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Season 4
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Six men and women must conquer their greatest fears or face elimination. In the end, one will claim the $50,000 prize and the honor that "fear is not a factor for them."

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Joe Rogan
Creator: John De Mol
EP: John De Mol, Matt Kunitz
Packager: Endemol USA, Pulse:Creative
Airs: Mondays at 8:00pm ET on NBC

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Episode 4.20 (Couples 5) - January 31

So no one got eliminated on the last episode, but that was substituted by more than enough drama. Dean won the latest round of the pissing match between him and Randy, while Randy swears revenge. Roberto and Leah are back on the ins, Randy and Tina may be on the outs, Andre/Amirah haven't won anything, though they have been VERY close to doing so, and Maria and Craig swear to win something, though they haven't come close.

CHALLENGE 1: Maybe they'll win this stunt - the couples have to travel via hanging from a trapeze set on the bottom of a pair of helicopters to a set of buoys. After doing this twice, they have to swim to a platform and hook the flags found on the buoys to a pole on the platform. The team that does this the quickest will get a pair of SONY MP3 Walkmans - and $20,000 in cash. In addition, they will decide the order of who will be going in the elimination stunt.

Randy and Tina go first - and they aren't thrilled about it. Everyone else is, as they expect them to be slow and they expect to learn from Randy and Tina's mistakes. Sure enough, they make a mistake as Randy jumps in way too quickly. They make a bunch of errors and their time is a very beatable 2:12.7.

Craig and Maria plan to complete the stunt under 2 minutes. They look like they will have no problems, as they both drop almost perfectly next to the buoys. Craig keeps his end of the bargain, as he finishes in 1:55, but Maria doggy paddles (WHA?) to the end, and it costs her. They get it done in 2:15.7, which keeps Randy and TIna in the lead, and it makes Craig want to bury Maria like a bone.

Joe is begging Andre and Amirah to win SOMEthing, since they seem to always come in second. Will it be this one? If it was just Amirah doing the course, the answer would be yes, as she is just carving up the course, but like Craig, she has to wait for her partner. At least Andre didn't doggy paddle to the end - but at 2:23, they don't get the win, either. Perhaps Amirah, who wailed into Andre, wants to trade Andre for Craig - and based on what Maria did, I don't think Craig would object.

Dean and Ashley are the next team to go - and they are still relishing stealing the prize from Tina and Randy from the last episode. Randy decides to shut his mouth for now - just in case it's Dean and Ashley who decide the order of the elimination stunt, but Roberto says that it's too late for that. That's true, and Randy may really be regretting what he said as both of them barnstorm the beginning of the course. It's 1:12 into it - and Dean's already at the platform. He then does a very smart move - he carries Ashley from the water and onto the platform, saving them plenty of time. They complete it in 1:41 and that upsets Leah, who is crying sour grapes. Joe then rips into Leah...

...who reminds them that they are the last team who can beat Dean and Ashley's time. Dean and Ashley, who have now returned, find out that Joe had to give Leah a pep talk, and Dean just grins. He may not be grinning for long - Leah and Roberto are actually quicker to get to the first buoy - but Roberto drops late and he has a lot of time to make up. They complete the stunt in 1:58, which is good enough to beat Tina and Randy - but not good enough to beat Dean and Ashley, who win the Walkmen, the $20,000, and Joe's self-professed 'Juggernaut' title. Randy has no evil wishes for them, 'I don't want them to be hurt - I just want them to drown.' Randy!

CHALLENGE 2: There will be no drowning in the elimination stunt - but there could be an electrocution. Let me explain - the teams will be handcuffed to their partner and will have to transfer flags through a wire maze - with electricity pulsing through the wires. The team that gets through this the quickest will win $10,000 and the team that is the slowest will be eliminated.

(Needless to say, don't even TRY to do this one at home) (C-Note: Or anywhere else for that matter)

Dean and Ashley select the order, and the first team to go is...their favorite team, Tina and Randy. No one is surprised, and Randy may want to take the wire and strangle them with it. Joe is snickering that Randy may come out of this as a nice guy - but after Randy threatens to slap Dean, it's apparent that it's not going to happen. It's also apparent that they went pretty quick - but Randy hesitated in hooking up the flags at the end and that could be a problem. 1:05.5 is still a pretty good time, and it may not be the slowest time.

Leah and Roberto are next, and while they are setting up, Andre and Amirah are talking about how they aren't going home, and how he's going to drag Amirah through there char-broiled if he has to. Heh. He does have the right idea though - if someone leads and the other person follows, they will go much quicker. Roberto uses that strategy, and it works - 1:01.2 is the score, and they are safe.

Dean selects 'Dr.' Dre next, and he says that he has ice water in his veins. Water and electricity don't mix very well, but apparently the ice dulls the pain as they blow through the course in 55.4 seconds. Amirah isn't char-broiled, but she is wondering if her organs are all still there.

Craig and Maria go up fourth, and Maria says that she has had experiences in this from 'Barn Dancing'. Uhhh...ok. Randy and Tina are hoping that Craig and Maria, the only team that hasn't come close to winning anything, screws up. He gets his wish early, as Craig is taking his sweet time getting through the course. Joe yells at him to hustle, but it doesn't do Craig much good. What does? Maria taking the lead as she takes control. She has to go back for a flag, which costs them $10,000, but they get it done in 56 seconds.

Dean and Ashley are up - and they can take destiny in their own hands and send Randy and Tina home. Andre and Amirah, who hold the fastest time, hopes that one of them drops a flag. Randy and Tina, who may be going home, hopes that one of them gets decapitated. Heh. Neither of those things happen, and Dean and Ashley, who get it done in 38 seconds, win their 4th straight challenge. You sort of have that feeling that if Leah had that extra penalty to use again, that she wouldn't have used it on Lisa Marie and Scott?

Roberto is wondering if there is a Fear Factor Training facility in Australia that Dean and Ashley went to (heh), while everyone else yells at them for winning everything. Randy and Tina still leave with $10,000 - but they leave, and Randy is pissed that it was Dean and Ashley who send them off. As Randy's final move, he gives Dean and Ashley the finger. Dean then starts to sing a song to Randy, who wants to knock out Dean, but security separates them before anything else happens. They continue to talk trash as they lave the set - though it seems that all of the couples are happy that Randy is gone.

Let's see what everyone has earned...

Dean/Ashley $40,000, a set of Sony Walkmans, a Jamaican vacation, a set of Jeep Wranglers - and the finger from Randy
Leah/Roberto $20,000 and a trip to L.A.
Andre/Amirah $0 - but they are still in the competition
Craig/Maria $0 - but they are still in the competition
Randy/Tina $10,000 - but they lost their shot at a million dollars -and some maturity
Bobby/Amy $10,000 - and ELIMINATED VIA SEWAGE
Scott/Lisa $10,000 - but they are ELIMINATED
Tara/Richard $0 AND ELIMINATED. Sucks to be you

Next week - the teams go on a picnic. We'll see in 7 days what the contents
are, but I can guarantee that you wouldn't find any of this in Little Red
Riding Hood's Basket.

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