a good job, while Jase is patting himself on the back for his plan working.

We then get a flashback of the tie-breaker for the HOH competition - a competition that Marvin wins. He's happy that he isn't on the block - and Jase thinks that Marvin is an outer horseman. Lori, who won the $10,000 and pissed Marvin off, is convinced that he will put her on the block. Jase thinks that Holly is safe, while Lori and Diane should be concerned. Holly thinks that she won't act too nice to Marvin, because she will think that he will think that she is fake. Is there anything real on Holly?

Adria, meanwhile, is trying to get tips from people and is trying to learn what is going on so that she isn't caught. So far, so good, as the group thinks that Holly and/or Jase has twins.

Marvin gets to show off his pad to everyone, as he gets a pic of his mommy and dog (Ice Cube). He also gets beef jerky (which offends Holly) and booze, which he passes to Jase. Karen sees through that and starts talking to Will about it. Will is convinced that Marvin is smart and that he will see through everything going on with the Horsemen. Will and Karen make a pact as they plot to get rid of the Horsemen.

The people are getting rid of the food in an alarming rate. Just in time - the food competition. Everyone gets bandannas as Jase thinks it's a sign from G-d. Uhhh... yeah. The bandannas are representing the backyard, which is now a barnyard. The objective - catapult chickens into baskets which are labeled with food. The teams have 5 minutes to get food - but if they land a chicken into a 'Bad Egg' basket, they lose all of the food, and the teams have the remaining time to get food.

The first chicken lands in... Beer, which has everyone rejoicing. Holly... well... is Holly, and doesn't come near the baskets. The rest of the group gets fruits and veggies and meat. Jennifer and Michael suck (I don't shoot chickens for a living, says Michael) but they round up seafood and ricochet into beef.

They can quit, but Will continues to go. Will shoots his chicken into... a bad egg. Stop at a whammy. Everything is gone, and the team only has 75 seconds left. "Every chicken counts now, people" says Karen.

Scott recaptures the seafood, and they get bacon/sausage and milk and butter and yogurt, but that's obviously a lot less than what they had and they didn't recapture the beer. Marvin: "Will, you will be drawn and quartered - at the stake." Will cries in the bathroom afterwards. Do they have a bucket labeled Goat?

A tearful Will is still going off, complaining that there is no support system and that he's an outsider. He says that every word that they say that's 'gay' is negative, and he says that he hates Scott and Jase. "I don't have a nice thing to say about either of them."

Drew/Diane and Jase/Holly seem to be items, which has Scott wondering who he can hook up with. Scott and Michael wonder if the women will distract them from the 4 Horsemen alliance - and we get video supporting this as Jase is shaving Holly's legs. Scott thinks that Jase could crash and burn if he isn't careful. Conversely, Jase its telling Holly that Scott wants to sabotage the relationship, while Michael, who has his own women issues with Jennifer, is wondering if 3 of the Horsemen are on a different track.

All four of them convene - and they want to get rid of Diane. They want to get rid of Marvin next, as he is the only other guy in the house (and apparently, Will doesn't count as a guy). Hmmm..

Jase and Holly get into it, which leads her to talk to the aforementioned Diane, who tells her that she is only there because Jase wants to (bleep) her. Holly, with the IQ of a grapefruit, relates all of this to Jase, who now has another reason to get rid of Diane. Jase wonders if it isn't Holly who is trying to get into his mind, as he says "I don't even think that Dr. Phil could save us." Paranoia has now become the 14th contestant in the household.

Michael has decided that he wants a new style - so the guys shave stripes on his legs. WHA? Will calls him dangerous, as he is like a reed blowing in the wind. "If they told him to be painted pink and run naked, he'd be the first person to do it." Michael calls Scott daddy, and they take a bath together. Well, now Scott does have a relationship with someone in the house... sort of...

Meanwhile, Jase accuses Lori of plotting behind her back. Jase tells Lori that Holly told her, and she yells at Holly, who in turn yells at Jase. The crowd gets on Jase, and Lori is pissed off at the world. Marvin is wondering whether or not Jase and Holly are becoming too big of a threat.

Marvin can take that into his own hands as the Big Brother Nominations are on. He calls in the Horsemen, who think they have everything under control. They tell him to nominate Lori and Karen - and Will realizes that if he does it and Lori doesn't leave, he's toast. They are wondering if they can use Michael to get Jennifer/Nakomis's vote. Michael talks to Nakomis about the votes -but he won't tell her who is being put up. That pisses Jennifer off because she doesn't think she is being trusted. "If they want me to play by their rules, they have to play by my rules."

Marvin calls in Diane, who needs her vote to get rid of Lori. She said that she would vote against her, but Marvin doesn't believe any of it. Could that influence his decision? We'll see who influences who as Marvin sets up the keys. He is wondering about any backlash while the women are concerned that they will see 2 of their own on the block.

Will says that you want to remove the most powerful pieces on the chessboard first. The ceremony starts and the first person who is safe is... Diane. After her is Will, Jennifer, Michael, Drew, Karen, Jase, Adria and Scott. The two people nominated are Lori and Holly. Marvin goes after Lori because she has won the $10,000 and he respects her game. He also thinks that Holly is very influential - especially over Jase. Hmmm...

That is probably the best move that Marvin could make. Barring veto, one of the two power players will be gone - and that makes sure that the Horsemen will vote against Lori. Holly thinks that Marvin has had it out for her - and she promised her cats that she will stay in the game. Uhhh.. ok. Lori thinks she has the girl votes - which makes Jennifer's swing vote vital. Will she betray the women? Will someone grab the Power of Veto? Chico will fill us in on Tuesday.

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