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Thirteen ordinary members of the general public cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win $500,000. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 37 of them. 

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Recaps by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Julie Chen
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"And the Horse You Rode In On: Days 29-32" - August 3

Last time, the HOH Challenge ended with Diane in power, Jase and Scott scrambling for somewhere to hide, and Karen all Larry-fied. Tonight, kamikaze Jase and Scott the bum-rusher, now eviction nominees, will scramble with four others for the Golden Veto, quite possibly the only thing that will save the bond of the Four Horsemen.

Or lack thereof.

Diane admits to Scott that she wants him around, so she says that he is being used as a pawn. Very doubtful, I think. "Jase will be leaving this house Thursday. The only way he'll save himself is that he uses the Power of Veto on himself. We'll work on Scott later." Jase, Marvin, and Scott... With age comes wisdom? On Big Brother? Come on...

Scott reports back with the news: "We win veto, Marvin's gone." That's what Scott said SHE said. Of course, what's the worth, the word of a woman scorned? But then again, Michael brings up the Mariano gambit to A: "We saved you. We need you."

Nakomis and Will meet Diane in the HOH room. Will brings up something about Jase catching more flies with honey. "He's gotta go before Scott does." Basically, they can't be in the same house together.

Drew gets to play duckball in slow-motion and Will and Diane ogle. No wait a sec... Drew's not playing duckball. Sorry. He's kissing Diane on the neck, and Will's getting jealous. Drew finds taking Jase off the block attractive, so Scott recruits him to sway Diane to put Marvin up, thinking that everyone loves him. Sorry, but everyone loves Drew.

And because we can, we get a barb from Marvin: "Not half, not some, but ALL mah money, bitch! Ain't no 401K for hoes." He's got a million of 'em, and he'll be here all week. Once he gets out the house, it's onto "Chappelle's Show."

Michael, meanwhile, is homesick. He misses the fiance and son. Especially his son, whose birthday is in 12 days. Will joins in the missing.

Next night, a pig invasion. Karen jumps at the chance! "AAAAAH ARTS & CRAFTS!!!" It's Karen porn, and everyone joins in on the... porning, as we decorate the pigs (Will's even chats up Drew's, and Scott's is a freakin' psycho). But for what, you ask? We'll find out later... Right now, Drew and Diane are headed into the bedroom... again... to subtlely convince Diane to put up Marvin. Drew feels like he's playing monkey in the middle, one of the Horsemen sleeping with the enemy.

Will gets into the hot tub next day, coming onto Cowboy's head... Good for him. Anyway, it's Veto time. Will gets Diane's nod, while the Horsemen choose Pretty Boy Drew and Cowboy.

VETO COMPETITION: This Little Piggy Won the Veto

Welcome to the Big Brother Savings & Loan, where you can deposit one of 13 coins into your favorite houseguest to win the Veto. But not more than 20, or else, it's AWWWWWWWWBARF... minus the AWWWWWWW. You must deposit in at least two banks. Will tries to overload Jase's bank, of course. Scott overloads Diane's bank, and gave one to Will, as does Jase. Drew gives herself, evens out the Horsemen, and then overloads Will. Michael overloads Drew, while Diane overloads no one in particular. Not smart. Then comes the goggles... Sorry, piggies. Scott has six tokens. Michael has nine. Diane gets 27. Mostly from Jase and Scott. Check and mate, sucka. Drew gets seven. Jase has 18... and a dead pig. Will has ... only 11. Jase wins the Veto. Jase's strategy with it is simple: avoid an insanity-inducing brain hemorrhage. "Born again, baby! This is MY HOUSE!" Diane is kicking herself over the lack of a plan.

So part one, done. Now Drew has to convince her that Marv poses an equally threat. Or, at least, Jase and Scott have to. But Diane doesn't buy it, because she hasn't forgotten how Jase is like. "You're nothing without him, and he's nothing without you." But once Jase is out of the picture, Scott proves that he's his own man by giving the same offer. But this time, we know he's lying, as he states that "once we get the HOH, she's gone."

It's Spyscreen time, and the ladies are discussing it for the first time. But how do you activate it? Here's a tip: do not wear the HOH robe and say "open sesame". Another tip: Use the remote. They do... and all they get is fish. All of a sudden, it's the beginning of "2001".  Natalie's upset that she and the others never found out about the Spyscreen, and she pledges to get them all out.

Jase and Will talk about the pigs one more time, with Will pulling major spin control to protect himself. It must've worked, as they work out a protectorate deal to put one side against another. Now, you could do that, but the non-Horsemen would still have the numbers advantage. Raw deal, I know. But Will needs Jase to believe him. Jase needs Will to believe him. It's a stalemate.

The girls talk about Jase saving himself. They agree that if that were to happen, then Scott would be gone, but the question is now of who gets to go up against him? Marvin? Cowboy? Whatever it is, there has to be trust, or it will not work.

Marvin reworks the head in an attempt to garner favor. Will it work? We'll see... Natalie grabs a cup. You know what that means. Could be the final switch. Natalie gives Adria the lowdown and... Adria, pay attention! You blow it between now and Thursday, and Natalie's gone... for good.

Meanwhile, Jase, aka the Devil, presides over the Veto Meeting in Will's clothes. Will's take? "Jase is about as erotic as a wet t-shirt contest at a nursing home." Jase and Scott take the seriousness of the Veto Meeting and throw it out the window in favor of a "Dumb and Stupider" routine. Jase's gonna take himself off... right after he makes a complete ass of himself. "Those of you who conspired against me to vote me out of the house? Two words... Kiss... My... Ass! And in the spirit of all of the ass-kissing, maybe some of you better start kissing your own asses goodbye, because I'm coming back next week with a VENGEANCE!"

Good for you, Jase. DO shut the hell up. Diane now goes down the line and puts the next strongest person up... Marvin. So that's the lineup for next time, Marvin versus Scott, and Adria & Natalie versus everyone with a keen eye. Unfortunately, I'm not in the house, so you can count on the twins playing as two starting Thursday.

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