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Thirteen ordinary members of the general public cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win $500,000. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 37 of them. 

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Recaps by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Julie Chen
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"Eviction Night: Marvin vs. Will" - August 19

Last time, Marvin and Will both threw caution to the wind and virtually left tonight's live eviction vote in the hands of Adria, provided that there is a tie situation. Who will she decide to evict, and will tonight's survivor exact his revenge in the nominations on Saturday?

We'll get to that in a moment, but first, the requisite recap of the week, as we enter day 49 of Hamster Party 2K4. Diane is finding herself questioning her loyalty to the twins, Drew, and new acquisition from the Four Dead Horses Cowboy. On the other side of the fence: Nakomis, Karen, and Will. In the middle, Marvin. "I want it to be [a tie vote], so that it could take some heat off of me. I am stuck between two alliances." Basically, the roster mentioned above sans Cowboy. What irks her is that Mr. "I'll be out in a second" Drew takes 45 more minutes with the twins in the HOH Room, and it's a good feeling, because one of the two hussies says "Glad to keep your woman in line."

Natalie offers Marvin some solace: "Sometimes the book may look worn and tattered, and just when you think it's time to burn it or throw it away, it may have a lot of really good things inside." So either Team Twins wants to get rid of Will, or she's just softening the blow from the upcoming eviction. Could work either way... until Diane shows up. Woops.

Diane relays her paranoia to Will and Nakomis, right before casting her old team aside, so right now, the team as I see it is Twins, Drew, and Cowboy vs. Will, Karen, and Nakomis, with Diane waiting to see which side wins. But then again, one good cuddle could easily sway Drew's vote. Because he can only think with one head at a time. He knows this, and talks to Cowboy about it. Cowboy suggests that Diane goes next week... "And boy, if you save her again, I'll kick your freakin' ass."
"Hook me up or kick me out, I'm dead serious," Diane says to Drew and Natalie.

How neutral of her. Haven't heard from Karen, let's talk to her. About life after Jase: "Clean and not sticky!" Then we go to Diane's PB&J and Michael's clean-shaven spikey look, which he says he's doing for his son. Nakomis would give her right arm for a chance to be kidnapped... Well, it's not kidnapping, but it is a trip to the outside world. And we all know where to. Oooh, aaah. It's America's Choice time, and you'll get the info when we do.

Well, that was quick. Instead of messy 1-900 numbers, we just point you to Vote early, vote often, but NOT until the end of the show... which would be right about now if you're reading, unless it's after Saturday, midnight ET. So go on and vote. I'll wait...

*Plays Game Boy for a while*

Welcome back. Karen, Drew, and Natalie are tormented by the whole vote between Will and Marvin. "This is probably one of the ugliest nominations I've seen yet." Yeah, about Will, as we go to the NYC to see how the City is taking the resident fashionista being on the block. "Walking drama", "your best friend", and "non-stop entertainment" is what friends Carolyn and Brandon have to say. He's basically a quintessential New Yorker, able to get along with everyone, very likable. And what do they have to say about Adria? "Evil." That's about right, yeah. They all think Will deserves to win... Of course. And they all want to see the twins go... of course.

Talking with Adria in the HOH room. Why did she nominate Will and Marvin? "I thought that this week was going to be simple. I've been very surprised at the reactions I did get. Perhaps my team weren't as strong as I thought." Why is she forcing the tie? "I would rather take the responsibility to be reflected as Adria alone because Natalie has gotten a lot of unfair kickback." And yes, she's always a target.

Back in the Diary Room, Diane wants to keep Marvin. Nakomis respects him, but can't trust him. Cowboy thinks Will is a threat in his alliance.
And now, the big question... Who will be the first member of the jury who will in the end decide which houseguest wins $500,000? Tonight begins the live vote. But first, it's groveling time. Or not, because Will and Marvin are proud people.

Will: "(To his friends and family) I feel you daily, and it's because of you that I have the drive and determination to make it this far. (To the houseguests) I will live a committed fulfilling life because of what we've all shared."

Marvin: "'Bout the same thing he said. Family, you know I know you. Ain't got to tell you every week. Had a great time with you guys. Fellas, don't forget, Texas No Limit Hold'em Poker. You know I roll. Ladies, if you vote off Will, I guess I could be the gay guy."

Well, it's no stranger who the boys at GSNN want to stick around. It's now time to vote.

Michael: WILL
Nakomis: MARVIN
Natalie: WILL
Drew: WILL

We have a tie. So now, as Adria wanted, it's up to her.

Adria: "Both of you guys have created a special asset to this house. I couldn't choose between the two of you then and I can't believe I have to do it now. The friendship I created, I hope that we can continue regardless of what happens in this house. Having neither one talk to you this week mad it really hard for me to decide, so I tossed a coin in my head. It's going to be a sad day for everybody. I evict to choose Will. Err, I CHOOSE to evict Will from the house today."

Live television, folks. Gotta love it. Will leaves Adria with these words: "If karma's a boomerang, I'll see you sooner than later." He meets up with the hostbot at homebase while Marvin has some tea and Adria fears for her life. "I think that Adria has proven herself to be very untrustworthy. I think that she has put her true persona out there for the house, and we were in a very tight alliance, and I really went to bat for her. This was definitely a well thought out move on their part." Will remembers his pinky swear with Adria, and if you're anything like me, you hold the pinky swear to the highest, most revered contract. One thing's for sure as we go to montage and Will gives Adria and/or Natalie the hand: Will will get his revenge... sooner than later. Hell hath no fury as a gay man scorned. "House Calls"... you know the time and place.


Julie presents info from an evicted houseguest - either Mike, Lori, Holly, Scott, or Jase - and the houseguests have to figure out... who said it. Genius! Standard right/wrong eliminations apply with the last person standing winning HOH.

1) "The comfort item they would miss the most is their puppy dog." -Jase (Natalie and Michael are eliminated)
2) "Their bad habit is shopping when they're broke." -Holly (everyone wrong)
3) "They pamper themselves by buying stuff at Kmart." -Mike (Marvin, Karen, and Drew are eliminated... And one person is already on the block...)
4) "They don't have a favorite author because they don't read." -Scott (everyone wrong)
5) "The thing they dislike the most is that their booty is too big for their body." -Holly (everyone wrong)
6) "Their most embarrassing job was to dress up as a chicken at their dad's restaurant." -Scott (everyone wrong)
7) "Their least favorite activity is shopping." -Mike (everyone wrong)

Tiebreaker round: How many pounds of M&Ms were used during the Admit One movie luxury competition?
Nakomis: 500
Diane: 400
Correct answer: 900. Nakomis is the new HOH, second time in a row. Will she move to oust the twins, finally giving Marvin a vote? Find out Saturday as Gordon, who spent some time out of the house himself, fills us in. Right now, it's back to the spinning wheel and the fun tunnel.


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