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Thirteen ordinary members of the general public cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win $500,000. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 37 of them. 

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Recaps by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Julie Chen
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"Round 1 Eviction Night: Mike vs. Jennifer" - July 15

Last time, the ladies tried to set up an early battle of the sexes. The men decided that they might want to use the veto to stop it. However, wanting to get rid of Mike even more, Scott decides NOT to veto the nominations. That leads us to tonight... the first live eviction. Time to activate the future Mrs. Les Moonves... tron. As a reminder, Mike and Jennifer are marked for eviction.

But before we give someone the royal boot, the second wrinkle of Project DNA is revealed. Since day 2, identical twins have been playing as one person. Tonight, their identities are revealed as they switch live.

But first, Mike rallies to save his hide from the wrath of the Four Horsemen. Michael tells Jennifer that Big Brother is a mental game, and that a sure out is trust in your alliance. The half-siblings agree that each other is safe if they get HOH... even as Will wouldn't mind seeing Jennifer leave.

Meanwhile, no one is sure about Holly and Jase, a relationship that boggled the mind. Karen and Lori decide to keep an eye on those two. Could it be another alliance?

Mike, on the other hand, thinks about a way to break up Jase and Scott. Lori and Drew get the spiel on having to end their little love fest. Mike's done all he could do at this point. The next day, the Four Horsemen think that they can make it to the end.

Back live, Julie checks up with the houseguests. Michael thinks it's hard to have his half-sister being up on the block, but is not negatively swayed by the possibility of her being evicted. Lori, the $10,000 girl, has a little regret about forcing the others on PB&J for a week. Scott seems to be high-maintenance. Just great, a summer of metrosexuals.

Anyway, to voting. Mike and Jennifer as nominees have no vote. Jase only votes to break ties. Votes are cast in secret in the Diary Room. Scott, Marvin, Holly, and Lori share their thoughts before voting, but we do not see their actual vote. Seems like Marvin is leaning toward Jennifer.

Michael and Jennifer's parents react to Project DNA. "I want to tell Big Brother 'thank you.' I have always wanted a son. I wish I had known about him," Guy Dedmon says. "Big Brother brought a part of life to Michael," Christine Lee (Michael's mom) says. Reactions continue, as Guy thought that he would be crushed if his offspring was sent to fight and die. We see Michael and Jennifer's revelation clips again.

Karen, Adria, and Drew cite the differences in Jennifer and the fatherhood of Mike.  No real idea about how they would vote.

In the HOH Room, Julie and Jase describe the spy screen and why he showed it to the Four Horsemen. Jase wanted to blow it for the first six weeks, but as soon as he became HOH, he gave the others some idea as to how he feels about them. If you're up, you're evil. You must go. If you're not, you're not.

Will, Diane, and Michael discuss their defenses in the Diary Room prior to voting. Again, no direct votes are cast, which means that this one was an open-and-shut case. Sorry, Mikey. It is EVICTION TIME. Final words...

Mike: I don't have a lot to say. I love all these guys. I hope I get to see them again.

Jennifer: If I'm outta here, I want to meet up withh you again. Gotta hang out. Awesome experience.

And now, the eviction. After the result is read, the evictee will have one minute to pack up his or her things, say goodbye, and leave the house, never to return. Here's Julie.

"By a unanimous vote, Mike, you are evicted from the Big Brother House."

"Somebody could've threw me one vote!" The houseguests give the banishee one final sendoff before he makes his stop at home base. And the celebration begins... "So you guys wanna go bowling or..."

Mike's a big fan of the show, so why was he evicted? "I just think it was a series of misunderstanding. I saw them as competition. They see me like that." But he wasn't surprised, and his heart wasn't in it after finding out how hard it is to do. Best thing? "Probably Marv. Meeting him is the best."

Cue the "We're going to miss you, Mike" montage, as Marv just puts it the best: "Ain't no hanging chad here. You the one." He parts by saying that Jase and Scott... the men to beat. Then again, you talk to morons. But he did plant the seed.

Next up, HoH.

HoH Competition: Majority Rules

Julie will ask questions about opinions of the houseguests. They must give what they think the group will say. Houseguests who answer with the majority advances. After one question, where the house thinks Scott looks at himself the most, Will, Adria, Scott, and Drew are knocked out. After the majority thought they would like to receive mouth-to-mouth from Drew (?), Diane is knocked out. After the majority thought that Marvin hated PB&J more, Karen and Jennifer are gone. Three questions, and no one is gone yet, so we go to a tiebreaker: What is the total numbers of yellow food balls grabbed in the Food Spiral competition last week? Answer: 100. Marvin, with 81, is the new HOH. "Right here, playa."

And now, the moment you've been waiting for, as we see who are, as the Japanese would say, nibun no ichi. The player with the identical twin has switched places three times already. Like the BB House, the twins live in total seclusion and lives as the houseguests live. If they make it halfway through the summer, then both twins will move into the house full-time. Could it be Drew? Could it be Diane? Could it be myself and D'angelo (my twin brother) have been writing these recaps in tandem? Well, maybe not, but playing in tandem is... Adria... or should I say, Adria AND her twin sister Natalie. Hmm... You know, I remember seeing an e-mail from the gamemaster of GSNN, Jason E., foreshadowing this, citing fitness magazine articles and pictures. I guess I owe him a Coke now.

Adria and Natalie can only share five key points with each other before they switch. But there are some setbacks. Adria's mole and Natalie's scar clash. The emotional bearing on Natalie's shoulder may be too much to bear. All this while switching hats and other... accessories. Adria now awaits Natalie in the Diary Room. They are now 1/5 of the way home. Adria makes her entrance as the slightly-pudgier Natalie makes her exit. No lovey-doveys, switch! Right now, dammit!

Oh, and did I mention that Natalie has a bigger face? I guess I'm the only one who noticed that. More twin shuffles next time.

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