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Six men and women must conquer their greatest fears or face elimination. In the end, one will claim the $50,000 prize and the honor that "fear is not a factor for them."

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Joe Rogan
Creator: John De Mol
EP: John De Mol, Matt Kunitz
Packager: Endemol USA, Pulse:Creative
Airs: Mondays at 8:00pm ET on NBC

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Episode 4.10 (Or: "Siblings and Spiders - Perfect Together") - November 1

We've had couples brought by the bonds of love and matrimony. We now have teams brought here by the bonds of... sibling rivalry. It's the 'Siblings' version of Fear Factor. Let's see what sort of brotherly (or sisterly) love we have this week -

Mitchell and Jennifer Tannis (Las Vegas) know each other's strengths and weaknesses, and nothing will break their spirits! Rah! Rah! Rah!

Chris and Kelley Bromley (Philadelphia) say they make a fantastic team, and they won't let each other down! Rah! Rah! Rah!

Corinne and Mercedes Dalton (Las Vegas) are two blondes that know what the other one is thinking. Oh look - two blonde women - probably gone long before the third stunt. But they do look like cheerleaders, so...Rah! Rah! Rah!

David and Justin Deary (Douglas, MA) each think that they are the better athlete over the other - but one thing that they can do as a team - annoy the beejeebees out of the rest of the teams! 'I don't care what the other teams think of us - I just know that we're walking away with the 50 g's). Rah! Rah! Rah!

CHALLENGE 1: No cheering is necessary for the first stunt - but a lot of focus and concentration is. The teams will be handcuffed to a pole attached to a platform - which will be spinning as it is being flown around via helicopter. The team that is the quickest in terms of getting out of the cuffs and jumping into the water below will pick the order of the teams for the second stunt, while the slowest team will have plenty of time to squabble about who's fault it was that made them lose.

David and Justin start already, as they say that the blond dames have an advantage because there is a pole. Yah, but they don't go first - Mitchell and Jennifer do. Mitchell uncuffs Jennifer, who promptly jumps in the water - and leaves Mitchell up there all alone to uncuff himself. That is a lousy strategy, because the idea would be to have the person free uncuff the person still stuck. That strategy, plus Mitchell fumbling at the end, leads to a time of 1:01.9. Even Joe says that it can be improved upon, and as Mitchell complains about getting caught at the end, I have a feeling that they will be caught - and cooked.

Chris and Kelley each have a Tibetan tattoo that says 'Family Strength', and Chris is going to gun to try to get the stunt accomplished in 50 seconds. They talk about them staying on the platform until they are both free - which they don't do (maybe you can't do it, according to the rules of the stunt) - but they do beat their time with a sparkling 47.9 second score, and Mitchell and Jennifer are visibly worried.

The blond twins live together, and they say they will do everything together - including win together. They can also get entangled up together, and their struggling at the beginning of the stunt winds up costing them. Their time - 1:06.0, which gets Mitchell and Jennifer off of the frying pan, and puts themselves on the skillet...

...with the male trash-talking team left to sear them to a golden brown. They both say they can get the stunt done in 43 seconds, but they blame Chris if something goes wrong. The other three teams, who are sick of them, are hoping to, as the blondes encourage them to think negative thoughts. It doesn't happen - the guys do get it done in the self-prophesized 43 seconds, and the blondes, as almost always, get to leave first - more upset that they lost to, in their own words, 'the idiot brothers'.

CHALLENGE 2: As the idiot brothers are celebrating, the other 2 teams are conspiring to get rid of them. Can they do it in the second stunt? Not as we see the women's reaction a Joe unveils a set of plastic boxes - with lots of spiders inside. One of the people will be conveying a key from one cage to the other - using their mouths. They will move the key out of the cage, where the other person will unlock 4 locks that are keeping their heads in the cage.

There is another reason why the brothers aren't leaving after this stunt - no one is eliminated, but the winning team will get a trip to Nassau in the Bahamas. This is great news to Jennifer, who says that spiders are her biggest fear and looks like she would rather hear the boys talk about football with her than to get in that cage.

It's Kelley and Chris that go first, and they set a time of 2:14.4. They think it's a bad time, but it may be great compared to Jennifer, who freaks out of the cage and even Joe is stunned. She eventually gets her head back in the cage, and maybe it's her sheer fear of wanting to get the hell out of the cage, as they complete the stunt, she goes running. Mitchell goes running out as well, taking off his shirt and checking for spiders. No spiders there, but perhaps the chance at a trip, as they complete it in 1:41. Joe gives Jennifer kudos for freaking out - but coming back to finish the stunt.

That's all the kudos that they get, though, because the guys blow through it. They get it done in 58 seconds, and they scream for joy while they are still in the cage. The other two teams are pissed, and even Joe is emotionless when he tells them that they are going to the Bahamas.

CHALLENGE 3: The other teams have one more chance to wipe the grin off of the boy's faces when the final stunt features water. Both people are chained by their ankles to a platform which is submerged in the water, When they are down there, they have to unlatch 13 weights, and then pull down on a rope which stops the clock. The team that does this the fastest wins the money.

Chris is wearing a Bahamas t-shirt. Motivation? Chris says no, but they will wait as Jennifer and Mitchell go first. Jennifer has to go up for air - but Mitchell didn't need to take a breath and they set a very good time of 36.6 seconds.

Chris and Kelley divvy up the weights and use a divide and conquer strategy. Neither of them go up for air - and that proves to be the difference as they complete the stunt in 34.5 seconds. Jennifer and Mitchell are out, but they said that the show brought them closer together. AwwwwBarf.

But will that 34.5 seconds hold up against the guys, who also should not have to take a breath? Chris and Kelley are hoping for bragging rights. Joe underlines that they can't afford to take a breath, and with that said, one of them comes up for air. He gets tangled up in the line, and he can't breathe. Panicking, he signals to quit the stunt - right as the last weight is removed. The guys were well on their way to beating the time, but the disqualification gives the $50,000 to Chris and Kelley, who are just as happy as they are shocked.

Best line of the night. 'America, I just lost $50,000, because my little brother is an idiot'. Not only is he an idiot (as the 'idiot brother' moniker used earlier does come back in spades), but you can say that this is the first team that loses because they pulled a figurative - and literal - choke.

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