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Thirteen ordinary members of the general public cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win $500,000. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 37 of them. 

Visit the BB5 Reference Page to see who is in the house! (WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE 9/4/04 SHOW!)

Recaps by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Julie Chen
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"Eviction Night: Adria vs. Michael" - September 2

Lots of cold imagery last time in the House, as Marvin put Adria and Michael on line for a deep freeze, and Karen cast a cold shoulder over the two in electing not to use the veto she won after breaking some ice open. But tonight, night 63... the big thaw live. But first, Julie drops a bombshell.

In 48 hours, another houseguest will be evicted. That would be Saturday's episode. Nominations are to be held later tonight after the show.

But back to tonight, as Adria tries to sway some votes in the house, even though she feels that there is nothing short of a miracle that would spare her. Her first target... again, Karen, as "The Plague", as Diane calls Adria, tries to coy respect out of her by belittling all who belittled her. Marvin says that this is a smart move, because as a swing vote, Karen is soft. She next approaches Drew, laying the same guilt trip she laid on Karen. Drew buys it, calling Diane a bitch in some aspect. And Diane runs to Nakomis about it. In the end, will it affect his vote? He says that his strategy tells him to vote Michael out.

Will talking to herself affect ANY vote?

Drew and Karen start talking about keeping Adria in the game, or at least force a tie. Karen honestly wouldn't mind taking her down. "Adria, you know, she burned some bridges, but Cowboy is a snitch."

Live at the house, Karen was excited about winning the veto. Michael was excited about his phone call. Drew was excited about... well, life after college. Nakomis is excited about quitting smoking. And who wouldn't be?

In the Diary Room, Diane tells of Adria's competitiveness and Cowboy's supposed manliness, while Karen tells of Adria's competitiveness and Cowboy's ratness.

Marvin's strategy was to break up alliances. Could Diane and Drew be next? Well, not in the way you're thinking of, as Marvin cuddles and kisses (just a little peck) her in front of everyone in order to draw a bit of Drew's ire. Michael thinks it takes a big man to tell Drew of what he saw. And he does, proving the O'Neill-Ganci Theory so correct. Wanting to see if Diane would actually tell him, Drew sat on it until it was time not to sit on it. Enter the first lovers' spat. She has no words. Neither does he, though. Except that if they don't want to be with anyone who they can't trust, then maybe they shouldn't be with each other. "I'm taking that you're looking for a reason to get out," Diane says. Drew confirms it with a handshake offer: "You got it."

"Just kidding." Great googly moogly. Just proving that there really isn't enough blood in Drew's body for both ends. Anyway, Diane goes to Michael for a bit of solace. And an assurance that Marvin's gone next week. And speaking of which, Marvin is in the HOH Room talking of Adria keeping him in the house as strategy, his reluctance to join an alliance until recently. Marvin line of the night: "You can trust Diane just about as far as you can throw Diane, which isn't about that far because Diane's gotten a little big past the couple of weeks."

In the Diary Room, Drew and Nakomis tell of Adria's strength and keeping promises... and lack thereof. Will she be the next exile to head to "an undisclosed location" to join Will and Natalie? We'll see in a few, but first, let's see Will's reaction to Natalie joining the exotic Jury House, where for the first time in seven days... it's raining. "Is Mother Nature trying to send me a message?"

Short unfulfilling answer? Yup. "This person has stabbed me in the back, and yet we would be alone together for another week." Even so, she said the hug is genuinely from her heart, although Will refuses to believe otherwise. Of course, neither know of this, so for now, it's all smiles for the camera.

Oh yeah, and each week, the Jury will get strategically edited footage from the house in order to gauge an opinion for finale night.

Now, the final words from each nominee. Michael: "It was tough going against Natalie, and it's even harder this week. What I said last week applies this week. If I go out, you're still all my friends."

Adria: "This game is about trusting people, and I'm so honored to be around these people. I stand strong and stand tall knowing that I've done my absolute best in this game. I stood behind my people, and I can say that with a smile on my face."

Now to the vote. The vote to evict, once again, is three.

Nakomis (with her pinky in the air): ADRIA
Karen: ADRIA

That's three, and Diane makes it four, keeping the wrath of the pinky true. "By a unanimous vote, Adria, you are evicted from the Big Brother House." Adria leaves with a question on what her favorite moment of the House was (quick, girl, you only have a minute). "My favorite moment was the day that NAtalie and I got every one of you guys. I've jsut been totally blessed, and I'm most proud of the person that I've held myself to be. Also remember that I'm on the jury now, and this week I've learned about who I do and don't want to vote for now. I'm sorry, but good luck, guys."

One final play talkdown from Marv (I HOPE it was play), and your minute is WAY past up, missy. "She gotta whole lotta mouth." Looks like we've got a new champion. For the record, she WILL vote for Cowboy, Drew, or Karen. Stalking, anyone? Drew says in his tape that she was evicted for "juvenile reasons." House Calls, tomorrow, 1pm,, Early Show, etc. etc.

HOH COMPETITION: Chemical Reaction

True/false quiz on past competitions. Correct answers (noted by the water turning blue) advance. Wrong answers (noted by the water staying clear) are eliminated. See, it's science!

1) Marvin's job during Margarita Madness was to put ice in the large glass (True). Everyone right.
2) Mike was eliminated by Scott during Flaringo Toss (False, Jase eliminated him). Nakomis eliminated.
3) Snag the Veto was the first Veto Comp (False, Flaringo Toss). Diane eliminated.
4) One of the gifts that Will won during A Very Veto Christmas was a set of underwear (True). Everyone right.
5) Lori was the first houseguest to land a chicken in a basket during the Cata-Poultry Food Comp (True). And Michael is ice cold... again.
6) Scott won pizza for everyone during Alphabet Soup (False). Drew wins HoH.

You may think we're done here. But wait, we still have to tell the hamsters of Double Eviction Week. Which happens to be, oh look at this... THIS WEEK! Later tonight, there will be another nomination ceremony. Who'll be on the block? You won't know unless you're a subscriber of the BB5 Feed at Or just happen to lurk over at a board...

But if you do not have a live feed and wish not to be spoiled by the outcome of Drew's nomination, DO NOT proceed to the Reference Page. This is your final warning!

Be back Saturday, cats!

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