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Thirteen ordinary members of the general public cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win $500,000. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 37 of them. 

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Recaps by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Julie Chen
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"Operation Security Blanket: Days 15-18" - July 17

Last time, Lori and Holly were marked. Well, Lori was marked, Holly just served as pawn. Lori is taking it hard, having stemmed it from taking the $10,000 on day one. Marvin cited Lori's greed and Holly's influence on Jase as the reasons for his nominations. Diane and Will have a switch in mind, making everyone think that Holly is safe, when they will take her out.

But, and I cannot stress this enough, will it work? Holly says she's gunning for the veto. "I think it's a 50/50 chance I could go home next week." That gets Cowboy to rally up the Horsemen to discuss why Holly thinks that she's the next to go. Scott lashes out Michael (physically) for not controlling her sister and Marvin (mentally) for not putting up Diane. Prompting Michael to  go to Jennifer and tries to swing her to the Horsemen's side... and she's not having it without an explanation. "At all. At all."

Generals Will and Karen plan Operation Security Blanket: All they need is one vote to keep Holly in the house. Bring together the false sense of security, and then take it down. Will's convinced that this will go down as one of the greatest gambits in the history of Big Brother. Lori wants to win it. Holly wants to win it. Will thinks that they're beating them at their own game, and Drew's beating up on a punching bag for some reason... much to Diane's delight. "I've never seen such a beautiful man." "He's like the most perfect boy ever made." Fawn fawn... Swoon swoon. The ladies vow to keep him around simply because they think he's hot (and by the ladies, I mean the ladies... and Will).

Cowboy eyes Marvin... but not for a booty call.

Diane thinks that Scott could be the biggest ego trip ever as she tries to fake her way toward genuine concern for Holly's pending eviction. On the other hand, Scott plainly states... "I just don't like her." There's 'bout to be hell up in this piece, especially given the fact that Scott just called her "Trailer Trash". She rushes to the backyard, where Jase and Holly comfort her... and Marvin can hear it.

Scott's rebuttal: "If you talk, you gotta face the consequences." No, Scott. If you talk, other people have to listen.

Next day, Scott does something stupid... again. This time, with a treadmill and two tubs... and a golf club... and the punching bag. Oh, did I mention that there was streaking? And farting? Man. He's a one-man episode of "Jackass". And, of course, since he's a pretty boy, he looks at himself... a lot.

And while Scott does all this, Nakomis plays the Goth Kid card in defense mode, face down, as Karen stresses that she's the only one she can talk to. She flips her card face up and says that she couldn't really chill in the same room with just her and her half-brother. "The more he's influenced by the guys in this house, the more I can't stand to be around him. My family and I are proud people We don't kiss butt!" So much for the hidden alliance.

That night, Lori does some thinking on her own, coming to this conclusion: "I really think I want to go home." Karen complains in the Diary Room that she won't have anyone to play the game with a level head with... Uh, hello... Goth Kid? Lori starts spreading the news, while Will can't keep his head out of the game. The girls (sans Lori) decide that a) Holly goes home on Thursday, and b) Lori needs to shut up. Me? I reverse it, and I'm happy.

Doesn't take much for Lori to change her mind as she is convinced by Karen that they have the votes needed to keep her in the house.

Next day, Adria's butt is solid. That it is. Everybody loves her. Seriously. If it wasn't for the whole age/marriage thing, hell I'd go after her... or her sister, which she now meets in the diary room. We're about halfway toward part two of Project DNA, and Natalie enters the house.

Meanwhile, Marvin returns with the news of the Veto Competiton. Players' choice: Marvin chooses Drew, Lori chooses Karen, and Holly chooses Jase. Everyone else... doomed. Will will host.

Veto Competition: Snag the Veto

Simple enough. One long rope with one big snag. Unsnag it, snagging the veto medallion on it. Person who does it first wins the Veto. It's men versus women versus Marvin. Winner... Jase. Told you everyone was screwed. Except for Holly, of course. Jase, you have the Power of Veto... use it wisely. Use it to save Holly and put another woman on the block. Not the most glamorous of game strategies, but let's call a spade a spade here. You and your boys are endangered. And Karen is pissed about it, because now her and her boys are endangered.

Scott and Jase go off to discuss how they will use the Veto. Natalie follows, posing as her sister. She catches wind of Jase's intent to split up the ladies, mainly because he TELLS her. But then again, it's Marvin's final decision, so it's off to the HOH room the Horsemen go. Marvin agrees to save Holly for Karen, and the plan is go. "It's up to me to piss somebody else off, but that's part of the game."

Karen's having a headache. "Where did you FIND these people?" she asks, mocking Hollywood, Jase, Scott, and Marv. My guess, she won't be pissed because she's up on the block. She's already pissed!

Jase tells Holly that she's not 100% safe. You save the present at the cost of the future. My God, Holly is actually thinking about this. He stresses that Lori has allies in this house. She thinks that him not using the veto is a better option. Hmmm... does he want to win or does he want to please Holly....

He won't use the veto. At least that's what Lori hopes, because the vote is split down the middle. Karen plants the seed of doubt that Jase may be targeted should he use the veto. Jase and Scott discuss this new revelation, and they think that they should keep Holly in the house for as long as they can... "One more week, dude."

That night, hair issues. Nakomis always wanted a mohawk, so why the hell not? Holly suggests that the entrails be donated to... the term Holly is looking for is Locks of Love. Not a bad idea. Wish I had the hair for it.

The next day, it's veto time, as Jase thinks about his final move. I'm looking for Jennifer's mohawk... and that is the saddest mohawk I've ever seen. That's not even a mohawk. That's a mullet. Dude.. if you're going to be a cat... be a tiger. After hearing final arguments from Lori, who understands why she's there, and Holly, who doesn't want to see this "friendship" split apart... Jase elects to VETO Holly's nomination, thereby pissing Marvin off (he wanted an ass out of the house). In her place, Marvin marks Karen for banishment. Well either way, he gets what he wants. Ass goes home next time.

Operation Security Blanket... BIG FAILURE. Thursday, either Karen or Lori will leave the house forever. The other will have a big ass axe to grind.

And before we go, here's my best Karen... *goes into a throttling seizure*. Eh? Eh?

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