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Six men and women must conquer their greatest fears or face elimination. In the end, one will claim the $50,000 prize and the honor that "fear is not a factor for them."

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Joe Rogan
Creator: John De Mol
EP: John De Mol, Matt Kunitz
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More Couples - September 13

Continuing the special Fear Factor episodes, we have MORE couples - but these are new ones. They didn't appear on any previous shows, so they get to be slimed for the very first time. Let's see if true love can be stronger than tomato worms for the following people...

John McCullogh and Andrea Corkhill - Andrea wants to intimidate the ladies, which will in turn distract the guys while John just want calmness and support from Andrea. Don't we all want calm and support?
Ben Lindsey and Kimberlee Downer - They have had an exciting relationship, so they want to continue the excitement by going on Fear Factor. Be careful what you wish for...
Brian Barrett and Mandie Granger - Brian is an All-American Jock. Mandie is a All-American cheerleader, ballerina and gymnast. They think they have a huge advantage in the game and they aren't scared of anything. It's the All-Americans!
Troy Parker and Courtney Dykes - "Courtney, she's really hot. It's going to inspire me because I've got a really hot chick besides me and I don't want to do bad around her." That comes from Troy, while Courtney will also be using the are of intimidation.

The first stunt is pretty intimidating - and pretty cool. Both people are in a Limousine - one of them in the driver's seat, the other person in a trunk. The limo is submerged in the water as the person in the driver's seat has to release the person in the trunk. They then both swim to the buoy which will stop the clock. The couple with the slowest time will see their hopes of winning the money sink with the car.

Andrea has never been in a submerged limo. John has never been in a limo. She won't be spending much time there, either - John bolts out of the car and gets to Andrea even before the trunk is submerged. The couple, who has been together for 4 years, get out of there and swim to the buoy in a very fast 31.2 seconds, which is pretty intimidating.

The All-Americans, who have been together for 8 years, are next. The other couples are convinced that they are more brother and sister than boyfriend and girlfriend, adding that Brian must have raised Mandie. Heh. The All-Americans predicted that they would get it in 29 seconds, but Brian fumbled the keys, which eliminates that possibility. Their time... 31.2 seconds, which puts them in the... ahem... driver's seat.

Courtney and Troy are next, and they decide to flip the script. Courtney will be in the driver's seat while Troy will be in the trunk. Their rationale - Troy is too big and he'll get stuck in the car. All of the other couples think they are making a mistake, and all of the other couples...are...partially wrong, because they get out of the car much quicker than the other couples. However, they are partially right, because Courtney, via swimming through the car, runs out of gas and they complete the stunt in 32.6 seconds, putting them in the ejector seat.

Ben and Kimberlee want excitement - now here's their chance. It's Ben and Kimberlee who should have switched, because Ben was incredibly slow in getting out of the car. Kimberlee is the first person who actually has to hold her breath for the water to get in the trunk, and that is costly, because she has to take another breath and is very slow to the buoy. How slow? 38.6 seconds. The excitement-hunting for Ben and Kimberlee ends, while Courtney and Troy hang on by the seat of their pants into the next round. I am not sure if Ben and Kimberlee would have been happy if they got to the next round, though, because I don't know if their version of excitement includes...


Add them all together, and we get a yummy Fear Factor malted. The malted is placed in a vat on a block. One of the couples is on the top of the block, and that person will suck and spit out the malted down a tub to the other person, who puts it in a colander. Whoever puts the most amount of slop in the colander in 2 minutes wins a 21 Day STS Travel Vacation Around the World - and $2,000 worth of spending money. Joe - 'So no one is going to get eliminated, but everyone is going to get sick.'

The All-Americans, who had the fastest time in the first heat, decide the order of this stunt. They let Courtney and Troy go first, and it does indeed look like they are going to be sick. They get around a third of the colander, which they think will be ok.

Andrea and John are next - and they really want the trip. The fill up the colander completely in 1:53. That sets up a very high bar for the All-Americans - a bar that they can't reach. John, who hasn't been in a limo, will get to be at places he has never been before. I suggest you bring your own bottled water, John, unless you want to also have your first time experience of Montezuma's Revenge - though he may get that after that last stunt.

What about the final stunt? Remember the limo stunt? Well, one person gets to be handcuffed in a convertible suspended 150 feet in the air. The other person has to get into the car, free that person, then they both have to climb up a ladder and release the car, as it plummets 150 feet to the ground. The quickest couple claims the cash.

The first couple to go is Team All-American. Brian gets to Mandee fairly quickly and he gets out of there fairly quickly. Mandee takes her sweet time climbing the ladder, which makes their time of 1:40.5 vulnerable.

After we get 3 slow-mo versions of the car crashing to the ground, Courtney and Troy are up. The stunt, though, may be academic to Courtney, as Troy proposed to her after the second stunt. AwwwwBarf. Would that have an effect on the stunt? Probably not. Would Courtney freaking out and quitting have anything to do with how they did in the stunt? Uh...yep. She quits and that ends it for them. John doesn't want her to do anything she doesn't want to do. "I already won - I got her." They exchange a kiss as they walk out of the show. AwwwwwBlech.

With THAT out of the way, it's up to John and Andrea. John is very quick going down, but he fumbles a bit with uncuffing Andrea, so he better hope that Andrea makes that time up. She doesn't. Their time is 2:02, so the All-Americans win their $50,000 varsity letter jacket.

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