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Thirteen ordinary members of the general public cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win $500,000. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 37 of them. 

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Recaps by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Julie Chen
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"Eviction Night: Lori vs. Karen" - July 22

Welcome back to the house... of love... Heh, yeah right. It's day 21, and another live eviction is upon us. As you know by now, the Four Horsemen are holding all the cards, as they persuaded Marvin that somehow knocking off Holly in favor of Karen was a good idea.

Julie, going from feeds programmed into her metallic synapses, concludes that the house is more divided than ever as the women fight to keep their place AND get HOH. Once again, Marvin gets the kick-ass award of the night AGAIN by detailing why Karen is on the block with Lori. "Karen has been campaigning to keep Lori in the house. Bet she ain't campaigning to keep her in the house NOW!" Nope, she's trying to save her own butt right now. But in outing the Four Horsemen alliance, he's forced to rescind his award, as he's now targeted for next week. Although blind albino cavebats can see that the Horsemen are in cahoots.

Jase says he wants HOH next week, as Diane tells Marvin that he's marked next week. "I wouldn't trust Jase as far as I can throw him. As far as you can throw Star Jones after Thanksgiving Day." Okay, he can have his kick-ass award back. The girls plot to put Drew up as a pawn against Jase, while the guys just want to knock off either Diane or Karen, because for the most part, Lori is a sure thing to be bumped off.

Is Lori right in thinking that the house is a bunch of followers? Well considering you voted off the only leader... Yeah.  But they still like the sub-Horsemen Cowboy and Drew. Or at least Lori does... until the vote.

And Karen wants to go home... again. And Lori wants to stay. But Karen doesn't want Lori to stay, especially with all the defenses she's putting up. Marvin says it best again... "All bets are off on this one."

Checking in live with the houseguests... They're fine. Jase was liquored up in using the veto... Yeah. Holly thought it was nice... Also... yeah. Will is surprised by the free time that they have. Jennifer is bored to insanity... Well, wouldn't you be? And by the way... your mohawk... still isn't. Sorry. Adria (really Natalie) likes the groceries, while Diane misses her car.

So far, Jase, Michael, and Diane think Lori is a threat and a help. Diane votes for Karen.

Welcome to the filler section of the eviction show. So far, Adria and Natalie have pulled a switcheroo six times. That's three times as is allowable under Price is Right rules. If they can do it for two more weeks, then they'll enter the house in tandem. But how do the 'rents feel about this? They're laughing. "Me, the mother? I'm fooled." Natalie's husband never caught onto the switch at home, because he can tell the two apart (apparently Natalie's the more in-your-face one). Adria's husband, on the other hand... "It bothers me to hear people talk about Adria and Natalie behind their back."

The family watches the live switch from last week, while Natalie gets choked up. But they are for the two 100 percent, as Adria and Natalie are for each other 100 percent.

Marvin is exquisite in the HOH room, where he can speak his mind... as he can everywhere else. Marvin was ticked about not having Holly up on the block. "I got three (enemies) this week!" That would be Jase, Holly, and Lori. Marvin's able to comedy his way through the house thanks to his life as a mortician. As far as trust, and he has said it before, "I wouldn't trust anyone as far as I can throw a fat lady after Thanksgiving." He'd want to see Scott win HOH.

Next, Drew, Jennifer, and Scott cast their votes. Jennifer thinks Karen gets emotional. Scott thinks Karen's a threat. Drew thinks Lori's a strong gamer. Scott votes for Lori.

Will is taking this hard, having to choose between his two best friends. Well... not too hard. He's probably the most fun that the ladies ever had in this house. Lori think he's genuine. Will thinks that honesty binds the three of them - himself, Lori, and Karen. "The fact that they are up on the block this week sends shivers up my spine. It's another episode of 'When Bad Things Happen to Good People'. This is an absolute travesty."

Final words from Karen: "The nature of this game is going to put a lot of us in the position that I'm in now. I'm very happy that I'm next to someone as cool as Lori. I'll never forget this." Final words from Lori: "This has been amazing. I never thought I'd become this close to you so fast. I wish you all the best."

Finally in the Diary Room, Adria, Holly, and Will discuss Karen and Lori. Karen's looking for strength. Lori's a link to sanity. Will finally decides... Karen. But will his sentiment echo that of the rest of the houseguests? Julie has RE-sult.

"By a vote of 7 to 2... Karen... you are safe. Lori, you have been evicted." Way to pull a Seacrest there. Lori has her minute, as she joins Julie at homebase. Holly and Karen share a hug, though.

Lori was put back and forth between staying and going, but one thing remains the same: she thought it was easy on TV. "I'm definitely sad. I'd love to have won the game. I'm excited to be back in the normal world." She wish Jase was in her position. Final messages: most poignant (or as Gordon would put it, "awwwwwwwwwbarf") goes to Cowboy: "This is not goodbye. This is 'I'll see you later.'" She loves Will's vow to win for her with her spirit on the inside.

But we're not done, as Adria AND Natalie show up together to say goodbye. "Dum dum dum..." Lori will be back for the finale, but for now, you can talk to her AND her $10,000 (remember that?) on tomorrow's episode of "House Calls" at, 1p ET/10a PT.

But for now, it's HOH time again. Marvin cannot compete.


Insert your own joke here, folks. The players are blindfolded and on steps. Julie will ask questions based on the Household. Each question has a numerical answer, and the guests will have to decide whether the right answer is higher or lower than the number states. Correct answers survive. Wrong ones split. Last person standing is the new Head o' da House. Holly, Scott, and Diane are knocked out in round 1, when they couldn't find out that two of the houseguests are married. Will is knocked out when he thinks that he spent less than 20 nights in the BB House. Round 3, everyone but Drew is knocked out. That was quick.

So the power rests in the hands of the Horsemen again. And Karen's pissed at losing... again. Gordon will be back here... again... on Saturday, when one of the ladies, or perhaps two of them, three if it's Adria/Natalie, fight to stay in the house... of love...

Get a kick out of saying that.

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