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Thirteen ordinary members of the general public cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win $500,000. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 37 of them. 

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"All About Adria: Days 43-46" - August 14

Last time, a battle between camps turned into a free-for-all when HOH Adria (possibly upon suggestion from twin sister Natalie) put Marvin back on the block for a third time. Even more shocking was the surprise nomination of Will alongside him. Is this the beginning of an all-out war between the twins and... well, everyone else?

We pick up at day 43, where "things don't look good for your superhero Marvin." He starts outing alliances such as the twins and Drew & Diane, thinking about whose leg he's gonna have to hump in order to stay in this game.

Meanwhile Nakomis vents to Karen and Diane that two good people are up on the block via Adria's actions. Karen: "Those kind of actions under this roof do not buy you too much time." Well, not too much time with Will, who says he does not mean to be passive-aggressive when Adria comes up, but... to put it shortly, he was, to the point of bringing Holly's eviction into the thick of things (Holly's like the hidden character now). You see, it's when a woman (or in this case, a gay man) takes control of the situation. What happens when a man takes control of the situation? I have absolutely no idea.

Adria talks to Will about who might've had the idea to put him up. "If she was going to put me on the block as a 'pawn', you'd think that she would've at least come to me before, but that's not what she's about. Her true colors are flying high." Will ends with a warning: "If I am still in this house and I walk away with the HOH, Adria, watch your back, bitches." Have to snap on that one. *Snaps*

Will goes to the girls with his news, and Diane adds some relatable data, as she tells him that she would do what Will thinks Adria is doing with Natalie. Nakomis goes to the HOH room with one question for Adria: "Why Will?" Long answer short: safety net. Long rebuttal short: Jennifer makes it into a twin issue again. Adria's true motive for the nominations are revealed in the Diary Room: "I've found out where the divisions are."

Diane says that a psychic told her that she'd meet Drew... or at least someone like him. Seems like we've gotten past the "cuddle" stage of their relationship. Marvin line of the night: "Too much smackin'; let's get some tongue!"

That night, Marvin complains that he has nobody to damn talk to.... Again... calling Adria's decision a weak one. "You can find stronger people to split up other than the gay dude and the black dude." Adria calls playing the "whupped minority" card a low blow, but even so, something tells me that these nominations are not going to hold. But wait! There's more! Marvin plays magic card, "Biblethumper."

This duel will have to continue on the next day, as Drew shaves, and Will talks about Drew... shaving. "The man shaves more than any human I've met." We get him shaving, shaving, shaving, and plucking. How metro of him. But Diane digs it... "I can't believe you shave... everything!"

Excuse me while I laugh my ass off. *laughs his ass off*

Okay, I should be good now. Good thing, because next, it's picking time for Veto: Adria picks Drew, Will picks Diane, and Marvin calls out Mr. 120 Percent, Cowboy. Also known as "Mo." You know, eeny meeny miney mo? And guess what, folks, it's Christmas!... In August!

VETO COMPETITION: A Very Veto Christmas

Story time! Here's Natalie: "T'was the day of the veto and all through the yard, the houseguests were worried that to win would be hard. Under the tree are gifts wrapped in pairs. Each gift contains a number of vetoes. The object is to end up with the highest number of vetoes. You will pick boxes and look on the tag to see how many vetoes you have won. You must reveal one tag of your choice to the other players. When it is your turn, you will have the option to take a gift from under the tree or to steal from someone else. But there could be a twist. Besides good luck, here's this to say, merry Christmas to all and to all a good day."

That story sucked! Tell me another! Well after seeing the crappiest Old Navy castoffs known to man, Adria ends up with the most vetoes in her stocking, so I guess the nominations will stand. So much for my Spider sense... T'was a rubbish hat, anyway.

Wait, wait... A twist! Bonus stockings, hung by the chimney with at most 10 vetoes. Marvin (12) gets another 10 to move to 22. Diane loses everything. Will selects a gold gift... an MP3 player! Drew also gets a gold gift... a digital camera! Michael loses it all, so Adria by default gets the other 10 vetoes to win the challenge.

That night, Natalie tells Adria that she needs to protect her. Marvin hasn't been ugly until recently. If she wants Will to be safe this week, then she will leave the nominations intact and let the chips fall where they may. If she does, then she will have a big ol' target on her chest. And Natalie's. We're back to being the dumb house now.

Adria is open to talking to Marvin about her upcoming decision. Citing lack of an ally, Marvin asks why he would even be perceived as a threat. Adria wants him to start playing the game. Well, that got the Big Lubinski places, didn't it? Adria suggest that she be granted amnesty for safety... which Marvin doesn't do. "My integrity and self-respect mean more to me than half a million dollars." Adria announces that anyone who wants the veto is more than welcome to it, but they have to start playing ball.

Only thing is... no one wants it. Even more so, the possibility of a tie could easily put this back in Adria's hands...

 Afterwards, Will and Marvin agree on one thing. Adria's gone next week. Natalie soon after. "There's always going to have to be a Jase in this house. Lucky us, now it's her," says Will. "You hear me talking in there, Hillbilly Girl?"

Yep, she heard ya.

Now it's surprise time: Movie night at the Big Brother House. I hope they're not making it. Oh they're not. Good.

LUXURY CHALLENGE: Movie Night (for a private screening of "Without a Paddle")

Teams of three (Marvin, Michael, and Karen vs. Jennifer, Adria, and Natalie vs. Diane, Drew, and Will)  must complete a red carpet puzzle along an alleyway, sit back down, and search for a golden M&M among a bowl ganked from the Whammy! set. First to do so goes to the movies Without A Paddle. Team Cuddlebutts is the first to finish the puzzle and to find the golden M&M to win the screening.

Diane, Drew, and Will go to the HOH Room, transformed into a mini-theatre. And no, Diane, those aren't previews. That's the opening Paramount ident. Two disclaimers: a) Paramount and CBS are sister companies, owned by Viacom, and b) I'm such a graphics geek.

Fun and games is over, and now it's time for the Veto Ceremony. Will says "adversity breeds character" and says that whatever happens Thursday, "I'm copasetic for some of the best friendships I've ever made." Marvin continues the duel that he and Adria had, electing to put his fate in the hands of the rest of the houseguests. "You know I love you. It's been real. It's been fun. But it ain't been real fun."

That said, Marvin's wish is granted, as Thursday, his fellow housemates will decide both him and Will's fate. Adria elects NOT to exercise the Power of Veto.

Marvin: "If I'm going, I'm going out guns blazin', and her ass'll be out here in a week or two."

Will: "Those bitches are going down."

Again, to Adria... Stupid move, because either way, you're days are numbered, and if the survivor gets the keys on Thursday... God help you.

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