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Thirteen ordinary members of the general public cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win $500,000. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 37 of them. 

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"The Final Four: Day 70-72" - September 11

Last time, a plan to get Karen out of the house surprisingly worked out, as we are now down to the celebrated Final Four, but could an intense sibling rivalry be brewing for a spot in the Final Three?

But first, a new term defined in the Big Brother Dictionary: "backdooring" (gerund): to vote somebody off without telling them. Diane swears that she never backdoored Karen. She just didn't tell her the complete truth. She did say that votes were unanimous, but never mentioned names. At this point, Diane is pretty much a lost case, because "everyone who's walked out that door gave me (^_^) for it."

Michael: "For what it's worth, I AM glad to be here."

As for HOH matters, Nakomis is worried that the power couple is going to put her and Cowboy on the block. Or maybe her and Diane (fear of girls?!). It's just hope for the best at this moment. And at this moment, it's off to Drew's HOH room with a new plant and a new Miami of Ohio shirt! CD of choice: Counting Crows, "August and Everything After". Their best work.

Meanwhile, Nakomis names Drew's new fake fern "Piedmont". From the French meaning "foot hill". Aren't many ferns in the foothills, really.

And again, Michael complains about not having a picture from home.

Next, we track Diane's little belly, from little in day 5... to slightly bigger today. Panic. Ooooh. Next thing you know, she'll complain that she's losing her tan. Drew doesn't hold it against her. Just more of her to love, baby. Michael brings up an interesting point. They complain, then eat chips. Drop the chips, and use the home gym. You're not going to have the benefit of free forever, you know.

Back to the game. Drew details that Diane needs to throw the Veto to hold Michael and Drew in the game. Ideal position: she is voted out. But Michael is the one with the vote, ideally. That means that he would have to break his promise with Nakomis. Again, head or heart?

Meanwhile the table shrinks again, as this year's Four are the youngest in BB history. To put into context: Michael is 23. Drew and Diane are 22. Nakomis is 21. In contrast, I am 24. Gordon and Ryan are 25. Jason is 36.

Next up, hot sex that you can get away with on broadcast in daylight with Drew and Diane. And they're technically not "together" yet. They want to be together outside the house, but they're still no Rob & Amber.

New York strips for dinner? Only in the BB House. Definitely not the Iron Chef. He'll be lucky if he makes it past microwave academy.

Now, hot sex that you can get away with on broadcast in nite-vision green with Drew and Diane. Diane suggests switching it around by putting Cowboy on the block. Drew says that the way they planned it posts a better chance of success.

Okay, you remember last year when we had some really bad fashion faux pas? Well this year isn't any better. Time to remedy that.


It's a shopping spree for new clothes! But first, you must sacrifice the worst article of dress that you have. Think of it as "What Not to Wear" taken to the next level. This year joining the fire of fashion hell is the deep fried duds, "tarred & tailored", and "sling shirt." There's also a "safe" wedge on the wheel of doom, but it's very... very.. small, as is the "houseguests' choice". For each piece of clothing trashed, the players are awarded 10 seconds in a shopping spree. After Diane's too-tight shirts, Michael's dopey pants, Drew's Goonies shirt ("Sorry, Vanessa! I got your man AND I burned your shirt!") and Nakomis' goth crap meet their respective ends, the group earns 2 minutes shopping time. BUT there's a twist. You'll get an extra 15 seconds if you sacrifice the clothes off your back. No undies, please. We're trying to keep our PG rating. Cowboy and Drew take two for the team, and get another 30 seconds. Sorry, guys.

Wait, Diane decides to join! That's 2:45 to get whaterver you can wear out of the house. And they do just that. My favorite: Cowboy's Trenchcoat.

Next night, a little trick. Drew and Michael switch beds while Diane's in the bathroom. Good thing Diane didn't kiss him or else she'd have to face the wrath of the future Mrs. Cowboy.

Next day, Drew and Diane wonder if they could be related. No chance there. Imagine what the kids would look like.

That night, Diane and Drew think about nominations. "It's time for me to walk out the house this week," Diane quips, as she tries to contest the idea of her being put up. Drew reassures that Michael will keep her in the game.

But will he? It's nomination time, and Drew, as was not the case the last time he was HOH, makes this one easy (even though it's that much harder now that he has the ideal four). He spares Michael this week, surprising Nakomis, as she and Diane are now marked for eviction. Drew leaves it in both pairs of hands to win the Veto.

Next time, the results of said Veto.

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