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Thirteen ordinary members of the general public cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win $500,000. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 37 of them. 

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Recaps by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Julie Chen
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"Eviction Night: Natalie vs. Michael" - August 26

If you've ever heard "No More Drama" by Mary J. Blige, you know that the hook samples the Young and the Restless theme. Today, two people will experience that instance, as one will be on Y&R, and the other, either Natalie (who is paying the price of Adria's vote with her own existence) or Michael (who should be safe if Nakomis did the math right), will be evicted. Tonight, one factor of Project DNA will become persona non grata in the BB House.

But first, Julie, who get more into the "I got engaged" look every week, catches us up on Michael's wrangling with Nakomis' nomination. Nakomis stresses that with the given circumstances, he should be safe.

"Aren't we just a bunch of sad puppies?" Yes, Adria, we are. And by we, I mean you. She wonders if Diane and Drew will have their backs on this vote. Drew begins to weigh the decision carefully. "As long as the twins are here, target will be on them and not on myself." On the other hand, Marvin suggests that Michael suggests to Drew to suggest to Diane that Michael should be a safe bet. So today, Diane is the swing vote, and this is according to Marvin, mind you, who thrice thought he was going home.

Drew's trying to convince Diane to vote Michael out so she will have a one-in-four chance of winning HOH. Diane brings up the promise that both secured Will and broke him at the same time, wondering how the twins won't turn on them. But at the same time, she says that "Cowboy's the only person I'm scared of."

Julie goes with Nakomis in the HOH room. She says that Michael's nomination was extremely difficult for the sole fact that "he's my half-brother and all that. But I did talk with him... and I was told that he'd be completely safe." About going back on her word and putting Michael up: "He told me that he would respect that." If the plan backfires? "I would've been double-crossed by pretty much everyone in this house, and I would be very very alone."

She heads back into the living room. "Cool beans!"

Adria thinks Natalie is real... of course. Karen says otherwise... of course.

Now, CBS Daytime, TPIR notwithstanding, is known for some of the best soaps on TV (hell, a friend of mine was on one of them). So from unscripted drama, we go to scripted drama, as we reveal America's Choice for "soap-star-for-a-day." That person will have stories to tell of being in Genoa City on "The Young & the Restless." Big Brother has the results via telescreen:

"Congratulations, Marvin!" He received 25.7 percent of the vote. "I think it was the first time I cried in ten years," he says, having a) been a long-time fan of the show, and b) having been a long-time placeholder on the block. Marvin heads out the backyard and rides via limo to CBS Television City. Greeted by Melody Thomas Scott ("Nikki Newman"... okay, occasional fourth seat on TTTT2K). Marvin ad-lib line of the night: "You got it, damn it."

Back in the house, the Ellises/Dedmons wax on about how he deserved it. Well, he did.

Oh, you're going to love this. While backstage, Marvin takes a walk on the Golden Road... and Check-Out... and the Wheel. If it was me, I would've stayed a while longer, maybe spin the wheel once or twice, but Marvin's got stuff to start, so it's off to the Y&R set. Greeted by Christian LeBlanc and Michelle Stafford, among others, of course.

Okay, enogugh schmoozing. Time to get your gym attendant on. Yeah, you win a public poll, you play a gym monkey. For the soap fans in the house, you'll get to see the scene in full this Monday after your local lunchtime news, but the houseguests want to see it now... "You got it, player."

Back live, Marvin thanks everyone for the opportunity. Drew came in that close with little more than 24 percent. Michael's a good sport to see Marvin on the show. Karen's most interesting news: "He had a lot of fun interacting with new individuals as opposed to our old sorry faces." I know that feeling.

Back in the Diary Room, Drew thinks about keeping Cowboy, Diane can't stand the guy, and Marvin says that Michael's a snitch. From there, it's off to the Jury House... a far cry from the ever-peering eyes of Big Brother, but still, in solitary confinement, still a chance for insanity to set in. "This beats the Big Brother backyard TEN FOLD!" Or not... Will takes in the sensory overload of the halfway house, which is modeled after a mission home. Observation of the patio: "Cold... Dirty... Dark... Hard... This is the PERFECT place for Adria to sleep!" Get that dirt off your shoulder, dude. But seriously, this is the perfect place for Will to center himself and get into focus of the decision that is to be made in a few weeks.

Final words from Natalie and Michael, first Michael: "Natalie, you are a friend, a sister, you've been wonderful to me in this game, and it is hard being on the block against you. Like we always say, this is not goodbye, this is I'll see you later. I love you. My life motto is: If you want something more in life, don't let anything get in the way of your dreams. We all had a dream to be on this show. The first day I didn't think I would ever gain one friend. If leave tonight, I won't gain one friend, I'll gain 13. I thank you all for that great opportunity. You all have given to me to get to know each one of you all. Thank you all."

Now, Natalie: "Well, I couldn't be sitting on the block next to a better person. We definitely have a friendship that will last forever. That's what makes this week so tough, but as you asked me a couple weeks ago, Julie, how did I feel coming into the house as Natalie and getting to play the game as that, hope tonight I have the chance to have this opportunity still as Natalie. I have made so many friendships in this house and so many commitments, I hope that tonight people look at me as an asset and see me as something they could use further in the game."

Now the vote. The vote to evict is three.


That's three. That's enough. But here's what Drew thought.


Four to one. Natalie came into this as her own person on day 35. Now on day 56, she will leave as her own person, as she and Adria are in tears. And Michael. And Karen. And Natalie again, as she's been struggling to gain acceptance as Natalie, even on the outside, but she rests fine knowing that she's given Adria more than a fighting chance to win. They talk about the pinky-swear (she's praying for Nakomis) and Drew and Diane voting against her ("Have a little bit of trust, a little bit of hope."). How will she determine the winner? She'll decide individually, of course. She'll be back on 9.21 to crown the winner, and tomorrow on's House Calls.

HOH in a bit, but first, who should get a call from home? It's your choice, America. Decide at Polls close Saturday at 3pm ET.)

HOH COMPETITION: Putting for Power

The last 24 hours have been a real hole-in-one, as the seven remaining houseguests play Bob Barker for the keys to the HOH room (Diane's strategy: Ride on Drew's coattails). This is how we do it: Three at a time, the houseguests will putt off to see who can sink one in first. The two round winners face each other in the final for the power, most sinkers wins. First round: Michael, Diane, and Drew. Michael wins. Round 2: Adria, Karen, and Marvin. Marvin wins. Now, Marvin vs. Michael, 60 seconds on the clock. Most balls wins. Marvin takes five to Cowboy's one, giving him the keys.

With great power comes great responsibility, and doubly so if you've seen the power before. Will Marvin gun for the other twin? Because BB5 won't be seen Saturday due to the Panthers/Patriots rematch, you'll have to find out next Tuesday at an earlier time.

But for now, Marvin heads out back to bask in his well-deserved glory.

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