Fear Factor
Season 4
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Six men and women must conquer their greatest fears or face elimination. In the end, one will claim the $50,000 prize and the honor that "fear is not a factor for them."

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Joe Rogan
Creator: John De Mol
EP: John De Mol, Matt Kunitz
Packager: Endemol USA, Pulse:Creative
Airs: Mondays at 8:00pm ET on NBC

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Episode 4.25 (Twins) - March 7

We've had couples compete for a million dollars. We've had siblings. What else can we do that would involve 2 people? I know....Twins! Bring on the Twins!

Desiree and Erin Green (Riverside, CA - Youth Counselors) - These African American sister look like a cross between Nadia Turner, Whitney Houston and a Beanpole. They have already claimed the money to be theirs. Works for me.

Nathan and Matthew Leone (Chicago, IL - Musicians) - They have decided to reject the cheesiness of being twins and have decided to be cool - which is why they (who also look like beanpoles) have dressed completely alike, complete with tattoos and matching mohawks. I'm hoping that was the producer's idea, and not theirs...

Julie and Shawnee Percy (Liberty, KY - Actresses/Models) - They hold hands as they walk across the screen. AwwwBarf. Look - they're models! They're Blonde! They will probably go bye-bye after the first stunt, so let's take in their beauty now while we have the chance to do so.

Ryan and Andy Tipton (Calera, AL - Students) - Ryan is a 'Mom' to Andy. I'm not going there. I will say that the two guys, who are wearing cowboy hats, are the only team that doesn't look undernourished, so I'll make them the favorites.

CHALLENGE 1: Heli-Drop-Ter: Will they be the favorites to win the first stunt? We'll as Joe explains that one person will be under a helicopter - and dropped into the water by the other twin to a buoy. The other twin will drop to a second buoy, grab flags and then swim over to a motorboat. They then have to jump from the motorboat and swim to a platform, where they place the flags on the pole. No one will be leaving, but whoever comes in first will be winning a $20,000 Capital One credit card.

The blonde bombers go first - and they predict that they will complete the stunt in under 3 minutes. After praising their love for KY (They are from Kentucky - what were you thinking, dirty-minded reader?), they complete the stunt in ...2:58.7, and they satisfy their prediction. It's a blonde team that actually does what they say that they are going to do! Maybe they have a shot after all...

Desiree and Erin say that the blondes have no shot, adding that they will do it in under 2 minutes. The blondes say that if they complete it in under 2 minutes, then they will give Desiree and Erin $20,000! Was that a really bad move on their part? No, as Desiree and Erin don't complete the stunt in under 2 minutes - and they don't complete it in under 3 minutes, either. The time is 4:30 and the blonde bombshells are still in the lead.

Nathan and Matthew are in a group called Blank Theory. Joe asks them to sing, and they decline. He pressures them, and the twins say that they will wait until tomorrow. They strip into their 'panties' and 'shaved chests' (they said it, not me). and they look as imposing as Barney with mono. They both make up time as they land right next to the buoy - but the mohawks are very sagging in the water. That makes the difference, as they complete the stunt in 2:39.7 - good enough for first.

Matthew and Nathan start with the mind games. 'When you jump in the water, you start thinking weird things like...why are those cowboys looking really hot?' Will the mind games be good enough against the cowboys? It could be, because while Andy is on the boat, Ryan is swimming the wrong way. The cowboys have to make up a lot of ground in less than n a minute. They do make up time on Nathan and Matthew...but not enough, as they finish it in 2:42. Nathan and Matthew win $20,000 and Andy and Ryan may be thinking about dying their heads yellow.

CHALLENGE 2: Crossing the Line: We go to stunt #2 - and Nathan and Matthew are concerned if they have to eat anything nasty. The blonde bombshells don't want to drink anything and the cowboys are concerned as well. Wah. Wah. Wah. Wah. Waaaaaaah.

