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Six men and women must conquer their greatest fears or face elimination. In the end, one will claim the $50,000 prize and the honor that "fear is not a factor for them."

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Joe Rogan
Creator: John De Mol
EP: John De Mol, Matt Kunitz
Packager: Endemol USA, Pulse:Creative
Airs: Mondays at 8:00pm ET on NBC

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All-Female - October 4

I don't want you to be a girlie man in this episode - because we are dealing with nothing but girlies. These, girlies, however, can kick your can - like Nicole Busa (Shelton, CT - Waitress), who think that women are more competitive than men. Colleen Brewster (Ormond Beach, FL - Model) says that she can always push herself further, while Krystina Crane (Las Vegas, NV - Waitress), the lone African-American, says that the only thing that the women have struggled with in their life is putting highlights in their hair. Kelly Hopper (Gatesville, TX - Hairstylist) has played with the boys growing up, so she thinks she has an edge. Harmony Oswald (Bedford, PA - Journalist) is going to use friendliness as a weapon, while Danel Laurence (Houston, Texas - Salesperson) wants to prove to herself that she's a winner - and then rub it in everyone's face after she wins.

CHALLENGE 1: We'll find out soon enough if she has what it takes as we see a helicopter carrying a platform. Your ankles and one of your wrists are shackled to the platform. Using your unshackled wrist, you need to free yourself and jump into the water. The 2 women with the slowest time are eliminated, while the woman with the fastest time gets to pick the order for the second stunt.

Harmony goes first, as the women behind her are being catty, accusing her of not having common sense. After a failed attempt of reading the opening Fear Factor promo, Harmony is much more successful getting off of the platform - 36.1 seconds. That seems like a good time...

Kelly is up next, and Harmony, being a cheerleader, gives her a good luck cheer. The cheer went well, maybe a little too well - Kelly gets it done in 36 seconds, which means two things - 1. the 36 second time isn't looking as good as originally thought, and 2. Kelly should stop cheering for her opponents.

Nicole gives here own cheer - "Go Me!", and that works, as she gets it done in 28.7 seconds. She is the leader, while Colleen squeezes in there with a time of 29.4 seconds. Now the 36 seconds really isn't looking good, as either Danel or Krystina can send the ladies home. Danel blows all of the ladies time away with a 22.3 second score, and that send Harmony (whose kindness spiel apparently didn't work) back to trying to cover a Fear Factor script.

Krystina can send Kelly off to join Harmony - and she does, as her time of 27.5 seconds is more than good enough to eliminate Kelly. Danel still sets the order of the second challenge - and she gets to decide the order of the customers at the ROAD KILL CAFE'.

CHALLENGE 2: And what food is waiting for them at the Road Kill Cafe', you ask? Well, I'm glad you asked. The women may not be too thrilled about it, especially since what's on the menu is animal organs! Here's how it works - the women get to play shuffleboard with a dead rodent onto a bulls-eye. The outer layer of the bulls-eye is a large portion, the inner layer is a smaller portion, and if the woman hits the bulls-eye, then they don't have to eat any of the animal.

Colleen, who is a vegetarian, is assigned to go first - and she shuffles up the largest portion of animal, maggots and flies included. Krystina is making vomiting noises, but it doesn't work as Colleen trades her vegetarian habits in for a chance at $50,000.

Nicole is next - and after a few minutes trying to hit the target, she finally gets to the largest portion. She complains that the food is cold, which prompts Joe to say "This is Fear Factor - do you think we're going to cover you in milk and honey?" Nicole, who says that the one think she can't handle in life is eating roadkill, quits, as Joe gives her a "See you later, see see you later" chant to her.

Krystina is the third person to go - and she says that after this stunt, she never wants to hear anything from her kid about not eating her food. Heh. She gets her pelt in a smaller portion. The women start making vomiting noises at her, but that worked as well as Krystina's vomiting noises -meaning that it didn't work at all. Krystina moves into the finals- and then promptly pukes, which really sends a mixed message to her kid.

Danel, completely avoiding Krystina's puke, shuffles the pelt to the largest portion section - and she has to deal with a combination of fake vomiting and real vomiting noises. She talks about the smell and the stringy flavor and the maggots - but unlike Nicole, she gets it down, and unlike Krystina, she doesn't puke.

CHALLENGE 3: Krystina, Colleen and Danel are the final three - and they all knew that it would come down to those three. Here's what it comes down to - the women have to navigate a set of spinning platforms and grab flags, picking up yellow flags going one way and then red flags going the reverse way. To stop the clock, you have to get the final flag - which is hanging on a beam a little further away. Whoever does this the quickest (or grabs the most amount of flags) wins everything.

Krystina goes first, and she is taking her sweet time. She gets all of the flags in 1:49.5 - but she misses the final flag, and her time is pretty slow. Colleen is the next person up - but she only gets 2 flags before falling in the water and the idea of being slow but safe may be a good one. Danel is the only person who can beat Krystina - but she also makes a bad jump on the beam and she falls in too. Slow and stead wins the race - and $50,000 as Krystina has more money to but food for her kids - as long as it's not the roadkill variety.

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