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Season 4
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Six men and women must conquer their greatest fears or face elimination. In the end, one will claim the $50,000 prize and the honor that "fear is not a factor for them."

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Joe Rogan
Creator: John De Mol
EP: John De Mol, Matt Kunitz
Packager: Endemol USA, Pulse:Creative
Airs: Mondays at 8:00pm ET on NBC

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Episode 4.26 - March 21

We have 6 faaabulous people ready to win $50,000. Can't wait? Neither can I. Let's meet them already...

Monique Hommerson (NYC, NY - Bartender) - She says that people may think that she is dainty, but she is ready for everyone to kiss her butt. Based on her...assets, I think they may be more inclined to kiss her bust than her butt.

Anthony Moss (Pasadena. CA - Telecommunications) - There's nothing that he won't do, won't try, blah blah blah. They certainly won't be able to help him, as he has a big black cap that is covering half of his face.

Paola Martinez (Phoenix, AZ - Hospital Interpreter) - She says that she will do whatever it takes to win, and despite people wanting her to yack on television, she's not going to do it. Foreshadowing?

David Velez (Dallas, TX - Sales) - He has black hair, but he thinks he's a blonde, because his high school voted him the most bubble-headed. Blondes don't do very well on the show, so maybe it's a good thing he has black hair...

Elizabeth Perry (Coppell, TX - Model / Actress) - She wants to prove it to everyone else that she is a badass and a winner. 'I don't have to prove it to anyone else, because everyone else already knows how great I am.' She said this, not me.

Ryan Droze (Sunrise, FL - Graphic Designer) - His girlfriend wanted him to do this and he will win it for his girlie. Well, it worked for Ryan Sutter...

CHALLENGE 1: Ride-tisserie

Joe gives his spiel, and then shows the group a car that's set up like a chicken on a spit grill. The car will actually be rotating like it's on a rotisserie grill - and everyone will be in it. The objective is to get out of the car. The slowest man and woman will be cooking their own chicken - but will have to come up with their own money instead of the $50,000.

Elizabeth is first, and she says that her screws are tied tight today. Uhhh....ok. She cam also bend her legs over her head - and then rests her ankle on Joe and says that she loves to perform. Yowzers. Liz says that Monique looks like a bimbo and asks Joe if she's stupid. Joe says no, but the face clearly says 'yes, yes, yes, yes and can I have your number after the show?'

We know that Elizabeth, but can she get out of a rotating car? The answer She quits at 50 seconds and she couldn't unlock herself from the car. Liz says that her screws are loose now, and she says that she was a crazy person - and she's crazier now. She adds that she peed in the pool while she was in the stunt, as she exits, stage left.

Now that the pool is a few degrees warmer, all the women have to do is to complete the stunt. Paola says that it doesn't matter how long it takes her to do the stunt, she will complete it. She said that she has a ferret who accidentally ate a parrot. She dedicates the Fear Factor to Bebito the Dead Parrot. Nice. The parrot can be happy with the first stunt, because she does complete it in 53.9 seconds. When she comes back, she hugs everyone...except Anthony, as they talk trash to each other. I love those budding romances, don't you?

Now that we know it can be done, Monique is ready to go. Anthony thinks she will complete the stunt - because she fill float to the top of the car. Ouch. Monique is going to win the money for her son. Hey, it's better than a dead parrot, but the parrot may have had more of an effect. Monique quits as well and not even her breasts could help her. She credits herself for being a great loser. Uh...ok.

Now it's time for the guys to go. Dave used to work for NASA< but now he works as selling women's clothing. Dave says that he's going to Cowboy Up, and indeed, he does. Cowboy Dave gets out - but in a very slow 1:13.9. Even Paola beat that time and he is clearly on the bubble.

Anthony is up next and Paola wants to see him leave. He takes off his cap and we see that he is bald. Put the cap back on! Anthony struggles a little, but he gets it done. The good news is that at 1:01.7, he beats Cowboy Dave and he screams for joy. The bad news is that Paola beat him and she gets up in his grill about it.

