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Thirteen ordinary members of the general public cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win $500,000. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 37 of them. 

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Recaps by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Julie Chen
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"The Intervention of Drew Daniel: Days 22-25" - July 27

Last time, Drew did the almost unthinkable act of putting up Nakomis and Holly, BOTH for second runs as being marked for eviction. The Four Horsemen call bull, and the ladies... keep ogling Drew. Will Marvin go up on the block? Will Holly get off it? Is is the last roundup for the Four Horsemen?

We pick up after the nominations. Holly races to the bathroom, while Jase tells Drew that he understands 100 percent. Jase tells Holly a different story. So truth: no one saw this coming. Jase is happy with the decision, BUT Holly sees this as the death of the Four Horsemen.  Drew explains the entire rationale, which Jase seems to get. He pledges to vote Holly out, but at the same time, Drew is weary of the effect of an LA model to a young man like Jase.

Yeah, you know what I mean.

This meeting of the Four Horsemen will come to order, as Jase repeats himself to Michael and Scott. "I do NOT choose to use the Power of Veto this time."

Diane had to run out of the room as Holly begged for mercy, while Holly worries that a lot of women won't give her a chance. Jase'll give her more than a chance, as he and Holly think about why Drew would put her up.  She asks Drew about it, telling him that she isn't a mastermind.

Scott thinks that the eviction will bite them in the ass, as Jase thought that Drew going solo is a bad move for the Horsemen. They plan to tell him about it.

The next day, Will sings the praises of blond haired men. Jase sings the praises of Brad Pitt. Who's scarier, Jase or Will? Marvin's kick-ass line of the night: "Brad Pitt oughta sue his ass for slander, any time he say he look like Brad Pitt. He look like a damn armpit."

Damn armpit.. err, Jase and Scott start to come down on their plan to get to Drew, calling him an idiot. "He just killed us. He hardcore betrayed us." It's time for an intervention. They tell Drew that Holly is an ally, not a threat. They bring up the idea that A could win HoH.

The intervention must've worked, as Drew is left in tears. "It was definitely the lowest I've felt in this house."

In the cloud room, Jase and Holly make nice... again. Jase is going to try to win Veto this time.

That night, Nakomis tells Scott and Cowboy that she doesn't want to leave. Scott tells her that she makes the house flow. All she sees is "Jase staying with Holly a couple more weeks." Wrong. It's actually about breaking the opposing alliance up, as Scott tells Drew.

Or you could put Marvin up. Because the Horsemen hate Marvin for trying to ice Holly. Drew still doesn't agree with putting Holly off the block, but he might have to do it to guarantee his own safety. It's himself now vs. himself down the line vs. the Four Horsemen. And a box of Cheezits to dwell upon.

It's player picking time for Drew, Jennifer, and Holly. Scott, A (really Natalie), and Jase will also play as Marvin hosts... It's evening wear, only, so I have to put on my good bucket hat. So take this time to yourself while I do that.


Okay, let's go. Wait.. Jase has to make himself puke. Why? Because he's Jase... and there's no known cure.


Each player gets 10 chips. On one side, "BLUFF". On the other, "TRUTH". The person on the button will answer a question with either the truth of a bluff. Correct wagers from the table keep their chips. Wrong answers lose them to the person on the button. Whoever gets the most chips in the end, wields the Golden Power of Veto. AFter two rounds of betting and blluffing, Nakomis wins the Veto. And the girls could not be happier. Jase could, though.

But it doesn't take long for Scott to hatch up a plan B: Nakomis takes herself off, Drew puts up A, and then boom. Twins gone. If there is a tie, Drew will decide. They need Marvin to survive at the moment. Marvin agrees, saying that every now and then you need to be Rosa Parks. You need to ride in the back of the bus. Just be glad you're riding. That said, the Four Horsemen are now the Van Boys. What the hell kinda name is that? Jase knows better... or at least he thinks he does. "What Marvin doesn't know... is that four of the Santa Monica Van Boys... are HORSEMEN!"

Holly whines again about Diane. "I care." Yeah, right. Holly sees through her mask (with a little help from the Horsemen) and goes to tear into her ass. Then some stuff happens, Karen's in the dark, and Jase wants to out an alliance of A, Diane, Will, and Nakomis. "All I can say is let's get it on and let the chips fall where they may."

Natalie head inside, and Will follows. So do Diane and Jennifer. It's rumble time. Jase tells the entire counter that they better win HOH next week, or they're done. Jase does this all to cause confusion and mistrust. Confused? Yes. Mistrusting? Well....

Diane confronts Drew about not having him fight her battle. Will calls her out in the Diary room for drawing a line in the sand. Diane tells Nakomis tearingly to save herself and let her fight her own battles.

Meanwhile Adria and Natalie switch again. This would be switch #8, as Adria prepares to enter the house. Drew and Adria have a heart to heart about trust and standing your own ground. Adria says the wisest thing I've ever heard in the Big Brother House: "If they were truly on your side, they would respect your decision." They can relate on a deeper level, being twins. If he goes with his heart, he's screwed. If he goes with his alliance of hateful beings, then he's screwed. If he listens to Adria's words RIGHT BEFORE THE VETO CEREMONY, he's really screwed.

Speaking of which, Nakomis calls the ceremony to order... Of course, as a Golden Veto, she can save herself. And... no surprise, she does. Pretty much a futile argument from Holly. So Drew has to nominate one more person. That person... is Adria, because of her "strength as a player". So Nakomis is feeling pretty bad, because she thought Marvin was going up.

So the battle has been set, 1/2 of the twins or 1/2 of a brain. This Thursday, someone's moving out.

And here's some news... if it IS Adria, then Natalie moves in.

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