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Six men and women must conquer their greatest fears or face elimination. In the end, one will claim the $50,000 prize and the honor that "fear is not a factor for them."

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Joe Rogan
Creator: John De Mol
EP: John De Mol, Matt Kunitz
Packager: Endemol USA, Pulse:Creative
Airs: Mondays at 8:00pm ET on NBC

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Episode 4.7 - October 11

Justin Judycki says it's not the size of the dog in the fight - its the fight in the dog. Lauren Anderson wants to disprove that blondes have more fun. Tamica Lee can get dirty and is 100% into it. William Hulett is a good ol' country boy who's scared to death of the ladies. Holley Steetley, an aerialist, says that she's good at whatever she does - and this show is just something else she is going to do. Albert Robles says that he's been through everything - and that this is nothing compared to his life.

CHALLENGE 1: Does his life compare to crawling onto poles hanging out of a dumptruck? The people have to slide out of the poles and collect the flags. Think 2 week's ago plane stunt - but on a dump truck. The 2 men and women who collect all three flags the fastest (or less if no one can complete the stunt) will advance.

Lauren starts first - and the blonde doesn't even get one flag, as her ankle buckles. She is eliminated first, and... well... that's why we have blonde statements, isn't it. She says that if her ankle didn't buckle, she'd havebeen
there for the next day. Well, if your aunt had gills and a fin, she'd be a

Since Lauren is out, all that the other women do is get one flag. Holley gets it done in 1:02, while Tamica, a choreographer and dancer for the New Orleans Saints, does it in 40.7 seconds. Tamica warns the guys that the men will have to look out for her...

...and the men will see if they can match the women's time. William, who works for a Medevil show in Vegas, says that he will do it in 35 seconds, but he is having a blonde moment on the first pole and can't release the flag. He does it in 45.3 seconds - but that doesn't even beat Tamica's time and he is in trouble. In addition to that, he ripped off the flag, and didn't unclasp it (like he should have), so he gets an extra 10 second penalty. The time to beat is 55.32 seconds, and he is in deep trouble.

Albert wants to use the $50,000 to move out of his place - as he is living there with mommy and daddy. Albert tries to use the same technique that William did, except that William has muscles and Albert doesn't. Using the technique, Albert struggles on the first pole, and it takes him over a minute to get the first pole. The final time - 1:35 - and Albert may not want to pack his bags just yet.

It's down to little scrawny Justin, who isn't as strong as even Albert. He winds up struggling worse than Albert - and the struggle does him in. Justin's time - 1:37. By 2 seconds, Justin stays in the show, while the fight in the dog has just been KO'd. The times should concern the guys, though - the girls pasted them in the first stunt, and that could be some foreshadowing...

CHALLENGE 2: ...but maybe the guys will do better on this stunt, which has them on the beach being handcuffed to a pole, as the handcuffs are connected via a screw. The people have to spin around the pole to get the screw off of the pole and free themselves, then jump into the tide and get a treasure chest, which contains 7 live sandcrabs! By eating the sandcrabs, you stop the clock. The slowest person will be very crabby - because they will be eliminated.

Albert starts it off - and he spins it out very quickly. Of course, by doing that, you get very dizzy, and you should really stop to catch your breath before deciding to dive into the water. Albert, in the dumb-ass move of the  episode, decides to immediately dive in - and he loses oxygen and runs out of breath. He quits and the paramedics have to go get him. I guess he can stay home with mommy and daddy now as they watch this at home - where he is forced to stay at.

Well, since someone has been eliminated, all the other people have to do is finish the stunt to advance - but the person with the fastest time will be able to decide the order. Tamica goes first and completes the stunt in 8:53.6. William is next, and he completes it in...8:43, as he edges Tamica out by ten seconds. He also gets to puke quicker than Tamica did. Holley is the last person - and what the other two people did is get the chest out of the water quickly. She does, and she blasts through the stunt in 6:50. Holley gets to pick the order of who goes in the final stunt...

CHALLENGE 3: ...which looks like a car rotating around a pole like a pig roasting on a stick rotating over a fire. The car is covered in flags. Whoever gets the most amount of flags before falling off of the car wins. Chico, this is a big shiny thing that spins... what do you think about that? (C-Note: ... Uhh, sorry, I was hypnotized)

Holley, who thinks that Tamica is her greatest challenge, selects her to go first. WIlliam is sort of slighted, but Joe reminds him that the women have pretty much destroyed him in the first two stunts. That seems to be a wise move, as Tamica, who neglects to crawl around the car, gets 8 flags.

William is selected to go next, and his strategy is to spaz his way through the stunt. "I spazzed my way through life, and I've done pretty well so far." This is the same guy that got tagged with a ten second penalty for ripping off the flag instead of unlatching it, so Holley maybe looking good. Or maybe not - William gets 15 flags, which is well over Tamica. She has to go back to the New Orleans Saints, carrying back nothing but pom poms.

It's now time to see if Holley's strategy works out. She has to beat 15 flags. She gets.... 14 flags. William gets Medevil for his $50,000, which is now his to spend. That has got to hurt, as not only does she miss the money by one flag, but she loses to a self-proclaimed 'Total Spaz'. I don't know what's worse, but I will be back next week - as long as no one spazzes out.

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