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Today is

Episode 1.5 - August 28

Last week, Dewey Moorman left with $1000 after underestimating America's feelings about firearms. Julie Foehr left with $10,000 after overestimating Americans' freedom to drive. Tonight, Carissa Scarpa puts her $10,000 on the line AND a current houseguest on "Big Brother" will try their luck.

As a reminder, every question answered correctly within range will increase winnings by the power of 10, from $1000 to $10,000 to $100,000 to $1 million to $10 million. Players can walk away at any time, but if they go for it and miss, they'll lose by the power of 10 and walk out with that much. Help is available, though, in the form of the audience and companions.

But the moment an answer is "locked in", it is considered final and binding.

We switch out companions this week, trading in Carissa's boyfriend Matthew for her father Matthew. We're playing for $100,000... now.

20 point range
"Have you ever asked yourself 'What would Jesus do?' when trying to make a decision?" What percentage of Americans have asked themselves "What would Jesus do?" when trying to make a decision?

"I have asked myself 'What would Bob Barker do?'" First guess from Carissa is... pretty high, 65-85%. "I bet people would SAY they'd answer that." Smart girl. Audience is dimorphic lower than Carissa. Matthew says that it would be a hair lower because of all the different beliefs.

"What would Drew do?" Drew already has $100,000. Remember, she doesn't have to go for it...

Carissa locks in with 56-76%.

America said...  54%. A HAIR! By a hair! She does leave with $1000.

Next, it's the moment Big Brother fans have been waiting for. It's time for Amber Siyavus (Las Vegas) and Daniele Donato (Huntington Beach, CA) to play the game. This is their first taste of "the real world" in 53 days. At this time, I think I'll let my compatriot Ryan Vickers take over contestant intros...


Drew Carey: Gee, so much has happened since you've been in the house. We've invented flying cars, Karl Rove is president, I'm the new host of The Price is Right...
Daniele AKA Not so bright BB player #1: Yeah! (just feigning interest)

Cut to BB broadcast an hour later...
Amber AKA Not so bright BB player #2: He couldn't be the new host of TPIR could he?
Eric AKA "America's Player" on BB: Nah.

Ha ha frickity ha. They should bring back the "headlines" challenge from Season One, that was damn good entertainment.


Amber wants to give her family the money if she wins. Daniele wants a new car and to go to school.

But only one will play for the money. The other will catch a jet back to Radford and the BB House.


1) What percentage of Americans have danced the Macarena?
Amber: 46%
Daniele: 70%
ACTUAL: 48%. Amber leads, 1-0.

2) What percentage of Americans are currently working two or more jobs?
Amber: 42%
Daniele: 54%
ACTUAL: 16%. Amber leads, 2-0.

3) What percentage of Americans have looked inside the medicine cabinet of another person's house?
Amber: 33%
Daniele: 24%
ACTUAL: 41%. Amber's playing for the money!

If you've never seen Big Brother this season, there's one thing you have to know... Amber cries... A LOT. Helping her out is her cousin Katie.

Time to play "The Power of 10!"

40 point range
 "Have you ever been audited by the IRS?" What percentage of Americans have been audited by the IRS?

Amber dials in a first guess of 8-48%. Audience... agrees. Katie... agrees.

Amber is locked.

America said... 17%! You've got $1000!

We move on with this...

30 point range
What percentage of Americans think women in the military should not be allowed in combat situations?

Amber dials in a guess of 11-41%. She doesn't want her daughter in combat should she join the Army. The audience thinks right in the middle with 40-70%. Without talking to Katie, Amber locks in 30-60%.

America said..... 33%! Holy cow! We're up to $10,000!

So what's it like to have so much scrutiny in the house? "Honestly, I don't know what scrutinize means." Once Drew defines it. "Everywhere you go, you're being watched." So she redefines it. Good for her.

Next for $100,000...

