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Thirteen ordinary members of the general public cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win $500,000. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 37 of them. 

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Julie Chen
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"Eviction Night: Jase vs. Marvin" - August 12

Welcome to Weenie Roast Night, featuring Jase as the guest weenie! Last time, he fell for Jennifer's Six Finger Plan, lock, stock, and barrel, being put on the block in Diane's stead thanks to Drew's veto. Tonight, day 42, the halfway mark, he is, in gambler's parlance, a 99-to-1 dog to stay in the house for another week.

Needless to say, the Four Horsemen are coming unglued after Drew's decision last time, especially after Jase denying Drew a fiver. And where we come from, that's a hardcore diss. Understandable, especially given that Drew looked him in the eye and lied. Well, karma's a bitch, ain't it? Michael calls Drew on being a man of his word, not of his woman.

Speaking of which, Diane calls Jase on his jealousy toward Drew in retaliation for what was said about Holly before she was evicted. Having been verbally attacked, Diane goes to the courtyard for a breather on the treadmill. Karen did nothing to stick up for her, which drives her to tears. Jase comes in, us thinking that he's going to apologize while knowing that he's going to say something like "Kiss my ass?" And look at that, he does.

But Marvin says to expect the unexpected. Jase calls into play the longshot! (*brakes screech*) Michael tries to convince Drew that he made a big mistake. Drew tells him that he did not make a deal with the ladies (didn't you, Drew?). On the other hand, Jase tries reverse psychology. It's stupid enough to blow up in its face. I bet you it does.

Back live, Drew admits to a difficult week, being between Jase and Diane. Natalie feels good to be herself. Michael, shaved clean, admits that it's been quiet since Scott left. In a moment, another houseguest *cough*Jase*cough* will join him, as Michael is the only one so far to cast a vote for Marvin. Drew, Natalie, and Will both have ill to pathologic remorse for Jase and somewhat better regard for Marvin's gamesmanship.

But first, let's revisit last year's "Big Brother 4: The X Factor" for a spell. You know, because we have nothing better to talk about this week. Jun Song & Jee Choe, Erika Landin & Robert Roman, and Alison Irwin & Justin Giovinco... whatever happened to... well, five of them? Erika talks to Jack all the time. Robert and Erika are friends now, but still has beef with Alison and Jun. "The dream team is still The Dream Team (himself, Justin, and Jee aka The Three Stooges), not the Four Horsemen." They still keep in contact. Justin graduated from Pitt. He followed Alison and Donny on AR5... both of their legs. And we all know what happened to Alison, but she talks to Justin still. Nathan... not so much. Jee misses all the houseguests, particularly the Stooges. Jun bought an apartment with her half-mill, complete with a shrine to her bad ass. You know, what Samuel L. Jackson wanted once upon a time. No contact with Jee. Okay. But her father was in a coma after the show. He passed away a month ago, and Jun spent her money taking a year off with her winnings and her late father.

So what does Hamster Class of 2003 think of this year's lot? Jun was captured. Robert would've rather had an ex. Justin was shocked by the twins. Alison's interested as well. Robert's interested... in not thinking about two Alisons... and neither are we.

Back live with Nakomis in the HOH room. She admits that she could never put her brother on the block, but at the same time, she wouldn't rule out voting for him if there was no other choice. Why target Jase? "He lies, he cheats, he pees on stuff, he's really annoying, he intimidates people, he plays way too strong, and he's just not the type of player I want to have in the house." And she rejoins the others with an "Awesome Possum!"

Cut "Drew, Natalie, and Will" and paste "Diane, Karen, and Adria" on the Diary Room vote.

Let's go to Conway, SC, to visit Marvin's mom Edna at Latimer's Funeral Home. "Marvin got into every game he could. I think he's doing really well," she said. "Some of the comments that Marvin has made about the women I'm not really proud of (Example: "Nakomis, you got some big ol' (^_^)s."). He got it coming when he gets home." She's also pissed about the Four Horsemen lying to him about the Van-Boy alliance.

Final words from Jase and Marvin. Marvin thanks Will for the gay fashion advice, ex-stripper Diane, Drew, "all y'all on that side, too", Jase, mom, brother George, and Halle Berry ("I love you, and I'm single!"). Dude... have you even SEEN Catwoman? Hottie's a hottie, but damn did that movie suck. Next, Jase: "Drew, you could've saved me, and you didn't, but you saved the girl. No hard feelings. Diane, absolutely no hard feelings, and as a peace offering, I want to give you this damn ceramic cat. Didn't give me luck, but maybe it'll do it for you. Michael, the world needs more Cowboys. Will, fashion advice the same. Karen, I think you're going crazy. The twins, I didn't like you separately, but I do love you together. Nakomis, beyond your years in wisdom." Time for the reveal...

"By a vote of 6 to 1... Jase, you are evicted from the Big Brother House." Last words: "Goodbye my looooove!". And the celebration begins. While they celebrate, we go to Jase to talk about why he just took a nosedive. "I wanted to have fun, and I think I had accomplished that." She faults "a girl" for the end of the Four Horsemen, once again taking the fallacy that Holly was the saver last week. And he looks a lot like Gary Busey, especially when he's being in-your-face. And he wouldn't have it any other way, even if his own mom would vote for Michael to win. We'll see how far he goes. Video montage: everyone's glad to see him go... except Michael. But we do have one more surprise for Jase... His Holly's waiting to acclimatize him back to the real world. Won't be too hard. After all, she's Holly and he's Jase, and if it were any other way, it would be ... so wrong. First stop, tomorrow's "House Calls" at Straight-up 1 on the east coast.

Now back in the hizzle, the hamsters have been practicing for this...

HOH COMPETITION: The Puck Stops Here

The Shuffleboard from Hell today, as you have to rebound your puck into the blue area, but not past it. If no one achieves it, the puck closest to the line will be the new HOH. Adria's first... and she sets a nice little bar for herself. One that Karen, Will (who dedicates his throw to Julie), Michael, Natalie (although she was awfully close), Drew (again, awfully close), Diane (for a third time, awfully close), or Marvin cannot match. She's the new HOH, and Marvin and Cowboy will have to do some major-league playing to last the week. Can they pull it off? We're back on Saturday with that and more. See you soon!

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