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Six men and women must conquer their greatest fears or face elimination. In the end, one will claim the $50,000 prize and the honor that "fear is not a factor for them."

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Joe Rogan
Creator: John De Mol
EP: John De Mol, Matt Kunitz
Packager: Endemol USA, Pulse:Creative
Airs: Mondays at 8:00pm ET on NBC

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The Ghosts of Seasons Past - September 6

To all the girls I've slimed before.... well... uhhh... something like that.

Why do we start with that? Because we are continuing the alumni specials with the 6 people you love... to either love or hate. Let's meet those players again, shall we?

Summer Papania - Big mouthed woman who was the only person who got out of a water tank torture.
Randy Huston - the Bee Cowboy who met his waterloo in water in the tournament when it came to swimming.
Noel Holmes - the gay guy who won for his dead grandfather and who did the infamous pig rectum eating dance.
Jeanette Jenkins - The first female champion on Fear Factor (that's according to Mr. Rogan).
Ari Sturm - The long haired hippie who now has short hair. Amazing what balding does to a hairstyle.
Olivia Jones - The Barbados Island Girl trash-talker who trashed her way to $50,000.

CHALLENGE 1: They have conquered many things - but not traversing a beam connected by two big rig trucks. They have to walk the beam from one side to the other, get a flag, go back, and then bike ride it all the way across. No one gets eliminated, but the person who does this the fastest wins $10,000.

Jeanette goes first, and she says that she has been nice. Her skills aren't - she gets the walking across, but she fails to get across on the bike as it gets crushed by the truck.

Olivia said that she used voodoo to get rid of Jeanette - will anyone do voodoo on her? She says that she needs 4 strong pedals... but she only gets two as she jams the bike into the beam. She loses, curses and kicks the bike. Noel is next - and like everyone else, he succeeds in walking the beam, but fails in riding the beam.

Ari is next, and he decides to just do it. He gets it done in 21 seconds - which is faster than the time it took for people to fall off. The money is all his... unless Randy can beat his time. He does - he gets it done in 13.7 seconds, and that nets him $10,000.

CHALLENGE 2: The second stunt is here - and most of the contestants are hoping that they have animals on the outside of their body instead of animals on the inside of their body. No such luck, as they will be eating tomato horn worms. They have to chew the worms, spit out their guts into a glass, get the guts past the red line, and then drink the guts. There will be three heats as the six players go up against each other. The three people who win each heat move into the finals.

Randy, who won the $10,000, gets to set the line-up. He asks who was talking trash - and everyone points to Olivia. He doesn't remember Olivia talking trash - but h remembers Jeanette - and he pits her against Noel, who is doing his tomato worm-eating dance. I won't get into the graphic details here, but Jeanette is trying the technique of stuffing them all in her mouth and squeezing them in front of the vial. It doesn't work - she quits as Noel fills it up and guzzles it down.

Noel is in the finals, and the cowboy pits up Ari and Olivia. That ticks Olivia off because she feels like she isn't getting a fair shot, so she decides to walk off and quit. Summer yells at Olivia to come and juice some worms, but it takes a Joe Rogan's fireman's carry to bring her back. Olivia says that worms are like pets in the Barbados and challenges Joe to eat a worm. He does so, and Olivia now has to try it. After cursing out Randy again, she does - but she gets edged out by Ari. She wants a rematch, but Ari isn't going to give her one and she is out. As she leaves, she sets a voodoo curse on Randy and hopes that Noel wins it. Foreshadowing?

To complete the three male trifecta, Randy needs to beat Summer. This shouldn't be a problem, as Summer has the same reaction as the other 2 girls and quits. Joe asks Summer what she thought the show was going to be about. Apparently, not tomato worms, as even Randy is encouraging her. She doesn't even try as Joe shows her the door. "There's no way I could have beaten Randy. He has a big hole in his teeth and he spits all the time." Ouch.

CHALLENGE 3: The three guys are left as we go to the final stunt, which features a giant teeter-totter. Whoever can get the most amount of flags off of the teeter totter the quickest (or the most without falling) will win.

Ari goes first - and he decides that speed is the best method. He wasn't incredibly fast, but he did get all of the flags in 34.2 seconds. Randy is up next, and he says that it's time to 'Cowboy Up'. He does just that, as he goes quickly through the totter in 26.2 seconds.

It's all down to Noel, who needs a combination of speed and accuracy to win. If Randy loses, he'd never be able to show his face at home, according to Randy. He won't have to worry about it, as Noel chimes in at 32.9. Randy gets to Cowboy Up to $60,000 - and he had to get past a voodoo curse to do it.

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