20 point range
In 2005, the city council of Denver banned all pit bulls from the city, citing the breed's history of attacking humans. What percentage of Americans think people should not be allowed to keep pit bulls as pets?

"Talking to you, Michael Vick." Amber: "I like Michael Vick." Drew: "You won't after you get out of the house and find out what happened to him."

Amber's first answer... 27-47%. The audience goes along the same lines. Amber thinks pit bulls are great dogs. Katie wants to go lower.

Amber locks in with 18-38%.

America said...


...55%? Oh man... Well, Amber heads back to the Big Brother house, but she does so with $1000.

Next two on tap are Tyrone Miller (Trenton, NJ) and Tom Heckmann (Los Angeles). Tyrone is playing loaded. He's got his lucky pants on. "They got a hole right in the middle, man. So I have to wear shorts over top of 'em." Tom owns a woman's clotherie... that sells some men's clothes as well. He gets to watch a lot of women dress. He also likes a nice pedicure now and then.


1) What percentage of Americans have had naughty pictures developed at a photo lab?
Tyrone: 40%
Tom: 14%
ACTUAL: 8%. Tom leads, 1-0.

2) What percentage of Americans said they hated the New York Yankees more than the Boston Red Sox?
Tyrone: 67%
Tom: 63%
ACTUAL: 56%. Tom leads, 2-0.

3) What percentage of Americans have gone hunting?
Tyrone: 30%
Tom: 19%
ACTUAL: 47%. Tom leads, 2-1.

4) What percentage of American women have been asked if they were pregnant when they were not?
Tyrone: 35%
Tom: 12%
ACTUAL: 27%. Tie ball game!

5) What percentage of Americans think people in prison should not be allowed to watch TV?
Tyrone: 16%
Tom: 22%
ACTUAL: 44%. Pedicure boy is playing for the money!

Before a clothing store, Tom managed a hedge fund. Helping out is brother Todd, who owns a medical spa.

Name of the game is "The Power of 10!" Let's play it!

40 point range
What percentage of Americans would vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger if he were allowed to run for president?

Tom spins a first answer of 21-61%. Audience goes to 5-45%. Todd thinks about Republicans and Democrats and what not. Doesn't really gel with the question. Tom splits the difference and locks in with 11-51%.

America said..... 26%! That's worth $1000! For Arnold.. not worth much.

For $10,000...

30 point range
What percentage of Americans feel sympathy for Hollywood celebrities like Lindsay Lohan whose lives appear to be derailing?

Tom goes with 5-35% first... The audience ... agrees. No one cares about these people. Todd agrees...

Tom locks it in.

America said..... 21%! That's worth $10,000!

For $100,000...

20 point range
What percentage of Americans said they would adopt a baby of a different race?

A lot of variables to consider with this... Tom goes 12-32%. Audience goes between 30-50%. It is hard to adopt babies in America today. Todd wants Tom to go higher. Tom is still thinking relatively low...

Tom locks in 30-50%.

America said..... 60%. Tom leaves with $1000.

Next up, two new players... Juan Namnun (Philadelphia) is a teacher of Spanish and phys.ed. Kurtney Noonan (Encinitas, CA) subscribes to 10 gossip magazines.


1) What percentage of Americans have eaten pet food?
Juan: 21%
Kurtney: 10%
ACTUAL: 15%. Kurtney leads, 1-0.

2) What percentage of married American women think their husband is better looking than them?
Juan: 39%
Kurtney: 45%
ACTUAL: 28%. Tied at 1.

3) What percentage of Americans have given money to a TV evangelist?
Juan: 14%
Kurtney: 11%
ACTUAL: 10%. Kurtney leads, 2-1.

4) What percentage of Americans have received something that was left to them in a person's last will and testament?
Juan: 55%
Kurtney: 54%
ACTUAL: 35%. Kurtney's going to have to wait until next time to play for the money. See you then!

For more information on the polls or to become a contestant, go to


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