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Six men and women must conquer their greatest fears or face elimination. In the end, one will claim the $50,000 prize and the honor that "fear is not a factor for them."

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Joe Rogan
Creator: John De Mol
EP: John De Mol, Matt Kunitz
Packager: Endemol USA, Pulse:Creative
Airs: Mondays at 8:00pm ET on NBC

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Episode 4.24 (Reality All-Stars) - February 28

The snow is coming in...but it's getting all hot and bothered as reality stars invade the set! They are here to get a dose of reality....Fear Factor style. Let's see who gets to extend their 15 minutes of fame for an additional 2 hours...

Ryan Sutter ("The Bachelorette"). He wants to show Trista that he can bring in the bacon too. And yes, he still loves Trista. AwwwBarf.

Ethan Zohn ("Survivor"). He won a million dollars in Survivor 3, and he is the boyfriend of another Survivor Winner...

...who would happen to be Jenna Morasca, who won her million in Survivor 6. Her and Ethan have a bet as to who can last longer. We shall see...

Nikki McKibbin ("American Idol")- She came in third in American Idol. Do you remember her? No? Well, if you don't live in or near Michigan, neither does anyone else - but she may need the money more than anyone else, which makes her a threat.

Reichen Lemkuhl ("The Amazing Race"). He came in first with Chip.... who he is no longer an item with. Awwwww. I'm sure he can cheer himself up with $50,000.

Oma...rosa... (aka Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, "The Apprentice.") Omarosa is gunning for the money. Omarosa warns Joe that she is gunning for his job. Omarosa is gunning to... talk a lot. Can she put the money where her mouth is?

CHALLENGE 1: Rope Rules: We start with the people putting the money where their legs are as we begin with the first stunt. All you have to do is to grab as many flags as they can while traversing a rope. Have we said that there will be a helicopter overhead to stop you from progressing? The man and the woman who win this will win a Capital One credit card worth $20,000. Sure, none of them need the money. Suuuuuurrrrre...

Omarosa, not satisfied with having plaster in her hair, is now worried about having water in her hair. Jenna goes first, as she talks about her having a job as a spokesperson for Survivor. Wha? She gets 4 before falling off and getting a nasty leg bruise from hitting the water.

Joe talks about how all of them have won money... except Nikki, who won squat except a side note as the woman who knocked off Tamyra Gray in the first season of American Idol. Omarosa is talking about her stocks as she and Joe get into the first (of I'm guessing many) war of words.

Omarosa says that people are intimidated by strong-willed aggressive women, hence she is painted as the villain. As she gets into her swimwear that looks...well...painted, her fellow competitors say that she's just there for the exposure, with Joe adding that she is now professional TV tourer Omarosa. They make fun of her as she is going across, but Jenna isn't laughing as Omarosa beats her and grabs the 6th flag in 3:44. She goes for 7, but she falls in the water and gets cut up. She says that $20,000 can buy a lot of antiseptic...

...but she to hope that she can get past Nikki, who is up next. She says that since 2001, she has her own Karaoke company and performance organization. She now has some more money to sponsor it, as she grabs flag #7. A visibly upset Omarosa can only watch as she sees the money snatched from her. Nikki is excited, as Joe adds that Clay Aiken probably couldn't do it. Heh.

It's time for the guys to try the stunt, and they are all hoping to be the last person to go. Unfortunately for Ryan, he has to go first. Fortunately for him, he gets them all in a decent time of 3:33, setting the bar fairly high.

Can Ethan beat that? He says that with the million that he's won, he has started a charity foundation to help kids with AIDS, and adds that anything that he wins will go straight to that charity. Joe is impressed with Ethan's well-wishing - but not impressed with Ethan's completion time of 4:45. He still boasts to Jenna that he did better than her - but he won as much as she did.

Reichen is up - and he says that he will do his best, adding that this will be a lot tougher than the hardest thing he did on the Race - eating a live octopus. Uhhh...yeah, I think they can find something tougher for you to eat than an octopus. For example, this stunt...which he barely gets done in 4 minutes. That leaves Ryan with the $20,000, and he joins Nikki in getting the first prizes.

