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Six men and women must conquer their greatest fears or face elimination. In the end, one will claim the $50,000 prize and the honor that "fear is not a factor for them."

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Joe Rogan
Creator: John De Mol
EP: John De Mol, Matt Kunitz
Packager: Endemol USA, Pulse:Creative
Airs: Mondays at 8:00pm ET on NBC

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Episode 4.15 (Christmas) - December 6

Fear Factor wishes you a merry holiday season! They present, for your viewing pleasure, Christmas tiding - or not - to these 6 people...

Jon Licata (Buffalo, NY - Realtor) says that his achievements give him an advantage. I don't see how selling a house can help him devour a plate of moldy fruitcake, but ok...

Sammie Lee Bradley (Mt. Juliet, TN - Race Car Driver) says that as a Southern Belle, she is a lot tougher than what people are going to give her credit for. The upside for her - she is a race car driver, which should make her tough. The downside - she is a blonde, and blondes do not have a good track record on this show.

A.J. Almasi (Nashville, TN - Model) says that she is 'The Silent Threat'. Well, like Sammie, she is also from Tennessee, and like Sammie, she is blonde. Not looking too good for the women early...

Jacob Ben-Yakir (Israel - Political Volunteer) says that he learned to deal with bomb drills while growing up in Israel, so this should be a piece of cake. He's African-American - and a Jew. Interesting mix. He also is wearing a belt buckle the size of Israel.

Chanelle Estrada (West Covina, CA - Talent Recruiter) says that everyone better watch out for her, because she isn't here to make friends. Yawn.

Matthew Assante (Philadelphia, PA - Model) says that he can't control his hair style (BLONDE) because of his profession (MODEL). The model show was a few weeks ago, Matt. He says that we will see him in the end. We will see...

Assessment - 3 Blondes. 3 Non-Blondes. Should be a good battle.

CHALLENGE 1: HO HO H2O: Joe brings them all down to a pool to explain to them their first challenge. Usually, they get lowered into the pool of water, and this time will be no exception. Here's the catch - they are lowering a whole Christmas living ROOM (with Christmas tree and fake fireplace to boot) into the pool. Inside the room are presents, and inside 8 of them are flags. The players have to get as many as they can on their belt until they quit. The man and woman with the least amount of flags will be waterlogged - and logged out of the competition.

We start out the men's portion of the event with Matthew, who says that he can't hold his breathe underwater for that long. This isn't looking good for the blondes early, but he redeems himself during the stunt. He gets 7 of them until he gets tangled up in the wires (which you would expect a blonde to do) and stops. 7 flags is a very nice score, and this blonde will probably advance.

We talk about Jacob's buckle - and he says that it is bullet-proof. Is Jacob waterproof? No. He may have needed to bring the belt buckle with him for the stunt, because he only 'Chokage' says Joe, as they all see Jacob fail miserably. He says that he was lost without his belt buckle, and he can only hope that he clocks Jon upside the head with the buckle right before Jon starts the stunt.

No such luck. Jon is struggling to open up the boxes - but he does get two flags before ending the stunt. Jacob has to leave, but he says that he is still the champ. 'I love my belt buckle. My belt buckle loves me.' Uh...ok.

Chanelle loves Angelina Jolie, and dedicates her performance to her. Chanelle decides to set the pace for the blondes, and she ONE? That's something that I would expect the blondes to do. Joe says that he hopes that Angelina Jolie won't be watching the show.

This pretty much seals the deal for A.J. and Sammie. A.J. gets two and decides that since she's advancing, that's enough for her. Sammie gets two and decides that since she's advancing, that's enough for her. It is good enough - which is bad enough for Chanelle, because she's gone. She and Jacob can now go out and talk about Angelina Jolie sporting belt buckles.

By the way, all of the blondes are left - and only one non blonde. This is not looking too good for Jon.

CHALLENGE 2: SNOW DOGS: Joe is wondering if they have any holiday cheer. They aren't too thrilled, because they know that the second stunt is usually the gross one. The good news is that there is no gross stunt. The bad news is that the holiday cheer turns to holiday fear when they see that they have to deal with...ATTACK DOGS!

On one side of the room is gifts. On the other side are the dogs. The objective is to get the gifts in three big boxes on the opposite side. The men go up against the men and the women go up against the women. Whoever can get the most gifts in the boxed - or whoever can do it the fastest will win.

Matt goes first. He gets the first one in 7 seconds, the second one in 7 seconds, and the third dog (who's name is Curly) in 33 seconds, for a total of 47 seconds. Matt complains that the dog bit him in the A$$. He shows everyone, and sure enough, he has dog marks on his butt.

Jon is next. He gets the first gift in 6 seconds, the second gift in 10 seconds and the third gift in 16 seconds. With a total of 32 seconds, Jon advances, as the dogs weren't the only thing to bite Matt in the ass.

With Matt gone, one of the women will be joining him. A.J., who is not enjoying herself at all, fails in the first attempt, gets the second one in 14 seconds and Curly gets her in the third attempt, for only one gift in 84 seconds.

Like the first stunt, Sammie has an easy path to take. She gets the first gift in 18 seconds and the second one in 34 seconds. She gets 2 gifts in, which means that she advances to the finals - and she doesn't have to deal with Curly. A.J. has to deal with finding the exit, as the silent threat can walk silently away.

Total count now - one blonde, one non-blonde. Jon has evened up the score.

CHALLENGE 3: ONE HELL OF A SLEIGH RIDE: The final stunt has a car going up a ramp, demolishing a set of snowmen and taking the car as far down a track as it can go. Whoever gets it down the furthest will win the money. The good news for Sammie - she is a race car driver, so this should be a piece of cake for her. The good news for Jon - she's still a blonde, and she will find some way to screw this up...won't she?

Sammie loses a coin toss, so she gets to go first. She says that she is so happy, she can cry. She's convinced that it's going to be her, adding that she's always wanted to wreck a car. She goes flying down the lane - but she does hit a wall, which could slow her down. Regardless, she gets a very good length of 114', 2". S She says that she is confident.

Can Jon beat her? Jon goes flying and doesn't hit the wall, which turns out to be the difference, because he goes flying (127', 6") past Sammie's time. Sammie can't watch and cries her way off of the set. Jon, is far from crying, however - he survives the blondes and can now spend $50,000 because of it.

As for the blondes - they have three out of 4 left and they STILL can't win the money. So much for Blonde Ambition. We'll see the blondes try again in 7 days.

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