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Thirteen ordinary members of the general public cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win $500,000. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 37 of them. 

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Recaps by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, GSNN

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"Enemies Made Fresh Daily: Days 21-23" - July 24

Last time on Big Brother, Lori was toast, Drew got control of the toaster, and he is now figuring out which of the girls he wants to cover in butter and grape preserves.

But before we get to breakfast, we have to wake up our collective memories and recap what happened on the last episode. Everyone in Lori's alliance was sad to see her go, while everyone who voted for her knew that they had to get rid of her. Cue to the HOH, as everyone who isn't the Four Horsemen is getting sick of the Horsemen winning it. Jennifer thinks that Drew will vote as he wants to, while Karen thinks that she will be going up next...

...and that's exactly what Marvin tells Drew to have everyone think, as we start off the new material. Marvin's rationale is that if they float stuff like that, then it will take away from a guys vs. girls scenario. Drew tells the Horsemen about this, and they tell him to not trust him, with Jase adding that his days are numbered. Scott wants to target the Adria/Nakomis/Diane alliance. That's not the alliance the Horsemen should be worried about. Will, who thinks he really knows what's going on, talks to Diane and Karen to speak to Drew about putting up Holly, since everyone wants to get rid of her.

Everyone gets to see Drew's HOH room, which is decorated with pictures and his bed linens. He also gets his 'Miami' banner from college as everyone congratulates him on the win.

More strategy talking time. Jase, who is convinced that the Horsemen have the vote, wants to put up Adria, while Michael wants to put up Marvin or Diane. Jase thinks that it's 'A' and Diane, but Drew seems to have a thing for her. His decision - to put up the two people best for the Horsemen, or to put up one person that he knows people will be aligned to get rid of - and to make him look better. Hmmm...

Scott lies to everyone that he made $750,000 a year - and he thinks that it would make people seem like he is less of a threat. I think that's a disastrous strategy, as the thought could be "Let's vote out Scott, he doesn't need the money." He also lied about his birthday, as it was a month ago - but he gets a birthday cake for his troubles anyways. "The one thing that you can take Scott at - is his word." That comes from Will, and you can just sense the irony of this one coming from a mile away.

Holly is by the pool, and she talks to Scott about what Jase has done. That brings in irate Jase to the pool and he is upset. Drew is very concerned about that - and he is concerned about Holly breaking up the Horsemen. I personally think that Holly and Jase's combined IQ is your standard variety of coconut, and they are meant for each other.

The conversation then goes to Michael, who works in the oil fields. He is the bread-winner, but Marvin tells Michael that he's loaded and Michael takes offense to it. Michael adds that he's tired of him and there could e a late push to put Marvin on the block.

Drew invites Diane, who says that she doesn't know if she can trust her. Drew says that the feeling is mutual - but he enjoys cuddling with her. He asks her about who should go, and she says that she doesn't like Jase and Scott. She thinks that Will and Diane are strong players, and she says that everyone knows how they feel about Holly. "Holly sucks," says Diane, who adds that if he puts her up against anyone, she's gone. Hidden alliances - gotta love them.

Jase and Holly talk about being judged on the way that they look. I judge them by the way hat they think - or lack of. He says that he has a hard time with chicks because of how they look - and Scott concurs. Uh... yeah.

Food Competition: Alphabet Soup

It's time for the food competition, and the players are in the soup. The swimming pool is full of alphabet soup, with letter noodles. This is easy to guess - if you spell a food item correctly, you get the food item. The letters are on the top, while the vowels are on the BOTTOM of the pool. You have 10 minutes to spell everything. It's time to get nasty in the soup.

Marvin goes first, and he, of course, spells beer. Michael is next with beef, and Scott follows with steak (isn't steak beef? Duh). Ironically, Will, who hit the bad egg before, draws up an egg while Jase scores pizza. Diane gets milk, and Karen gets apples. I can't wait to see what Holly spells.... wine. Figures. Karen scores with cola and Nakomis gets pork. Second time around - Marvin gets chicken, Michael gets everyone going nuts with lobster and Scott spells cheesse... and then cheese, which is right. That ends the game with a lot of goodies - and alcohol. "I guess we all see our priorities in the house."

The priorities quickly turn to nominations. Jase wants Drew to break the Adria and Diane alliance, while Michael is convinced that Drew will do the right thing. Drew is realizing that what is good for the Horsemen isn't necessarily what is good for his well-being in the game - and he says that he needs to be a man and make his own decision. Could this be a nomination that comes out of nowhere?

Speaking of coming out of nowhere, Natalie and Adria once again switch off, and immediately, she is brought into the room with Drew. He talks to her about getting rid of the strongest players and he suggests Marvin would go on the block. He asks Adria if she would be up there as a decoy, and she said that he should only put up people that he wouldn't mind to see leave, adding that she wouldn't put him up.

Back to the Horsemen - Jase is now convinced that Marvin should go, adding that he hates Marvin. Drew is now visibly concerned because that's not who Jase wanted out a few hours ago. Drew decides to go by himself and stare at the pictures, adding that the person who thinks ahead the furthest will win. Right on cue, Holly goes in to the room and cuddles up with Jase. Drew takes off, with Holly asking what's going on. Jase is reassuring her that she's ok. You sure you want to do that?

Everyone is hoping that Drew makes the right decision, while Michael adds that Drew has to do the dirty work. Holly prays to Jesus that it's not her. Will thinks that he will get flack if he makes the right decision - but he hopes he makes it. Drew comes back, and hopes that everyone will realize the consideration that he made when making these decisions, and he reminds everyone that this is a game. Let's see how long THAT mentality lasts.

Drew pulls out the first key - and it's Will. Following him is Jase, Adria (which visibly stuns Jase) and this is the first sign that we may be getting something unexpected. Diane is safe too, and Scott and Jase are both nervous. Scott is safe, and now it's Holly that is looking nervous. Karen is safe, then Marvin, and Scott and Jase are shaking their heads. Michael is the last person safe, which means that the two people up for grabs are... Nakomis and Holly. Holly may wonder if Jesus has some explaining to do to her.

Drew says that Holly has been blessed with the gift of persuasion, which makes her dangerous, adding that her ability to change people's (Jase's) minds in a matter of hours makes her a threat to win the game. Jennifer is up there because of her many alliances in the house.

Reactions? Jennifer is happy as she looks on to see Scott, Jase and Holly's face. Scott says that strategically it's a stupid move, because she wouldn't vote any of them out of the house. Drew says that he made a good move, and I have to agree, because Scott isn't looking at the big picture - by showing that he isn't completely in the Horsemen camp, Drew takes himself off the block when the women finally get control of the HOH - and they put Scott, Jase and Cowboy right on it. In addition, he can put Marvin up as collateral in a Power of Veto situation.

That being said, Drew has created a lot of fun drama in the house - drama that Chico should have a field day with when he gets this bad boy on Tuesday.

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