So after the stunt, Omarosa gets into the Limo and yells at them. The next morning, Omarosa keeps them waiting in the limo for an extra 30 minutes (Gasp!). All of the people want to send her home - NOW! Omarosa says that everyone is gunning for her - and that's the way it goes.

CHALLENGE 2: Fear Bachelor: The way it goes for this stunt is that Joe grabs a bunch of roses for a 'Rose Ceremony'. Heh. All you have to do is to is...

1. Be handcuffed to a tank
2. Unscrew a box while being handcuffed
3. By the way, African Boas are biting your hand while you are doing this
4. Then Grab worms and stuff them in a blender
5. Convey the blended worms to a cylinder - with his mouth
6. When the worms passes the line, you can unhandcuff yourself...
7. And jump into a dumpster filled with worms
8. Inside there is another container of blended worms...
9. Which you must drink...
10. ....which stops the clock and ends the stunt.

That long enough for you?

The slowest guy and girl see their 15 minutes end in... 15 minutes.

Ryan goes first - and he gets someone to cheerlead for him. It's....Trista! She comes out to give out support, and although she loves that he is on the show (since he watches it all of the time), she would never be on it herself and she is here for support (though Ryan warns her not to gag). With the support of Trista, Ryan completes it in 2:43 - and then Trista gives her a mouth-to-mouth kiss. "That's true love," blurts Omarosa. AwwwwBarf.

Reichen goes up next. He is wearing his Amazing Race shorts. No one pops up to support him (to the relief of Reichen, who didn't want to see Chip), but maybe they should have, as he is taking his time on opening the worms. He gets it done in 3:07, which is decent, but not as good as Ryan, who is safe.

It's down to Ethan, who has his own support with Jenna. Nikki says that her sister, who was on Love Cruise (WHA?), says that Reichen will win the whole thing, so she's rooting against Ethan. This, of course, irks Ethan's girlfriend Jenna, who says that Ethan will win. Joe asks Nikki to sing a song, which she does. Omarosa's reaction? "Now I know why she didn't win American Idol.'" I hate to say this, but I side with Omarosa. Nikki: "It's easy to say you suck when you have no talent." Meow!

Jenna gets into a cat fight - with Reichen, who says that Ethan will send him home. She is right, as she yells at Ethan all the way through the stunt. Ethan's time... 1:46, as he easily takes first and sends Reichen packing. Maybe Reichen, who called it a relief to only have 2 days of hell instead of 4, should have had someone supporting him, since he was the only one who didn't have support - and is the first person to go home.

Nikki says that she will do well at this stunt. Omarosa says too, because, 'she's used to living in trash cans'. OUCH! They can continue to talk trash as Nikki says that Omarosa won't even finish the stunt. Nikki starts out slow in completing her stunt, as the snakes are chomping down on ham (did I say that? shame on me...). It takes Nikki almost 1:30 to get past the snakes and she is taking her sweet time. She gets it done in a fairly long 4:37, and it may be that the only way that she is going to advance is if Omarosa quits.

Omarosa won't go near Nikki, who is afraid that she will fling mud on her. are going to be getting in the mud, so why not start now - like what Jenna is doing as Ethan draws a good luck charm on her and tries to convince Trista to eat a worm. The eating part doesn't work, but Joe tells her that if she eats 5 nightcrawlers, $1,000 will go to her favorite charity. Omarosa says that she'll do it too, but Trista says that she will do it - and donate the money to Ethan's charity. Trista...drinks the worms, and $1,000 goes to Ethan's charity, as Omarosa adds that she will not punk out of doing the stunt and an agape Ryan can't believe that Trista ate worms. Heh.

Did Ethan's voodoo mark help Jenna? Well, it didn't help her beat Ethan's time, and it's not going to help her beat Nikki as she completes it in 5:09. Omarosa is up next, and all of the sudden, she is nice - to a point. "The whole villain thing is paying my bills." She does say that if Trista can drink worms, then she could do this stunt, adding that the mind games will be working to her advantage, Trista thinks that if Omarosa couldn't handle it before, she won't be able to handle it now, adding that she isn't going to finish the stunt.