While Anthony and Paola are still talking smack to each other, Ryan goes up to complete the stunt. As the stunt is progressing, Joe notes that it's late in the afternoon and the water has gotten quite colder. Is this a factor?It doesn't seem like it as Ryan gets out of there before Anthony. The time is 48 seconds, which beats everyone. That also eliminates Dave, who looks like he has been thrown off by a bucking bronco. He says that at least he got through a stunt - but then again, for a blonde (or someone who wants to be one), that's a serious accomplishment on this show. Whoopie.

CHALLENGE 2: Fear Factor Sushi Bar

We start the second stunt in a Japanese restaurant. I bet it's time for the icky food stunt. Sure enough, it's sushi, Fear Factor style. Ryan loves sushi, while Anthony has never had it before. This isn't exactly a good crash course. The sushi dishes will be in front of them - but they are in Japanese. Each person will be selecting 2 dishes which they will be eating, and they have 10 minutes to get both dishes down. If you eat it, you will be advancing.

Anthony orders dish #1, which is Maggot and Madagascar Cockroaches Fotomaki. Anthony chews the cockroaches and shows Paola the remains, but she starts making vomit noises. It doesn't matter, as he gets it all down. The next dish is #2 - a maggot and rotten squid gut hand roll. Well, that's sort of close to sushi - the squid part, anyways. Joe calls Anthony an animal as he noshes it down. Paola calls him something else, 'No one believes my that this guy has serious psychiatric problems.'

Paola will get to wait, because Ryan goes up next. #3 is red worms, super worms, maggots, earthworms and roaches in a hand roll. He says 'Thank You' in Japanese to the chef, and he says that it tastes like sushi. Paola actually wants him to get it down. Wha? Well, she is hoping that if she doesn't beat Anthony, then Ryan will. Ryan has some difficulty, but gets it down. The next dish is spider roll - with real tarantula spiders. He also completes it and Ryan is moving on.

It's time for Paola to munch, The first dish is a stink bug and beetle in a fish sauce on a tobiko-like roll. She chews through it and now it's Ryan that is giving her words of confidence. Joe wonders if they have an alliance and wonders if Anthony is going to trash-talk to her. Anthony says that she's not a threat, so there's no reason to talk trash. It wouldn't have mattered 0 she gets that down and also gets down #4 - 3 shots of Fish sauce, Squid Guts and Squid Ink in a sake-like vial. Paola gets it down in the quickest time and all three of them advance

CHALLENGE 3: Pushover

Are you ready for the final stunt? Paola is and she will win this for the ladies. Anthony says that it's not going to matter and Ryan says that the competition is going to be tough. We see how tough right now as they have to collect flags off of a beam. Here's the catch - a wall will be moving behind them just waiting to push him off. The person who gets all of them the quickest or who gets the most before falling off will win the money.

Anthony goes first, and he is doing this for his daughter Jackie. Anthony says that he will beat both of his competitors and that will be a wrap. It could very well be a warp - but for Anthony, who wastes a lot of time getting his balance on the beam. He recovers to get them all, but it's in 1:25.2 and that time is very beatable.

Anthony yells in jubilation, but we have yet to hear from Paola, who thinks that Ryan, who is a surfer, is going to be a bigger threat than Anthony. Paola is trying to be dainty about it and takes her time. The only problem is that dainty doesn't win $50,000. She was too slow and completes it in 1:26.0. Anthony screams in jubilation and Paola says that both people are great competitors.

Amidst the Anthony Vs. Paola feud is Ryan, as we see if his surfing skills will come in handy. They do - Ryan also has a shaky start but he moves much faster than Anthony. His final time - 1:14.7 and all Anthony can do is seethe. So the power of Carolina the girlfriend is stronger than the power of daughter Jackie or the power of a dead parrot, as Ryan grabs the money - and says hi to Carolina in the process. AwwwwBleagh.

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