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Thirteen ordinary members of the general public cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win $500,000. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 37 of them. 

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Recaps by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Julie Chen
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"I Can't Be a Bad Kisser... Right?!" - August 21

The problem with being in charge of breaking up an alliance is that you better be able to protect yourself when the break-up comes. Adria decides to jettison Will, which ends the big alliance and splits up the group into two. Unfortunately for her, her opponent of the other alliance, Nakomis, is the new HOH, and she calls Adria's decision a 'bad choice' and Will's parting words to Adria? "If karma is a boomerang, I'll see you sooner than later."

Adria thinks that it was a risky move. I think it was dumb because you left the athletic people (Drew/Marvin/Cowboy) stick around. Even worse for her is that Diane has bounced over to Nakomis and Karen's side - and she may have brought Marvin, Drew and Cowboy with her. Well, maybe not Drew, as she notes that he voted to get rid of Will. Drew wants to make sure that he doesn't wind up in the doghouse, so he tries to smooth things out with Diane. He reminds her that you can't look at things too far ahead - and you can only think week to week. Strategy...

Adria and Natalie are still discussing Will's last statement, and they don't know what he meant in terms of karma. They think he was talking about Carmen Electra, and I wonder if Holly isn't back in the game disguised as one of the twins.

Fast-forward to Nakomis winning the HOH, and Adria asking Marvin if he can stick around for another week. Marvin thinks he's safe, though, because he thinks that Nakomis will be going after the twins for getting rid of Will.

Speaking of the twins, Drew notices that they communicate without talking too much, and that spooks him out. We get some examples of this, and that seems to be another strike against them. Adding to it? Adria breaking the pinky swear, which happened when she didn't get rid of Marvin. "Adria owes me a finger," says Nakomis. No word on specifically which finger that is.

Diane talks to Nakomis about getting rid of Cowboy, since he's on her list. He may be if she wins it next week, but this week the choice is Nakomis, and I'd be shocked if the twins aren't on the block.

They may be getting their just desserts early, as we proceed with the food competition. Set in a very fancy atmosphere, the contestants get a dish of their favorite food. The catch? They only have 3 minutes to eat it. Each person is assigned a day of the week, and if they eat everything on their plate, they are exempt from PB&J for that day. Cowboy goes up first, and he is thrilled with his meal... until we have a second twist.

FOOD COMPETITION: Smoothies from Hell

His fried rice, sweet & sour chicken and fortune cookies (with a Dr. Pepper) are to be liquefied, and everyone has to drink their meal as a smoothie! Cowboy is enjoying it as he dances to the drinking of his shake. He completes the meal and day one is set.

Marvin gets day 2 - lobsters, oysters shrimp and a Corona. "It reminded me of trying to drink down battery acid with dog vomit." Battery acid and dog vomit don't go down well, and he blows it. Natalie has fettuccini alfredo and red wine and she chugs it down with ease.

Spinach artichoke dip, filet mignon, broccoli, apple pie a la mode, and a Corona is on the menu for Drew. "My shake was by far, the worst thing I've ever tasted," he says, but he completes his task. Karen gets a bean burrito, a choco-taco, and a Diet Coke. She downs it with ease, as she yells, "Don't mess with this!"

We get more filet mignon for Adria - and some coffee, which apparently tastes good with filet mignon, as Adria has no problem with it. Diane gets chicken & spinach pizza - and she gets it down, but not before wanting to barf. Marvin is the only one who screws it up and everyone else gets to eat for the rest of the week.

Nakomis gets her second tour of the HOH room. She gets letters from home and some CD cover illustrations from her boyfriend Donald. She says that the CD has songs, while Marvin notices the macabre cover. "If I'm in love with some chick, and I'm thinking of a dead bird, then there's something wrong here."

She gets letters from the family, including from her siblings that talk about Michael as a new member of the family. That gets warm thoughts from everyone. Also getting warm? Drew and Diane, as they spend more snuggle and kissing time. Drew doesn't like her kissing, so he tries to teach her, but with limited success. Also not working out? The boys attempts to help Cowboy out in the romance department, which goes around as well as it sounds. Also a lost cause? Michael trying to do aerobics with the women, or as Adria puts it, "Michael hasn't exactly connected with his coordination skills."

Michael, however, was the first person to notice the new table - it's not down to eight chairs. "You used to have to send smoke signals and carrier pigeons, but now you can whisper and other people can hear." Someone who wants to grab Nakomis's ear is Natalie, who insists that he wanted to keep Will - but she voted against him when he told her that he couldn't guarantee her safety. She isn't buying what Natalie is selling and she thinks that she can be lying to her face. Nakomis: "Sometimes what you feel is the right thing of you isn't the right thing for the game, and that could come out and bite you in the butt."

Adria may be regretting the lack of evicting Marvin when she complains of his foot odor. We break into a Marvin's feet montage, with the realization that something else stinks. That stinky thing is the twins, who want to get rid of Nakomis next. They also talk about talking Nakomis into getting them off the block, as Adria tells Natalie, "It ain't over until Julie Chen says it's over."

Sure enough, Adria goes up to talk to Nakomis, who wants to know why she got rid of Will. Her answer is that she knew that if Will stayed in the house, she was going up next. Nakomis really doesn't buy it, and tells Adria that she's already made up her mind. Adria is going up - the question is will it be Natalie, Michael or Marvin who joins her.

"Some of these are ashes for my past victories, while others are oil for my ever-burning fire." This is poetry waxed from Nakomis, who now gets to select the people up for nomination. After her talking about getting rid of the people who wronged her, she tells Marvin that he hasn't wronged her... yet. He's safe, and so is Drew, Diane, Karen and Michael. That leaves the twins, who are both on the block. "You two are the only people in the house that I know of that broke a direct promise. I promised you that if you broke up your promise, you would be up there. I stay true to my promises, and that's why you are up there."

The twins pledge to fight for the veto, while Nakomis says that they will make one of the twins pay and Diane says that she doesn't care which one of them goes, as long as one of them goes. Heh. Chico will also be going - but he'll be going to recap the Tuesday episode when we see you again in a few days.

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