This stunt is called Crossing The Line. In a trench are cow parts. On one side of the trench are meaty jawbones. On the other side is a meat grinder. You have to gnaw off pieces of the jawbones, waddle through the trench of cow parts, spit them into the grinder and grind it into a glass (already halfway filled with cow juice - and I don't mean milk) until it reaches a line, and then drink the glass of meat. The team that does this the slowest will be making ends meat (heh) somewhere else.

Matthew and Nathan go first - and Joe tells them to sing. When you are told that you don't want to sing, Joe should listen. They sing anyways, and although it's not brutal, I still expected Simon Cowell to clock both of them over the head with one of the cow jawbones. They go first, and the guys are taking their sweet time. They called it the most traumatizing experience ever - but they complete it in 13:08, which means that they need a team to be REALLY dainty or quit.

Erin and Desiree are next - and Erin is being incredibly dainty. It takes her a good minute to even touch a jawbone. With them even having a problem touching the meat, I can't possibly imagine them actually drinking the cow juice - and they don't. They quit, saying that they are just glad to be alive. Moo.

With the ladies quitting, all the teams have to do is to complete the stunt - but whoever does it the quickest gets to decide the order of the third stunt. It looked like they were going to quit as well, but Andy guts it out and finishes his - and Ryan's drink. They can't beat Matthew and Nathan, who are still in the lead.

As for the blonde bombshells....they aren't even going to try to try it because they know they won't be able to get the drink down. They show the audience pieces of their bathing suits as they leave. 1 stunt. 2 eliminated teams.

CHALLENGE 3: The Ties That Bind: We go to stunt #3, as Matthew and Nathan are happy that there are only 2 teams left - but they didn't want the other team left to be the cowboys. Since there are only 2 teams left, the money is now split in half - $25,000 reward for this stunt, and $25,000 reward for the final stunt. For stunt #3...both twins are tied upside-down and connected via a rope. One twin is fastened down and has to undo 6 wing nuts, which releases a saw. The win has to cut the rope that binds him - and that will send the other twin into a water tank, where they have to get as many flags as possible before going up for air. The team that does this the best will win $25,000.

The Mohawkers, who had the best time, gets to select the order - and the want the cowboys to go first. The Cowboys set a nice high bar with 6 flags in 1:14. That is a VERY tough order for the Mohawkers to beat...and it is, as they can only get 2 flags. The Cowboys finally get on the board with 25 Large.

With both teams guaranteed to win something (The Cowboys with $25,000 and the Mohawkers with $20,000), we go to the Final Stunt, worth $25,000 and the title of Fear Factor champions. To win the title, one brother must traverse a truck to an oil tanker using a rope and ladder. They will go into the water tanker, where their twin will give them a pole - and then go after a flag. When they get all of the pieces of the flag, they have to set up the flag on the water tanker. The twins that do this the quickest wins the money.

As the Cowboys won the last stunt, they send the Mohawkers to complete the stunt first. As the cow people are taking notes, they note that the twins are having massive problems getting the items in the tanker. While getting out of the Tanker, Nathan's shorts...fall off, leaving him with a full moon over California. They get it don in 4:13, but that is a really long time and they may have just handed off the other $25,000 to the Cowboys.

The Mohawkers are hoping that the twins would drop a key or fall off the truck. The Cowboy is slower than the Mohawker when it comes to getting into the water tanker, but it's this part where the Mohawkers lost a lot of time - getting all of the flag pieces. They get the key and free the twin a full minute quicker than the Mohawkers, and this spells the beginning of the end for them...

...but wait. Ryan unhooked the flag for Andy, who promptly drops it in the water. That proves to be the dumb-ass move of the episode, because all of the time that Andy has to look for the flag more than offsets the time that the Mohawkers spent struggling in the water as the Cowboys get the stunt done in 4:40. The Cowboys still leave with $25,000, but the Mohawkers win $45,000 and the Fear Factor title. As long as we don't have to hear them sing again....

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