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Thirteen ordinary members of the general public cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win $500,000. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 37 of them. 

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Recaps by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Julie Chen
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"Push: Days 28-29" - July 29


In the backyard, it's a bunch of cardboard cutouts of the Houseguests with buttons. It's an endurance trial, as each Houseguest must stand one finger on the button in front of their mouths, and staying behind a black line. Last one standing is the new Head of Household. And if that wasn't enough, it's also a food competition, as the first five people off will determine, by random envelope draw, the groceries for the week. 

We return to the challenge, still in progress. Scott and Jase are holding on for the Four Horsemen, while Diane psyches everyone out by saying that this is what she's like waiting tables. Everyone wants it, but who's going to get it?

While we think about that, let's go back to the vote. Everyone save for Jase voted to evict Holly, but you knew that would happen, didn't you? Jase thinks Scott got rid of her because of jealousy. Drew thought the mood of the house was strange, as if they wanted her to go. Well, there's a reason for that, Drew...

At 1:44... Nakomis is out. And Adria gives Marvin a tasteful glimpse of her Big Bootylicious after citing Jase for not being down with the program (vis-a-vis his vote for Holly). Meanwhile, Nakomis presents a gift... It's Holly! No, wait.. that's a dude, dude. That's a Drew dude, dude... "Jase is definitely on a rampage to avenge Holly's... just say 'death'."

Meanwhile, Drew gets pizza and beer. Good enough for Karen; at 3:09, she's gone. At four hours, Drew lets the remaining guys know that they can no longer switch hands. Everyone's down with Cowboy having it... Of course, no one lets go.  Except for Cowboy, at 4:12. He's very disappointed in himself. He wanted to see his fiance again, albeit in picture form. Nakomis goes to console him, and for one brief second, they're a family again.

Back in the backyard, Scott supports his stance with his other hand, a move that Diane calls him on. Yet his light is still on... Wait.. Never mind.  Diane just made a new "special friend". Five hours on... and Marvin's gone, leaving Adria, Diane, Jase, and Will. Okay, make that Diane, Jase, and Will. She tried to switch her finger with her thumb.

Jase knows that the Four Horsemen is not as coherent as they used to be, Will says. Jase thinks that putting one up is a good play at this point. He manages to get Will off of his pedestal in exchange for amnesty.

Drew has another twist to make this even more painful. From this point on, you are no longer able to lift your feet. He heckles Diane... He feigns incapacity... he heckles his own alliance for not saving him any food... but in all the barnyard noises that he gets out, he forgets to pay attention to his own footing... and at 9:32, the cows finally came home for him. Diane is this week's HOH.

Jase and Scott... are doomed. Drew and Michael... less so... But for now, let's forget about that and pose for the mirror cam!

Karen can't stop talking about her husband Larry, which I'm sure we'll meet somewhere down the line. Truth be told, with the amount of stuff she tells about Larry, it reminds me of that Weird Al song: "I'll never forget about Larry, no matter how I try."

Marvin, again, comes up with the best way to handle the Larry situation: "If she say 'Larry' over 400 times a day, then she go." Time to scope the "ugliest damn dog" that Marvin's ever seen. Also, it seems like everyone in the BB House has a twin (we see a picture of Diane's *makes call me motion*). Will seems to like the whole woman on top thing. Well, Will, we can have another woman on top party when YOU win! Tee hee.

Or we can just have one when everyone else leaves. Nakomis, Will, and Diane discuss nomination. She wants Jase out the most. Scott thinks that it's either Jase, Marvin, or himself. If it is him, he'll commit seppuku like a man. Very rare to see that in a reality competition.

Nakomis tells everyone that no one will touch Michael, while Will also brings up Marvin, who flies off the handle.

But back to Cowboy. It's time for a player spotlight. "They don't call me Michael. They call me Cowboy. It's just who I am." From his belt buckle, his hat, to his lasso skills... or absence thereof (Marvin: "You like Shaq shooting freethrows"), he brought the Wild West to the mild west, and in turn, got citified by the rest of the house.

Adria's holding a glass of water, and you know what that means... Time for another switch. Adria and Natalie are this close to entering the house together on Thursday. Adria basically gives her the recap that I'm giving you. And now, it's Natalie's game to lose.

Karen meets up with Diane in the prison room, and lets her know that Jase, Marvin, and "then down the line" are the danger points of the house. She also thinks that Jase has a vendetta against Drew. So we know that Jase is going up. But then, what about the stooge...

Jase asks if Diane would put him up given the last HOH challenge and a newfound respect. Scott and Jase then think that Marvin's going up. Diane wants to put up, in no particular order: Scott, Jase, Marvin, and Cowboy. Now why you want to do that to Cowboy? He ain't hurt nobody...

Nominations today, if you haven't figured out by now. We all know that one, if not two, of the Van Boys are on the block. The only holdout? Drew... Diane's current cuddle slut. The time has come. Diane pulls Will. Will pulls Drew. Drew pulls "Adria". Natalie pulls Marvin. Marvin pulls Karen. Karen pulls Jennifer. Jennifer pulls Michael, leaving Jase and Scott as the two nominees.

The best thing that Diane could do right now. Never mind bumping a specific threat off, just gun for both of them. But can either survive until the veto? We'll see Tuesday.

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