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Thirteen ordinary members of the general public cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win $500,000. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 37 of them. 

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"The Horsemen Ride Again: Days 65-67" - September 7

Last time, a surprise eviction resulted in Marvin getting the royal boot after a big week for him. Now, the power is in Nakomis' hands, and with yet another eviction looming, "You are safe" doesn't seem to be that much of a guarantee.

Picking up right where we left off, with Marvin's giving everyone a hug (except Diane) and Nakomis bouncing her way into power (beating the still scoreless Michael by one). Karen thinks she needed it. Michael thinks as well, but still has a bit of a safety net in a secret alliance.

Or, should I say, HAD, as Michael and Drew seem to be the targets for this week. Would've been cleaner if Karen won it, but this one's going to be harsh should Nakomis follow through.

"In a perfect world, I would love to see you and Diane up on the block." This from Michael to Drew. Drew seems to half-agree, as Diane unpacked.

Third time with the Nakomis-ized HOH room. CD: Nine Inch Nails. That is so 97, it's not even funny. The only thing it serves to prove is that Nakomis is a power threat. Michael stays for a bit to consult her, saying "You gotta do what you gotta do." Nakomis does offer that his block offering will be respectful and that if it comes to a tie he won't leave, as Michael pretty much begs to stay in the game. "To make it this far, I think our real father should be proud," Cowboy tells America. Taking it like a man, he is.

Really, it would be better for her, if she is to do it, to do it proper. Karen tries to convince her otherwise, though. "If she nominates Diane and Drew, I'll be voting for Diane to leave." She cites the last Veto competition as proof. Don't get me wrong, Nakomis wants the money, but she's having internal conflict (head vs. heart).

That night at dinner, Michael kicks Diane's ass. "I was only in it for couple of weeks." It shows. Diane and Drew kick back and talk about veto. Diane wants to save Drew and put Karen on the block. Drew plays it out like Karen and Nakomis are the threats, and Diane buys it all up. Just like he wants.

Next morning, Diane tries to wrangle herself a Cowboy in order to get rid of Karen. She explains that anyone except Karen could be on the block, and if Diane wins the Veto, then Michael would be safe. Or she saves Cowboy and puts Karen up. Or she saves Blinky and puts Inky and Pinky up (sorry, I just heard a Pac-Man noise somewhere).

Diane hates fish, but names all the aquarium fish after characters from a popular Disney movie. Kind of reminds me of "The Real Bowl" skits from Comedy Central. But the Real Bowl doesn't have lost housekeys, as we go to the Nomination Ceremony. We've gone from "get rid of the jerks" to "build the jury" to "who wants to be in the final 2?" So many directions, but all roads lead to the lazy Susan. But for the guys, we have a road block. Michael and Drew are on the block this week, as expected. To quote the opening tagline of "The Apprentice": It's nothing personal, it's just business.

Drew says he trusts Diane, but just wants to talk it over again to make sure. That duty goes to Michael. Diane says that the only way to save both Drew and Michael is to win the Veto. Michael's view: "I think it's worth taking a risk." Michael and Drew share a little secret between brothers. If this works, then the final two will be half of the Four Horsemen. This better work, Nerdlinger.

It's Veto-picking time, as Michael and Drew rely on a higher power to stay the course, and no matter what happens, to leave the game as men with honor. Quoth Lisa Simpson: "Prayer. The last resort of a scoundrel."

Very dramatic with the shades, Drew.


Now, there were six people playing this season, but obviously, we only have five, so everyone's in... the cage. Using objects sniped from previous challenges, each houseguest must reach a key that will free them. First player to do so wins gold. Drew, Cowboy, and Diane decide to use their putters as one (*buries head in hand*). End result: Diane gets her key first, and notches up gold... as soon... as she can find... the right... key.

But what to do with it? She wants to save Drew (of course), but is that really what she thinks, or what she wants the other girls to think? Michael and Diane had words at the beginning, but what does that mean now? Will Drew and Cowboy get their miracle? Will Karen and Nakomis decide to talk some sense into her? They try, but still, as Nakomis says, "I have absolutely no clue what Diane is going to do tomorrow."

Diane lays it out that Drew and Nakomis are both aligned with her that night. Nakomis suggests that Drew is probably bad for her strategically, and that Cowboy is making Karen nervous. She says that it won't be a tie, and Nakomis trusts her word, "but this (pinky) can only go so far in the game."

Moment of truth. Drew wants the veto, but keeps game and non-game separate. Cowboy expects Drew to be taken off as reciprocity for an earlier round. After outlining newfound respect for Michael, ongiong relationships with Drew, and promises made to everyone... Diane chooses to exercise the power on Drew, leaving Karen to join Michael on the block.

Thursday, she'll be going home. Or Michael will be going home. Depends on the vote. If Diane and Drew vote for Karen, she's gone. If one breaks trust, then Nakomis will probably play swing. If Diane and Drew vote for Michael, he's gone, so there's a chance, albeit a small one, that the Cowboy will be roped by his own lasso so to speak.

One thing's for sure... Countdown to a final decision is at two weeks and counting.

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