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The Final Three: Days 66 to 68
September 10

Last time, Kevin won the final Power of Veto, giving him sole control over who would be at the final three. Natalie continues her charade on wanting him out. In the end, Michele was evicted, and Jordan was left without a leg to stand on...

... and that's important, because the last time we saw the houseguests, day 66, they were in the middle of a log jam for a spot in Part 3 of the three-part HOH Competition.

It's day 68 in the house right now, but let's rewind a couple of days to the Part 1. Kevin needs the power to make a final power move. Jordan has to look out for herself. Natalie, on the other hand, thanks Kevin for evicting Michele (she doesn't like the girl) and sticking to her word. Sending Michele home was difficult. He's counting on Jordan helping him to win Big Brother.

After 21 minutes, Natalie says that Michele was looking forward to spending time with Jeff (umm... Natalie? Michele's married).

Almost an hour passes... and the log stops. And the rain starts. Start the log again... Backwards! Natalie almost takes a spill. And... log stops... we bring in the fall leaves a couple of weeks early. And now it's snowing. Jordan should be used to this. North Carolina weather and all.

After 90 minutes... Another rain storm. AND a snowstorm. It's a classic nor'easter. The comes the deal making... which doesn't work. Jordan starts shivering and shaking from the cold. And... the log starts rolling again... and Jordan stops, zoning out. Then Kevin promises five more minutes in exchange for a fall and a spot in the final two. Natalie says that she's okay with throwing phase 1. Kevin says that his word means nothing.

Natalie ups it to 15 minutes. Kevin splits the difference to 10. And Natalie drops willingly, giving Kevin the bye to phase 3.

Going live to the living room... we have a Big Brother first... All three players will make it to Finale Night. Natalie & Jordan will compete in Phase 2 LIVE tonight. Phase 3 will also be live on Finale Night. The winner of that part will be the final HOH and decide who'll sit next to them in the final 2.

Going to Jeff as he heads to the Jury House to accept his fate. Jeff called the experience "nervewracking". He's swallowing his pill right now, as he tells the house that Kevin was responsible for his ouster. He thinks Kevin will be here next week and that Michele will win the game.

Oh, and Natalie's 24.

Now we catch up with four Big Brother All-Stars Janelle Pierzina (BB6/BBAS), Mike "Boogie" Malin (BB2/BBAS winner), Danielle Reyes (BB3 final 2/BBAS), and Evel Dick Donato (winner, BB8). Mike treated himself to a Bentley and bought Julie a gift. Dick... still has his check. Danielle says that Natalie has played the best game so far with her lies. The worst move according to Janelle... Jeff getting rid of Russell. Duh. Mike loved it when Jeff got rid of Jessie. The lie that Natalie and Kevin used was a game changer. Best move according to Evel Dick... Jeff's Coup d'Etat. And Chima? The less said the better. Who'll win? Mike? "Kevin." Janelle? "Kevin." Dick? "Kevin." Danielle? She spouts stuff about a woman never winning.

I'll take Maggie Ausburn to block.


Can you remember the order of Heads of Household from first to tenth? You have two minutes total. The winner who gets the most right, or the person who is finished in the fastest time wins.

Natalie is first. She gets five in 1:58. Jordan gets nine, so she will face Kevin in the final HOH competition part 3 and Natalie is on the block.

The correct order, if you're playing along at home: Jessie, Ronnie, Jessie, Jessie, Chima, Michele, Jordan, Jeff, Kevin, Natalie.

Now, remember, that due to Chima throwing a (^_^) fit, there are only six jurors. America will be the seventh. Because the final juror will not be determined until Finale Night, here's what will happen.


Text selections to 81818.

- Jordan vs. Kevin: Text 1 for Jordan and 2 for Kevin
- Kevin vs. Natalie: Text 3 for Kevin and 4 for Natalie
- Jordan vs. Natalie: Text 5 for Natalie and 6 for Jordan

Or vote for free at

Next time, the final three will reminisce about the summer. Next Tuesday... we have to crown a winner.

Only five days remaining until Finale Night.

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