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Six men and women must conquer their greatest fears or face elimination. In the end, one will claim the $50,000 prize and the honor that "fear is not a factor for them."

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Joe Rogan
Creator: John De Mol
EP: John De Mol, Matt Kunitz
Packager: Endemol USA, Pulse:Creative
Airs: Mondays at 8:00pm ET on NBC

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Episode 4.12 (Co-Ed Models) - November 15

On last time's WLTI, we were asked what is the best way to be on a reality
game show. The easy answer - be a model! Models are the new ideal game show profession. We have America's Next Top Model for women and Manhunt for men. We also have more than half the people in the next Amazing Race as models or actors - and don't get me started on the Big Brother series. So it would only make sense that Fear Factor would devote a while show to models. Let's watch the following 6 pretty people do some very ugly things...

Christina Lindley (Nashville, TN) says you just need to put your mind to it.
If only it was that easy...

Chris Austad (Bellflower, CA) has a fear of sharks, so he went shark hunting. He likes the adrenaline rush and likes to take people's money. Have we mentioned that models aren't the brightest contestants in the world?

Tina Bishop (Mesquite, TX) says that if she loses to a bunch of models, her friends will never let her hear the end of it. Oh, the humanity to losing to models...

Kenneth DePagster (Chicago, IL) says that the biggest fear would be failing. He doesn't want to lose.

Kathryn Lilecrapp (Brisbane, Australia) grew up riding motorbikes in the
Outback, so if there is anyone who can handle it, she can.

Jonathan Howard (Warner-Robbins, GA) says that models are more competitive than most people. Well, being that they are all on game shows, apparently so. As far as the intelligence - why is someone from Georgia wearing a New Jersey t-shirt? Wha?

CHALLENGE 1: RING TOSSED: Joe asks them if they are ready to expel myths about models, and they all say yes. They may change their mind when they say that they have to traverse a set of rings - carried via helicopter. The male and female who are the slowest will go back home and reinforce the stereotype.

Jonathan goes first - and he considers Chris his biggest competitor. he takes his sweet time to get across the rings - and only gets to the 6th one in 53 seconds. That's not wonderful, but if someone blows it, he could squeak through.

Ken, the person that Jonathan didn't think was competition, is next. The guy
apparently is more competition than previously thought, as he also gets 6
rings - but in 35 seconds, which sends himself to the next round.

Chris can now send Jonathan home and live up to the hype of being the biggest competitor. Does he live up to the hype? Yes he does, as he blows Jonathan out of the water. He gets all ten rings, so Jonathan can now leave and try to figure out what state he really is supposed to be representing.

It's time to see what the ladies can do. Christina goes first. Tina says that
they will all make it across the stunt, which prompts Joe to say ,' There's
going to be no losers and everyone's going to be happy and we're all going to be friends forever and have a big hug.' in a voice eerily similar to ANT. Not everyone is going to be happy, because Christina only gets 2 rings. She may need a hug, though. I'll hug her!

This opens the door to both Tina and Kathryn - but Tina, who says that she
remember doing monkey rings when she was a kid, apparently didn't have a good experience with them - she doesn't even make the second ring and falls right into the water. Did we mention that she's blonde? All Kathryn (who is also blonde) needs to do is touch a ring - and despite hesitating, she does. She gets to three before falling - but that's good enough to send Tina home...and yes, I bet her friends will NEVER let her hear the end of it.

CHALLENGE 2: SPIT TAKE: The next stunt features the models walking down a nice garden path as Kathryn says that she expects the audience to enjoy them doing something gross. If her definition of gross is munching live worms, cockroaches and beetles off of a gummy rope and onto a scale, then the audience is in for a field day. The person who gets the most on the scale determines the order in the final stunt, while the person who gets the least on the scale can bug out somewhere else.

Chris gets to go first, and delivers 203.2 grams. That sounds like a lot - and it certainly seems like it as Kathryn the Aussie only gets 136 grams. She equates it to eating kangaroo in Paris, as she can't eat it in Australia because they are considered pets. Uhhhh....ok.

Christina is next, and she uses the small mouthfuls but do it quickly system. That system didn't work very well, and her missing the scale on two occasions didn't help her. Her final total is 52.2 grams, and she may as well write her ticket off of the show, as Ken says that he will do better than that. He is asked what the most disgusting thing in his mouth was, and he says fast food meat. Uh...ok. Ken is indeed struggling, and he gives up in the last 10 seconds of the stunt. Kathryn beats him, but with a weight of 71.6, he beats Christina, who is eliminated.

CHALLENGE 3: FLUSHED: There are no bugs in the final challenge, but there is a big cylinder filled with water placed on top of the pool. The challenge - swim in the cylinder and stick as many flags in there in 30 seconds. If they run out of air - or time, they get flushed right out of the cylinder. Whoever puts the most flags in there will get the money.

Chris won the first challenge, so he decides the order of the stunt. He sends Ken to navigate the task first, and Ken take his sweet time getting into the cylinder - then smacks his head on the top of it. He finally gets into a groove, but he only gets 4 of them before time runs out.

Kathryn is next - and she needs to get more than 4 to stay in the game. She does a yoga pose for good luck and then approaches the cylinder. Using Ken's technique, she gets 6 flags in exactly 29.82 seconds before she gets flushed. Ken regrets that as he gets flushed out of the competition.

Well, Chris wanted to see the competition, and he wants the adrenaline rush - it's time to put up or shut up. Last week on the Apprentice, a Chris on that show couldn't put up, but this show's Chris...completes the task in....27.3 seconds. Chris gets a congratulatory hug as he wins the $50,000 - which is pretty good for a model - at least good enough for a pedicure or two.

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