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Thirteen ordinary members of the general public cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win $500,000. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 37 of them. 

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Recaps by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Julie Chen
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"She Owes Me a Finger: Days 50-53" - August 24

Empowered by the spirit of the deposed Will, Nakomis is on the hunt for the fingers of Adria and Natalie for their breaking of the pinky swears made earlier. Will Nakomis collect from the twins, or will the Veto save one of them?

We pick up right after the nomination ceremony, as the sisters pledge solidarity. Nakomis goes back to week 2 (and you can too thanks to this sidebar) and the promise that they made. Adria and Natalie laugh at the promise calling it a "cop-out", and that's right up there on the "Duh!" level with karma on Saturday. Natalie said that she personally never aligned herself with Will; that Adria did. True and not true. See, that's when you and Adria were supposedly the same person. And since Adria was the person holding the gun last week... well, the rest writes itself, really.

It's very hard to decide which twin should go, from being "good friends" (Michael) to "having too much testosterone" (Marvin). And in case Adria and Natalie need some clarity on why they're up, here's Nakomis to give it to them, citing the promise. Adria's diary room defense: "When Natalie came into the house, all bets were off." Natalie's defense: "She's trying to fight somebody's battle who is GONE."

Adria goes to Diane to ask for commitment. Diane says she's completely alone in this house. Adria tells her that she thinks Nakomis is a complete (^_^) for not giving her a valid reason for the nomination. Hello, you no listen? Do you under-STAND the WORDS that are COMING from HER mouth? "Natalie's like the bad twin," Diane says.

One thing you learn from being in the House, watch what you say, because if you don't, someone else will. Case in point, Nakomis watching the Diane and Adria show on the Spyscreen.

Adria tries to enlist the help of Drew and Cowboy to save herself with the veto. She just wants it to be used. Diane doesn't buy her game. And neither does Drew, but says that he'd use it if he won it. That's what he SAYS...

LUXURY COMPETITION: Big Brother Web (powered by

One at a time, the players must go into the web, grab a ball (which has a letter), and proceed out of the web. Then unscramble the web of balls to create one word. If they can do that, will award the houseguests with a shopping spree. If they finish in three minutes or less, it's 18 items. For every 30 seconds afterwards, one item will be deducted. And just to light a fire under your foot, the quickest webcrawler takes home a $1000 gift certificate.

Of course, the balls spell out "INTERNET". Now you see the whole "web" connection. They're really open about connecting challenges to rewards and such. Marvin wants to represent the people in the Kackalack, East Coast, Dirty South, all that stuff... YEAH! What then? Unfortunately, Marvin's in the web at the 3:00 mark. Natalie enters at the 4:00. So far, the only one representing the Dirty South proper... is me. Final time, counting learning how to spell "internet": 5:03. That's 18, minus four for time... 14 items. Start shopping!

Good thing it was only "internet", because if they had to spell "ARPAnet", we'd be here all day.

Wait, forgot about the individual prize: the $1000 Amazon gift certificate...

3rd - Michael (:21)
2nd - Adria (:17)
Winner - Diane (:16)

The HOH Spyscreen is rigged into a computer interface to shop. They get to choose from steaks, a fire basin, an elliptical trainer, and volleyball set. What, no Playstation? Some reward.

While waiting for the packages to arrive, Diane is bombarded by twin overload, as Diane says she'd probably use the Veto. "I don't know if anybody is willing to save them except themselves." Adria is committed to confusing the hell out of Diane as she faults her for committing herself to committing to other people to commit to having the twins committed.

Then the Amazon packs come! Always an exciting moment. Marvin line of the night: "Just like Christmas in a rich people neighborhood." Karen line of the night: "Now we got our fire pit, and we can get all toasticle, and we can roasticle some marshmallows." Or at least we can start with Holly's lucky cat... which wasn't so lucky for Holly and likewise for the Brad Pitt wannabe she gave it to.

Three guys playing cards and talking about "The Young and the Restless". Speaking of which, it's time to reveal America's Choice for the next soap star (I better stop now, I may give someone an idea or two). Right after the bad cut scenes and stage kissing, of course. But first...

Drew waxes fundamental about the Veto, and Michael thinks that backscratching is in order when dealing with the twins. If Michael were to win, then he would guess that Marvin would make a return trip to the block. "It's a risk that we have to take."

VETO COMPETITION: The DNA Morph-o-Matic Mug Shots

Nakomis chooses Marvin, Adria chooses Drew, and Natalie chooses Cowboy. Nakomis is first up the next day, and she sees "science fiction mumbo-jumbo, DNA morphomatic, screw-with-your-head competition". Simple, really, six composites using three houseguests. You have to identify which three. Fastest time wins.

First: Scott, Nakomis, Holly
Second: Mike, Karen, Michael
Third: Will, Scott, Lori
Fourth: Marvin, Diane, Lori
Fifth: Jase, Holly, Drew
Sixth: Mike, Twins, Jase

After an "emotionally traumatizing round," Adria clocks in at 4:40, the fastest, for the veto. And you have to admit... The set-up's pretty surreal. Diane's not happy. Karen's not happy. Marvin's not happy. Nakomis is DEFINITELY pissed. Natalie, meanwhile, tells Adria to use the veto to save herself. "You can win. You've done more than me. You're great." She thinks that Nakomis will put Drew up. "It doesn't matter, because if people are gunning for you, 'then I'll see you sooner than later if that's the case'." Will's words coming back to haunt the twins. THAT's karma, by the way.

The girls decide to use a decoy on the block. Not Marvin, too much of a liability and a powerhouse. Not Drew, as Diane's a little too apprehensive of a possible breakup. "I think you have to go tell Cowboy you need to use him as a pawn." Nakomis admits, "Out of bloodline respect, I can't put him up." Just go to him and explain the whole deal. I'm sure he'll understand. I mean, he'll understand anything, right?

It's time to use the Veto. Natalie pleads her case (just a formality), but Adria does decide to use it... on herself, saying that she'd just rather be here as herself, rather than have Natalie ride her coat-tails all game long. In her stead, Nakomis puts up... her brother, simply a safe bet. "I truly don't think you have anything to worry about."

From the mouths of multi-hued-hair babes... Thursday, contrary to what Nakomis said earlier and contrary to what was agreed upon further back, Cowboy and Natalie will go up, although Cowboy may just serve as a decoy (decoys have yet to be turned about in this season... YET)... and one of them will go out. My money's on Natalie leaving, 4-1.

Oh, and that thing about Y&R? You'll see about that on Thursday as well. Now, if you'll excuse me, I think Amazon is at my door.

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