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Thirteen ordinary members of the general public cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win $500,000. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 37 of them. 

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Recaps by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Julie Chen
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"I Carry The DNA: Days 1-2" - July 6

(Somewhere in the CBS labs... Various bleeps and bloops can be heard in the distance. Suddenly, a a whoop noise is heard...)

Julietron 5000: "It's a new season, a new house, and 13 completely new houseguests. Good evening. I'm Julie Chen. Welcome to Big Brother 5."

I see they sprung for the life-like sparkly model this year. And so it begins, 13 "strangers" from 13 states, all with the same answer to the age-old question, "What did you do over the summer?"

I quote "strangers" because there is a common bond somewhere. We'll get to that in a sec, but first, here are the 13 hamsters with their new housekeys.

Karen O'Neil Ganci prepares to paint the competition in a corner. Jase Wirey ... he's this season's Nathan. Jennifer Dedmon always stands out in a crowd (partly because she's an honorary member of Ink, Inc.). Marvin Latimer is going to bury the competition. Diane Henry says the odds favor her. Drew Daniel is going from twin brother to Big Brother (like myself, apparent-LY). Mike Lubinski... well, call him this season's Will Mega, only Caucasian and Republican (not to offend either). Ditzy is Holly King's strategy... Yep. Michael Ellis' heart is as big as his belt buckle. Damn, that's a big heart. Adria Okins is going to push it to the limit. Scott Long... he's this season's Mike Boogie. Lori Valenti is hoping to stretch her stay as long as possible. And finally, Will Eikle is planning to dish out some medicine of his own -- with a Speedo. Already I'm thinking "Gerald the Gotta Be Gay Guy".

And they're all leaving in one hour... Well, get packing! What'd'ya think this is, American Idle?

Now, this year's twist... Project Do Not Assume... or DNA for short. Sounds like anime, we know, just hear us out. If you haven't read this week's WLTI, here's the dealie-yo. Two houseguests are unknowingly related by blood. More on that later.

Right now, it's move-in time. We hear the spiel from last year (yeah, we know it by now), so I'll spare you the rubbish and get to the good stuff. In groups of three, they will enter the house and choose one bedroom (either sky blue, log-cabin brown, or prison grey) - each with its own advantages and disadvantages - to call their own.

Adria, Lori, Michael, and Jase are the first to enter. Michael and Jase pass up the prison for the sky.  Once Jase lays his space down, he starts laying game... on the ladies. Arrrrr.

Jennifer, Holly, Scott, Marvin, and Drew are next. No time for meeting people yet, as they have to find a room. Jennifer and Holly bunk with the "frat boys" Drew and Scott in the sky room. Guess Michael and Jase took too long. Holly has no clue what to do with those guys. Marvin takes the cot for the team. All part of his strategy.

Finally, Diane, Karen, Will, and Mike take up space. They're stuck with... the prison.

It's meet & greet time, as they toast to BB5 and the new friendship. Of course, if you want to know what they're all about, check out the reference page. Everyone thinks that Holly is... yeah. Marvin is your control freak. Lori is "strong as battery acid". Adria is totally lost. Scott is the alpha male. The men are hot. The ladies are hot. It's the house of heat this summer.

Oh yeah, and Jennifer prefers to be called "Nicomus..." Daughter of the moon, it means. I've heard worse. Let's see... Scrazzi... Siege... Neumann... Esther's probably the worst.

And then there's "Cowboy", a) Dynayellow from the old late-night Dynaman shows, or b) Michael's nickname.

With intros aside, one question remains: Anybody hungry?


The Big Brother House has one thing always on hand... PB&J. Which I personally wouldn't have a problem with. But they would, so it's back to the backyard to what Holly calls "a science project gone bad." Similar to an X-shaped challenge last year, we have a DNA-shaped helix-looking... thing. Each houseguest have 75 seconds to crawl through the helical ladder, collecting yellow balls. Those balls will determine what groceries will be brought in. If they fall, they're out. If they do not get to the other side, they're out.

Oh, and one more thing... Spiral will be twisting. Here we go!

Michael plays Clark Kent into Superman, collecting some balls, while Jase makes the crawl just in time. Will almost falls reaching for the beer. Rest of the houseguests follow suit, as Holly "feels like a bizarre monkey". Somewhere in the distance, the Whew! Villains are screaming, "TIIIIMES UUUUUUUP!" She's out, and all of her groceries are nil.