Well, let's see what Omarosa does. She starts... by screaming that the snakes are biting her. The difference between her and the other two girls, though, is that instead of just bitching about the snakes, she is doing the stunt, and she is going quicker than the other two girls. A stunned Jenna and Ethan look on as Omarosa destroys both women's scores with a mark of 4:05. Joe says that maybe the Donald wouldn't have fired her if they saw that - but Joe has to fire Jenna. She gives Ethan a goodbye hug, but says that she will be back to root on her Survivor. AwwwwBarf.

As Omarosa and Nikki continue to trade barbs at each other, we proceed to the next stunt for the show. Ethan will do this for Jenna, adding that Omorosa and Nikki have big mouths, which is why they completed the stunt quicker. Omarosa starts into Nikki and gets into her personal life, which gets Nikki off-kiltered, threatening to punch her out, but that would have her forfeit the money, so she won't.

CHALLENGE 3: I'm a Reality Show Star, Get Me Out of Here!: Radically changing the subject, Joe discusses the next stunt, which will have all four of them trying to get out of a cage with 4 locks. Whoever gets out of the tank the quickest will win a 2 weeks vacation to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Because Omarosa can't swim, this will not be an elimination contest - which upsets Nikki, as she would love to see Omarosa go. Well, she won't be going anywhere - not to Punta Cana, and not to the vacation.

Ethan goes first - and he doesn't get very far before quitting. Omarosa says that it's a good thing that by living in the hood, she couldn't swim, because she would have gotten freaked out. Nikki wants to send Omarosa a postcard from Punta Cana, but she'll only be able to do it from her house, as she quits as well. If Ryan can do it, he will win the trip to go with his $20,000... but he doesn't, and you can add this one to the list of contestant-killers. No trip for the Survivor, the Idol, or the Bachelor.

Who will win the $50,000? Nikki says that she will scream and lose her voice when she beats Omarosa, who says that she is holding all of the mental cards. "At the end, I will be the Fear Factor champion."

CHALLENGE 4: A-Moving-Ramp Idol: To be the Fear Factor Champion, you have to drive a car over a moving ramp as many times as you can over a moving ramp until you wipe out or run out of room. Whoever does this the most is the champion and wins the well as the trip that wasn't won in the last stunt.

Omarosa is the first person selected to do the stunt. While the other three people are rooting for her demise, she did quite well - 4 completions in 1:02. She said that it was the most fun she has ever had, adding that Ethan will try to get revenge for Jenna. That is going to be very tough to beat.

Ethan says that he will do his best, as Jenna warns him that if he loses, she will break up with him. Ethan also gets 4 in....0:52.5 seconds. The relationship with Jenna is saved as Joe fires Omarosa. Nikki is thrilled as Omarosa leaves, but she says that Fear wasn't a factor for her. She is right, adding that it won't be the last time America sees her - and she giggles as she leaves.

A now-inspired Nikki says that she will beat Ethan. Joe adds that if they stuck Omarosa on the hood, that Nikki would go even faster. The problem was that Nikki may have been thinking that Omarosa was under the car - she gets three, but swerves on the underbearings of the car and stalls out. She cries as she leaves, but she does leave with $20,000 - and the satisfaction that Omarosa will not win the show.

Who will win the show? It's all down to Ryan, as Trista comes down to support him. Ryan would prefer Tristan to run the stunt, but she can only root with Jenna as she and Ethan watches by the sidelines. Ryan is well above Ethan's pace, and he has enough time to try to get a fifth one. That one doesn't count, but his time of completing four was 48 seconds. Ethan throws his arms in desperation, but they are all good sports and hug each other before Ethan and Jenna depart. Ryan has now won two reality shows, grabbing $70,000 and a trip to the Dominican Republic. The bigger reward? A hug from Trista, who he swings around like a rag doll. AwwwwBarf.

Next week - We get twins who ...sing? We'll tune in for seven days to see if Simon Cowell - or the twins - can stomach what Fear Factor has in store for everyone.

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