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Thirteen ordinary members of the general public cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win $500,000. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 37 of them. 

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Recaps by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Julie Chen
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"Eviction Night: Holly vs. Adria" - July 29

You know you're in for a treat when the recap begins, "Who's getting the heave ho tonight? The alpha-model moron, the twin with the nice ass, or Julietron's wardrobe mistress?"

It's day 28, as alliances are exposed, lines have been drawn, and one eviction has been vetoed, leaving Holly and Adria in the danger zone tonight. Again, Adria and Natalie, the two twins playing the role of Adria, must survive until next week's eviction in order to enter the house as two. If Adria is evicted tonight, then Natalie must move in immediately.

Adria and Natalie have been reading their Bible and hoping in a higher power to save them.  Meanwhile, Marvin and Jase are discussing the biblical ramifications of Big Brother. Dudes.. you're going to hell. Enjoy the ride.

AS you recall, Marvin is the swing, as the eligible Horsemen want to keep Holly (Drew can't vote except in a tie), while the ladies want to keep Adria. Adria believes that she's here to help the righteousness in the house. But isn't she bearing false witness by having her sister pretend to be her? She must've figured it out, because next thing you know, she's trying to rally support from Cowboy, citing her faith. "I don't want anybody to see me cry." Too late.

But is she playing him? Michael doesn't think so. After all, she has a right to be heard, like everyone. Scott seems to think otherwise. Adria meets with three-fourths of the Horsemen to deal, mainly with saving Cowboy. Scott tries to convince the others to rally up Adria... by using Lifesavers and Cheezits (guess who the Cheezit is). Hmm, informative AND tasty! If Holly goes and Adria wins, Jase argues, then one of the Horsemen is gone. Otherwise, one of the Horsemen stays. Forget this, I just want to eat the Cheezit!

Back live, Diane thinks the mood is depressing, while Scott says he screwed the pooch every week and needs to win HOH. Michael says Brad Pitt would play him in a Big Brother movie, and Karen misses chocolate.

In the Diary room, Jase, Diane, Scott, and Karen are about keeping Holly in the house. And by Jase, Diane, Scott, and Karen, I mean... just Jase. And speaking of which, here's the Jase/Holly spotlight. Jase is stuck between an alliance and a romance. The boys watch from the HOH Room as Jase melts into a puddle of estrogen. "You guys saw me," Jase says as he enters. In a word... WHIPPED! "Sometimes you gotta know when a girl's playin' ya. Especially a girl from Hollywood," Scott notes. Marvin agrees. "Truth be told, she's playing him like a spade." The boys confront their ally, while Jase tells everyone to back off. Marvin... who wants both of them gone... is of no help.

Drew is in the HOH Room live, as he admits that putting Adria up was very hard. "Hopefully everything pans out." The Spyscreen is good television. He hopes that the Horsemen will be in the end. Does he want HOH again? Not this soon.

It's mother time, as Jase and Scott's mommies are watching (in horror) at guys gone wild. "The person I'm seeing on the show is a totally different person than the little kid that I raised," Liz Wirey says about Jase, who has been primping since he was a year and a half old. "I have been questioning a lot of Scott's behavior," Donna Long says. He's always been interesting. "That's not the Scott we know." We go through all the lies he's told - the Escalade, the boat, the birthday.

Final words from the nominees: First Holly: "I love you guys so much. Each of you is so unique and individual." She gives Jase her lucky cat and H hat. Awwwwwwwwblech.

Adria: "This has been a rollercoaster trip for me. I want you guys to know that being here this year has been the biggest challenge of my life. It's been unbelievable the people that are in this house. you think it's just a game, but we've become such a family."

Back into the Diary room, Michael thinks about helping the Horsemen, Jennifer thinks about the drama queen, Will thinks Holly is paranoid, and Marvin thinks he can sway a block of guys.

No more thoughts. It's time for action. We go live to the Big Brother House for the reveal.

"By a vote of 7 to 1... Holly, you are evicted from the Big Brother House." Your one minute begins now... Jase escorts her to the front door. Too bad about her cats and mannequin, though. Jase, though you can't see it off the bat, is visibly pissed. While Marvin's using the facilities, we talk to Holly at home base.

Holly thinks she was roped into a joke gone mad. By the time she found out about it, it was too late to turn the ship around. About Jase: "I adore him to pieces. We've been cuddle buddies. He's totally fought for me to be in the house." Strategy: make friends with the older people. Didn't work. Be herself: didn't work out. Recorded message montage: Everyone likes her... except Diane.  Jase: "I hate to see you go, and I mean that." Holly says that Diane's comments of "Thank God and Good Riddance" was more of a judge on her character that she'll have to live with. Holly's the bigger woman because of this, but she's only half the woman that Adria is... LITERALLY. She sees the twins' goodbye for herself. And you can see her for yourself tomorrow at 1pm ET on's House Calls.


In the backwayd, it's a bunch of cardboard cutouts of the Houseguests with buttons. It's an endurance trial, as each Houseguest must stand one finger on the button in front of their mouths, and staying behind a black line. Last one standing is the new Head of Household.

And if that wasn't enough, it's also a food competition, as the first five people off will determine, by random envelope draw, the groceries for the week.

And yes, this is symbolic. Begin. Who will win this trial? Find out Saturday with Gordon, and his mirror image, Skippy.

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