Fear Factor
Season 4
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Six men and women must conquer their greatest fears or face elimination. In the end, one will claim the $50,000 prize and the honor that "fear is not a factor for them."

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Joe Rogan
Creator: John De Mol
EP: John De Mol, Matt Kunitz
Packager: Endemol USA, Pulse:Creative
Airs: Mondays at 8:00pm ET on NBC

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Episode 4.19 (Couples 4) - January 24

Before we start to this week's episode, let's take a quick look at the financial board -
Leah/Roberto $20,000 and a trip to L.A.
Randy/Tina $20,000 and a Jamaican vacation
Bobby/Amy $10,000 - and ELIMINATED VIA SEWAGE
Scott/Lisa $10,000 - but they are ELIMINATED
Tara/Richard $0 AND ELIMINATED. Sucks to be you

CHALLENGE 1: We start with the 5 remaining couples as Joe tells them that they will be separated in boxes. The boxes are only big enough to fit their heads. The guys get snakes in their box, while the women get tarantulas in theirs. By each of them moving on their back to get the tools to open up their boxes, the couples must compete as a team to get themselves out of the boxes as soon as possible. The team that gets done the quickest will win a pair of 2005 Jeep Wranglers.

Leah and Roberto are concerned on Dean and Ashley, but it's Craig and Maria who have to go first. Maria is already whining that she won't do it because it's a non-elimination leg, but Craig and Joe talk her into it. Eventually, everyone coaxes Maria to do it (thought why they would do that, I have no idea, since you really would rather see one less couple attempt to do this).

The fear of spiders do win out over the chance to win the Wranglers, and Joe warns Maria that by quitting, the teams will now how to get to her and what buttons they can press, but she quits, and gets a dagger stare from Craig. Andre and Amirah are next - and Amirah looks likes she is going to take a powder just like Maria did. Maria, however, tells Amirah that she can do this, adding that she is trying to be supportive. That earns another stare from Craig, who looks like he really wants to stuff her in the spider box.

Unlike Maria, Amirah will do the stunt, but she is looking like she wants to freak out. Not helping - the fact that Amirah can't move her box. Andre now has to get himself out of the box by himself. Fortunately, he does so, and drags Amirah to the tools. He gets her out, but not before he gets it done in a very slow 5:10 and not before Amirah nearly hyper ventilates. Afterwards, Amirah is very impressed with herself that she got through it, and she gets applause from everyone.

Everyone may also be clapping because the time that Andre and Amirah has is very beatable. Randy and Tina say that they will chop the time in half - and Tina, who crawls along with Randy, looks more than ready to do so. She even uses strategy and hooks all of the tools up at the same time, which saves her a lot of time as she works on her own box. They don't get it done in half of their time, but the 3:58 that they do set will be a lot tougher to beat.

Roberto and Leah are next up, and Randy thinks that Roberto is more likely to freak out than Leah. Heh. He may have a point, as Leah wants to try to prove herself in every occasion. She is going faster than Tina, which leaves it to Roberto. Surprisingly, he is MUCH faster than Randy, and they get it done in 3:13, leaving a very rejected Randy walking away from the group. Randy admits that he hates losing, and he is a sore sport. We'll see if this becomes a trend...

Dean and Ashley are the only team that can stop Leah and Roberto from driving away. Dean tells Ashley to do it for the kids - which upsets Roberto and Leah because they have kids, too. The kids may ned to give the parents help in directions, because Ashley goes to Dean's tools and Dean goes to Ashley's tools. Oops. They do recover, but did the time delay cost them the trucks? No. Dean is out faster than any of the guys and Ashley is almost done by the time he gets there. They complete it in...2:45 and the kids will be thrilled to see mommy and daddy in the new cars. Leah is upset that the rich people won the event while they weren't born with a silver spoon in their mouth. 'I am pissed that Barbie and Ken took off with our cars. I want their heads on a stick so we can carry them around.' Here come the claws...

CHALLENGE 2: ...but how protracted will they be when we get to the next stunt? We'll see as Joe tells them all that one of them will be locked with 40 pounds of weights and chains, while the other one will attempt to rescue them. After the chained person is free, they both swim to a buoy to stop the clock. What's at stake? The opportunity to take a prize from any team.

Dean and Ashley get to pick the order - and they select Leah and Roberto (who knows that they want the cars) to go first. Leah is the person chained up, and Roberto goes down to free her. That may have been a bad choice, as it takes Roberto three tries to reach her. They get it done in a minute, and there's no way that time will hold up. Next up is Tina and Randy, as he dedicates this to...Ashley's daughter, Tatum. Wha? Ashley takes it personally, vowing that they will get after them. If so, they have a lot of work to do, as Randy didn't have to go up for air. The time? 34.8 seconds, and Randy and Tina celebrate.

How long will the celebration last? Ashley and Dean decide that they will go last and celebrate in the water. After Randy and Tina come back, Dean gets into a war of words with Randy and this isn't over by a longshot. Craig and Maria, who are next, say that they will be overlooked and will be the winners at the end. Right now...they will be overlooked again, as they complete it in 43 seconds and are not a threat to get the win.

Ashley and Dean decide to go fourth, because they don't want to have the pressure of going last. Will they handle the pressure of beating Tina and Randy's time? Looks good so far, as Dean blasts through Randy's time of unlocking Tina. After the swimming, the complete the buoy in....32.4. They protect the Wranglers from Randy - and Dean spares no effort in telling Randy, who is noticeably pissed.

But Dean and Ashley isn't out of the, water, yet. While they are planning of taking Randy's trip - or $10,000, Amirah and Andre are up to go. Randy gives them tips on how to best Dean and Ashley, while Dean and Ashley are planning on taking a prize. Tina is visibly upset, because the reason why they are being targeted is because of Randy's mouth. They get into a huge verbal fight and Dean and Ashley are noticing that even though Randy and Tina haven't lost yet, that the crack in the foundation are starting to show. Hmmm...

Onto Amirah and Andre. They use a different strategy, as they have Andre chained and Amirah sent to rescue them. The strategy....does not work, as they complete it in 38.4 seconds. Dean and Ashley can either take $20,000 and a trip to L.A., or $10,000 and a trip to Jamaica. They decide on the...$10,000, as payback for what Randy said and did.

Ashley is proud of herself, adding that she fought back against a bully. As much as I like Randy, I have to admit that he brought it on himself, and you would have to think that even though he is assuring Tina that he is taking the million, that there is some dissension in the ranks. Ashley and Dean, by breaking down the morale of TIna and Randy, may have also really weakened a threat.

So we go back to the Prize Board -

Dean/Ashley $10,000, a Jamaican vacation and a set of Wranglers
Leah/Roberto $20,000 and a trip to L.A.
Randy/Tina $10,000
Andre/Amirah $0 - but they are still in the competition
Craig/Maria $0 - but they are still in the competition
Bobby/Amy $10,000 - and ELIMINATED VIA SEWAGE
Scott/Lisa $10,000 - but they are ELIMINATED
Tara/Richard $0 AND ELIMINATED. Sucks to be you

The seeds of nastiness are starting to sprout between Randy/Tina and Dean/Ashley. Next week, sparks fly - using real electricity. Join us in 7 days to see the shocking results.

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