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Six men and women must conquer their greatest fears or face elimination. In the end, one will claim the $50,000 prize and the honor that "fear is not a factor for them."

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Joe Rogan
Creator: John De Mol
EP: John De Mol, Matt Kunitz
Packager: Endemol USA, Pulse:Creative
Airs: Mondays at 8:00pm ET on NBC

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Episode 4.17 (Couples 2) - January 10

After one week of couple competition, we see that Tara and Richard have gone bye bye. This week, one couple will join them - but it won't be on the first stunt, where the teams will be playing to see the movie "Elektra" - in Los Angeles, and they will have $20,000 to spend on popcorn.

CHALLENGE 1: To get the money, the women will have to be good at catching. The men will be tossing 5 items to the women, who will collect the items on a raft, and then swim to the shore where the man is waiting. The items, by the way, are COW STOMACHS! Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum.

The team who wins the $20,000 will also get to do something else - they will penalize any team of their choosing. Any team will be able to win...except Randy and Tina, as their second to last finish bars them from competing.

The first shift has Maria/Craig and Bobby/Amy going at it. Maria and Craig discuss that if they do too well on this, that they could be targeted to get the penalty, so they should either go for first - or last. They decide to do well, but not well enough, as they come in at a little over two minutes. Bobby and Amy do it in 1:57.8, and they are the leaders. Maria was too afraid to get wet, but maybe the daintiness could help them, because Bobby and Amy may not select the, as threats to get penalized.

The next heat features Dean/Ashley and Leah/Roberto. Leah thinks that Roberto will do well, because Roberto pitches for a weekly league. No one else does, as they all think that Deann will win. Amy talks about how she tried to...well, Bobby won't let her say, because he doesn't want her to give any tips away.

The heat starts, and everyone who was going to bet on Dean and Ashley, it's ntot looking too good. Dean is all over the place, and it taks Ashley time to retrieve the cow stomachs from the water. That comes to haunt them, because although they finish first, Ashley thought that they had all 15 stomachs caught, but they only had 14, and that disqualifies them. Leah and Roberto get the win, and with a time of 1:47.0, they take the lead. Dean and Ashley snipe at each other, which surprises Leah, because she thinks that her and Roberto would be the ones doing the fighting.

The last group is Lisa Marie and Scott vs. Andre and Amirah. Both teams think that they will be targets if they don't win the stunt, so they know they have to go full throttle. Amirah goes a littls bit too full throttle - like Ashley, she only gets 14 in the troth on the raft, and she has to go back and get the 15th one. She swims back, and Andre literally has to carry her to the troth. They are already squabbling at each other without hearing the time...which was 1:48. By one second, Leah and Roberto wins the $20,000 and a free date in L.A. to get to know each other. It's back to the drawing board for Andre and Amirah. Amirah - 'We're the first placed losers again.'

CHALLENGE 2: Well, they don't want to be the last placed losers in the next stunt, because whoever is will be leaving the show. That next stunt features BALUT (Philippine undeveloped duck embryos, 4 days from hatching, which I still eat in the Fil-Am league that I am bowling in). Joe blends up the balut and then pours it in 16 ounce glasses. The couples have to drink it all up and then hit a button, which will elevate them from the platform and lift them, via bungee, off of the roof of the building that they are on. The quickest couple wins $10,000. The slowest couple goes bye-bye.

The penalized couple will also have to drink a shot glass of blended duck feet. Yum. Leah and Roberto decide to penalize Scott and Lisa Marie, because they already won $10,000 as Scott gulped down the fish eyes in last week's show like they were going out of style. It's a good point, and Scott, though hurt, knows it.

Leah and Roberto also decide the order. First up is Bobby and Amy, the tattoo twins. Bobby is done quickly, and though it takes Amy a little while to join him, a score of 34.9 seems pretty safe. Next selected is Andre and Amirah, and even though, in Amirah's words, it smelled like something that shouldn't be eaten, they get it down in 32.3 seconds, which puts them in the lead.

Roberto and Leah decide to go next, and Roberto, who says that he doesn't have a good sense of smell, thinks he will do well. They do - they set the new bar with a time of 30.7. Roberto drank it like a shot, and Leah calls him the man. Joe - 'Maybe everybody should break up and then they'll compete as well as you guys.'

Scott and Lisa Marie, the penalized couple, are next. They think that they can do this, even with the penalty. They down the shot first, then go after the drink. It takes them 5 second to get down the shot, and Scott gets it done in 26 seconds. Lisa Marie takes far longer, and they finish in an agonizingly slow 49 seconds. Lisa Marie is bummed and she knows that if they lose, it's her fault. She loses it after the stunt, and the roof is now covered in balut.

Dean and Ashley get to go next, and Leah and Ashley are starting to talk trash to each other. Ashley hesitates near the end of the drink ad it costs them the $10,000. They finish the stunt in 32.9 seconds, so it doesn't cost them the shot at a million.

Maria and Craig are ready to finally win something as they start the drinking. While that's going on, Andre and Amirah and Dean and Ashley are still sniping at each other. Leah and Roberto are happy are thrilled, because they want to see the other teams implode. They are less than thrilled with Maria and Craig, as they complete the stunt in 29.3 and are the new leaders.

It's down to Tina and Randy. Either they will get to play another day, or they wil have a very short appearnace in this show. They are both Filipino, so I expect them to not have only eaten this before, I expect them both to cruise through this. I am not disappointed - they get it done in 22.4 seconds and for 10 minutes of on-camera time, they net $10,000 for it. Nice.

A distraught Leah sees Scott and Lisa Marie leave, and she is now upset. Why? 'Well, I really liked them'. Well, you should have thought about it before sticking the penality on them, you dummy.

If it makes Scott and Lisa Marie feel better, even without the penalty, they finish the stunt in 44 seconds, and no one else finished it in over 35 seconds. They will be leaving the show, but they do walk out of there with $10,000, so it's not all bad.

It will be bad for another team, as they get escorted to the door. We'll see in 7 days who gets escorted out.

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