After everyone goes through the ladder, we see some good eats: Rack of lamb, shrimp, filet mignon, lobster tails, prune juice? Quote of the night goes to Marvin: "Speaking of balls, I got 'mixed nuts'." But back to the lobster tails, as Lori is told to hold onto that ball. Now, if you haven't noticed, there's a box beside the overgrown Lingo drum. Again with the DNA theme, as Lori is given a choice: the box... which is revealed to contain $10,000 cash thanks to a key hidden within the ball, or the groceries. Her choice... Food or money? I feel like Jordan Murphy all of a sudden.

Everyone thinks that Lori should take the money. "I'm gonna take the money, Julie." So, PB&J for the rest of the week. And no one is more pissed about it than Jennifer. Except maybe Marvin, who paints a big ol' bullseye on her face. "That's not really a good way to start, is it?" Wow... she's smart.

Will thinks the house is looking for its first sacrificial lamb. And he's eating it up. He secretly admits to Lori that yes, he is gay. But he's waiting to play the Gay Card. First, that show is dead and gone. Second, blind albino cave bats could figure that out. Alliance #1 is forged.

Then Marv falls out of bed. So far, the strategy is working.

Next day at the house, as Jennif... sorry, Nicomus joins the still sleepy Mike and Marv. Gee, what to have for breakfast. Meanwhile, Jase, Michael, Drew, and Scott buddy up. Alliance #2. They (and Diane) think that Nicomus is first to go. And alliance #2 has an official name: the Knights of the Round. Would that make Scott King Arthur (cha-CHING!)? Well Jase is preparing to play Lancelot if he needs to.

Pool party, where Will takes Karen and Lori aside to try and take down the Knights. They strike up alliance #1.5.

Back to Julie at BB Central in Television City in Hollywood, where she divulges more about Project DNA. Michael is Jennifer's half-brother. Jennifer's father, a vet whose leg was prey to an accident in Vietnam, is also Michael's. Michael never even met his real father (he was born out of wedlock). Both were born in Houston. Both are unaware of each other's existence. Hmm...

I can see the resemblance... What I CAN'T see is how this impacts game dynamics as a whole of any sort. Initial analysis. (BZZZZ!)

Second twist up... after the remainder of the pool party. Holly's new nickname is "Hollywood" King. Michael makes a play for last names when he hears "Dedmon", the last name of his "real father". Suddenly, Michael springs into action, as he finds out of Jennifer's background and father, a one Arthur Guy Dedmon. Then it his him. "Boom."

They start hanging out (by that, I mean, he asks, she answers). Then comes the subject of another brother. She wanted an older brother, she says, but Michael keeps his feelings in.

HoH COMPETITION: Treadmills of Terror

You know the score by now. Head of Household carries power. But as Uncle Ben would so remind us, "With great power comes great responsibility." In this case, it's the responsibility of marking two people for eviction.

The houseguests pair off, while Will is the odd man out. Each team has a walker - the person on the treadmill - and a talker - the spokesperson for the team who will answer yes/no questions. Will takes a seat. Correct answers freeze speed. Wrong answers advance it. After the question period, it's an endurance trial. Last person standing fights Will for HoH.

The teams are: Drew/Michael, Diane/Holly, Scott/Jase, Marvin/Adria, Lori/Karen, and Jennifer/Mike. After three questions, we have runners. Marvin and Adria reach the maximum of 8 MPH first, and Adria is first in the mudbog. Drew and Mike are all in the max range, as Mike takes a dive. Diane also takes a dive as Holly wonders "how the hell she got it wrong". Questions are done. Forget about those. Now it's all about will power. Michael's the first victim, leaving Karen/Lori and Jase/Scott. Still going, even though both treadmills are at max speed. It's Queens vs. Knights and the winner is... after 27 minutes of running... Knights! Jase and Scott are up against Will for the first HOH. The tiebreaker: a question about himself. Will asks Jase, "Would you assume that my dream job is to own a high-end restaurant in South Africa?" Jase: No. Right! Jase is the first HoH.

NOW... to twist #2. One of the houseguests has a twin who is also playing the game. The twins will switch off periodically and compete as one. We'll find out more next Thursday, but for now, it's back to life as we know it in the house that CBS built. BB5 returns Thursday with the nomination ceremony. Stay tuned for "The Amazing Race" coming up over most of these stations.

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