Fear Factor
Season 4
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Six men and women must conquer their greatest fears or face elimination. In the end, one will claim the $50,000 prize and the honor that "fear is not a factor for them."

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Joe Rogan
Creator: John De Mol
EP: John De Mol, Matt Kunitz
Packager: Endemol USA, Pulse:Creative
Airs: Mondays at 8:00pm ET on NBC

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Episode 4.18 (Couples 3) - January 17

On the last show, Leah inadvertently wipes out a team that she liked. The other teams are thrilled and don't want to be her friend. Only kidding on that, but we are down to 6 teams. Let's see the scoreboard...

Leah/Robert - $20,000 and a trip to L.A.
Bobby/Amy - $10,000
Randy/Tine - $10,000
Scott and Lisa - $10,000 - but they are ELIMINATED

CHALLENGE 1: On this stunt, no one will be eliminated, but there could be communication eliminated. Two teams will be racing to get on a flatbed pickup truck. The catch - the driver will be blindfolded and their partner will have to give instructions. The winning team will get a 7 day Jamaican Vacation and sunset cruises. In addition, they will pick the order of who will be going in the elimination stunt.

Amirah is called a lead foot by Andre, so she is the driver of their team. They will be going up against Bobby/Amy and Bobby will be the driver. Everyone thinks that Bobby and Amy are stinky and loud - and stinky and fake and stinky. Apparently, the stink affects the driving too, as they drive right into the side of the truck and embedding themselves there. With them out of the way, it's smooth sailing for Andre and Amirah, but they come nowhere near the truck and they run out of road. Bobby and Amy run off the road as they wind up in a ditch. No trip to either of them.

I'd like to point out in a flashback that this stunt was tried in a previous relatives Fear Factor. This was the stunt that produced the first Fear Factor that no one won the grand prize. When the latest couples to fail this stunt get back, the women both whine about the men and chaotic bickering ensues. Could this stunt be a contestant killer again?

Maria says that women communicate better than men, so he let's Craig drive. Leah tells Roberto that they have to win this so that they can select the order - and it's even more important than going to Jamaica. Apparently, it's not that important to Roberto, as he goes left when Leah says right, causing them to drive off the road and on to their next stop - wherever that is.

This opens the door for Craig and Maria....but they drive right off the truck. They almost flipped over, but instead they bang into the truck, which shreds their tire. They get knocked out, and their car looks like shredded wheat. Maria - 'This is what's going to happen to your face, tonight.' Ouch. Craig still says that it's a guarantee that they will win the million. Ahhhh....ok.

Just in case you want to know the score -

Flatbed Truck: 7 wrecked cars
Fear Factor Contestants:
No Money

The weather now turns to rain, and as Tina/Randy and Dean/Ashley go, I don't think that this is looking too good for everyone left. Ashley and Dean communicate just as well as you expect them to - they go right into the ditch. Tina and Randy run out of road, which gives the truck another win. No one gets eliminated, and maybe the truck driver will be going to Jamaica.

FINAL Score -

Flatbed Truck: 9 wrecked cars
Fear Factor Contestants: No Money AND No trip to Jamaica.

CHALLENGE 2: With that, Joe brings the contestants in to their next elimination stunt. The men are handcuffed in a dumpster while sewage will be flowing through a dumpster onto their head. Nice. The women have to go through that sewage-filled tube, find the key and unlock them. The men then have to grab a flag to stop the clock. The winning team gets $10,000... AND the trip to Jamaica that no one won on the last stunt. The losing team... is out.

Up first is Bobby and Amy on one side - and Randy and Tina on the other. Randy, who isn't quite done with making fun of Bobby yet, drew a fake tattoo on his arm in memory of Bobby, who he says is leaving on this stunt. On the other arm is a tattoo of deodorant and on his stomach is 'Give me some attention' - and he had a flower on his back. The reactions range from childish to strategy - and the tattoos were done by Craig, who is more than happy to try to throw off Bobby and Amy. Now we see why Tina would scratch up Randy - but at least she will get to see Randy covered in sewage.

Bobby says that there is a lot of space in Randy's head, and they want to make him eat his words - and a lot of sewage. Tina gets flushed out of the tube twice - but she gets the key on the second flush out and frees Randy in 44 seconds. Amy gets the key in 1:15, but in the dumb-ass move of the night, she loses the key - in all of the sewage. Amy finally finds the key, but she doesn't get if off of him until the 3:57 mark and they may as well pack their bags. She apologizes, but Bobby, who just spent 4 minutes with sewage flying at him, looks like he wants to stuff Amy in the tube.

The next heat features Roberto/Leah and Craig/Maria. Roberto has a smelling problem - but he can smell it. Leah goes right in there and waiting outside of the tube and trying to time the blasts. Maria, this is a TIMED contest, you don't have time to wait...oh wait. 3:57 is the time to beat. Ok, you do have time. Roberto gets done first, but 1:13 won't beat Randy. Maria finally gets the key and sets Craig free in 1:44. Roberto wanted to quit, but Leah's threat to kill him if he quit stopped him from doing so.

The only hope now for Bobby and Amy is if Ashley/Dean or Andre/Amirah screws up. They may have a shot to see Ashley/Dean screw up, but I don't see Andre/Amirah screwing up. Neither of them do, and Ashley gets the key quicker than Tina did, but she hesitates on the unhandcuffing and it costs them the trip. Both teams get it done in under 60 seconds, so it costs Bobby and Amy their spot in the show. They do walk away with $10,000, but they will be walking away.

Next Week - You know we haven't seen any bugs or reptiles yet. Oh wait. here they are - in 7 days.

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