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Thirteen ordinary members of the general public cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win $500,000. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 37 of them. 

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Julie Chen
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"Six Fingers: Days 36-39" - August 7

Something strange happened in the House last week. Someone used their brains. Nakomis used her power of the HOH to a) reunite via picture frame Guy Dedmon with his long lost son (Michael) and b) put Diane and Marvin up as a distraction for Jase, who now believes that he is safe for one more week. But is he?

We pick up after the nomination ceremony, and Jase is still riding high on his "victory", while the rest of the houseguests are in shock. And by "shock", I mean "total bullfunky mode." In fact, the only one outside of Jase who is clueless of the motive of the noms is Michael. Drew, on the other hand, is playing both sides of the fence, supporting Diane in her time of great "need", while not really talking to Jase about the plan beforehand.

Karen, once again, explains the Six-Finger Plan: Nakomis puts up two from her side: Marvin and Diane. Those three choose who plays in the veto, ideally anyone but Jase. After the veto is used, Jase goes in the block. Ideally, Jase goes home Thursday "with no possibility of parole". Quite possibly... Best. Gameplan. Ever. Jase is still buying it, hoping that he'll salvage himself. Michael, playing the brother-sister card with Nakomis hopes it doesn't blow up in his face.

But it does have one crutch: Marvin is still inside the Horsemen camp for the time being. But perhaps I'm the only one thinking like that.

Natalie goes back to the twin twist, thinking that the house still doesn't get what's going on. All she knows is that Adria is the sixth finger and Natalie is the third nipple... Ahem, so anyway, they explain how they did it, from the hair toss to the symmetry deal. They try to decipher who did what to whom and how. All we know for sure... Michael wouldn't mind getting it on with both of them. And honestly, who wouldn't? Jennifer notes the key difference that I noticed: Natalie's butt is smaller.

"I think we need to start not sleeping together at some point in time." The words of Drew to Diane. Obviously they think ahead to whether or not someone's going to sniff them out. They won't be sniffed out if a) Marvin and Cowboy are next to go, b) Drew stays with Diane, and c) the two of them stay with the twins. A plus B plus C equals another month at least.

Next day, and Will shows us... trust, leading us to a dance montage. Solo dances, twin dances, moshing, dance battles...  Painful dance battles.

Karen is on a mental cooking fit, and all of a sudden, people think she's crazy. Think nothing, I KNOW she's crazy. Checklist: thinking evil thoughts with spoon in hand? Check. "Karen has multiple personality disorder!" (Nakomis) Check. Happiness leads to stress, which leads to baking, which leads to talking, which leads to MORE stress, which leads to comfort, and we've come full circle back to happy.

Will and Karen thought that something was wrong with A originally. Natalie gets a little bit weirded by coming back to the twin thing. "Sometimes people treat you like you've got something weird about you," she says of the whole twin thing. I blame Children of the Corn. Going back to Jase's cockiness toward Adria, all Natalie could think of was "Your worst nightmare is going to walk out of that door... times TWO!"

Marvin suggests to Jase that Diane was a pawn. All of a sudden, Jase gets it. "They have the votes," Jase says after detaining the Six-Finger Plan. "I'm gone." And the kicker? "We don't even have Drew anymore." Yep. Off to the glue factory with the Four Horsemen.

And here comes the truck driver with the Veto pickings. Jase makes one last appeal to Marvin for one last shot to save himself. Will it work? Jennifer chooses Adria, Marvin chooses Big Willie Style, and Diane chooses Drew. From one interesting choice to another. Let's see how it plays out as Drew suggests not using the veto to Jase and Michael. "No pressure." Drew agrees, but as he admits, "I'm not the best liar in this house."

Jase prepares for his demise with the following cardboard sign: "Starting alliance, join today." Heh, like that'll work twice.


One giant balloon board with six equal circles of six colors, each representing one person. Whoever has balloons left after each houseguest takes their turn popping the other five wins the veto. Marvin quote of the night, of course... "Now here comes Bootylicious hailing from Alabama, Crimson Tide state." He... was second. Diane was first gone. Adria reveals upon being eliminated last that it was predetermined that Drew was going to win, so there's no point in going any further here.

Jase and Drew have a heart to heart. Jase still sees Drew as the savior and Diane as a pawn. But Drew says that he wouldn't use the veto to piss people off. Drew then tells Michael that he's not going to use the veto. "We said 'men of our word', day one. If you use it, that boy (Jase) is gone this week." I think that's kinda the idea. But now Drew finds himself between a cart and a horse.

Next day, "Good morning, maggots." Maggots?! Yep. Apparently the better half of this house can scheme with the best of them, but they can't clean up after themselves. So what's a hamster to do? Pick up a scouring pad and start scrubbing, as Natalie does.

"I think over the next few weeks, you will see some very interesting divisions arise in the Big Brother House. One specific relationship that is a threat to all of us is that connection that Natalie and Adria share." So now Will teams with Karen to form "the alliance that nobody knows about." Meanwhile the alliance that everyone knows about shares a sisterly moment on the hammock. They see Cowboy and Marvin as threats for their allies, Karen as a threat for riding coattails, Diane as being real, and themselves as two sacred people. "Twins rule the world".

Next day, Drew shares a moment with his cart. He begins to ponder out loud whether or not to use the veto. Both he and agree that Diane is safe (no-brainer) and that there would not be any hard feelings if he didn't use the veto (probably the sex talking). "You do what you want with it. I trust you."

Will that be enough? Drew calls the veto meeting, where he gives Marvin and Diane one more chance to save themselves. Diane: "I would hate to see you lose your cuddle partner." Yeah, I think next week, they reach the spooning stage. Marvin: "I feel sick. Homeboy! Bros before hoes, remember? Give me the veto! GIVE! ME! THE! VETO! Dammit." Okay, we're thoroughly scared now. Now to Drew's decision...

"No offense to Marvin, but I'd love to give it to lovely Diane." Hell, I would. Free nookie for a week? I'd be like "Hey, where do I put this Veto thing?"

No brainer what the next move is, as Jennifer puts the final roast on Jase's barbecue pit. Seal up tight, and broil for two days. Thursday, we dine on stewed horseman.

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