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Eviction Night: Chima vs. Braden
July 16

Last time, Russell won the all-important Power of Veto and used it to save Lydia. Then fellow athlete Jessie decided to put Braden on the block against pawn Chima. Now as eviction looms, is the pawn truly safe?

Out in the front yard are Julie and a few of her friends. It's Day 11 in the house, and already the athletes are turning on each other, the brains aren't getting along, and an offbeat has manipulated her way off the block.

We flashback to the veto, as Braden, thanks to "today's events" is put on the block... and Ronnie dodging a bullet. The best player since Will Kirby, and he's not on the block. He calls it "gravy". Russell wants to cut off the head of the opposing alliance of Jeff, Jordan, and Braden. Seems like Lydia is going to have to owe Russell a big one. Jordan says that someone's starting stuff in the house. Braden thinks it's Russell and Natalie. No one guesses Ronnie? Really?

Braden had better start talking to people.

Meanwhile, Chima is feeling insecure as a pawn, though she says that she'll lay low for a whole.

Lydia thinks about Jordan's actions, as she wonders why no one cried for her when she was put up. Two possibles: she forgot to or she wasn't your friend to begin with.

Russell is not convinced that he has every vote that he needs to get Braden out of the house. He needs to poke the bear with a pokey-stick. Braden goes after Lydia for "selling him out" and goes after Kevin... because he's there. He calls Lydia a bitch and a skank. Then things degenerate.

Jordan and Lydia go at it. Jordan claims that she hasn't gone after her. Lydia just says that she is aligned with Braden and that's all that matters. Jordan doesn't want people to feel like she can be walked over. She was crying because she was a teammate. Kevin says that if Jordan starts to kick it with Braden, it means that she agrees with everything he stands for. Not cool.

Jeff goes inside to protect Jordan from... herself, it looks like. Jeff says he defends Kevin, while Lydia defends herself. Jeff charges Lydia that he sold him out. Lydia says that she's done with this.

Meanwhile, Jordan starts to hatch a plan to get Ronnie, Michele, and Casey to flip to the popular side. They go with Ronnie to give up Chima. Ronnie thinks it's a good idea, but he's always going to do what is best for himself in the game.  Jordan thinks it's working. She's going to Casey now. Casey ends up being a swing, going to do what's best for him.

Going live to the living room, Russell and Jeff address the veto competition. Russell doesn't expect a postcard or regret anything that he did. Jeff says that if he doesn't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Jordan and Lydia talk about what set them all. Jordan just chalks it up to being angry. But they're fine now.

Talking to HOH Jessie... He thinks that the target's a little bit bigger than last summer when he played the game the first time. A lot of deals get made the first week. Jessie says that Russell is the brains of the group.

Now it's time for the first LIVE VOTE of the summer. As a reminder, the nominees cannot vote, and Jessie only votes in the case of a tie. Last words?

Braden: "I think each and every one of you guys are incredible people. We made the best first week in Big Brother History. I've made mistakes and I've made apologies, and we can all respect that. Keep me around and I want to prove myself."

Chima: "It amazes me how short of our memory spans are, because my opponent called two of my good friends (audio deleted). So a vote for Braden is a vote for a bigot, and anyone who aligns himself with a racist and a misogynist deserves to go home."

And now, the vote... The vote to evict is six.

Russell: BRADEN
Natalie: "I gladly vote to evict BRADEN."
Jordan: CHIMA
Laura: CHIMA
Michele: CHIMA
Casey: "I vote to evict CHIMA's melodramatic behind."
Ronnie: "I'm going to hell. I vote to evict BRADEN."

And the vote is tied. The decision rests with the HOH, Jessie. "BRADEN... I vote to evict you."

And Braden Bacha is the first player to be evicted from Big Brother 11. He calls this the craziest house that he could ever imagine. He is not surprised to be sitting where he is. Who does he think sold him out? "Possibly could've been Ronnie, Michele, or Casey." It was Ronnie. He's all about playing the game. One word to describe the Big Brother experience... "Discombobulated."

HOH COMPETITION: Most Likely To...

All week, you've been voting at, and this is the fruit of your labor, America. Guess the most popular clique for each question, and you can eliminate one person. Guess wrong... and you're eliminated. Last person standing is the new HOH.

1) ... skip school because they had a zit.

Laura: POPULAR. Correct. Chima is eliminated.

2) ... misspell "athlete" in a spelling bee?

Jeff: ATHLETES. Correct. Kevin is eliminated.

3) ... bail on a prom?

Laura: OFFBEATS. Correct. Russell is eliminated.

4) ... miss curfew because of a "Star Wars"...

Casey: BRAINS. Correct. Natalie is eliminated.

5) ... start a food fight in the...

Laura: ATHLETES (CORRECT: Offbeats) Laura is eliminated.

6) ... give an inspirational speech while naked in the locker room?

Casey: ATHLETES. Correct. Jeff is eliminated.

7) .... spend more time with a mirror than...?

Lydia: POPULAR. Correct. Jordan is eliminated.

8) ... blow off a date to go shop?

Ronnie: POPULAR. Correct. Casey is eliminated.

9) ... take first place in a high school talent show?

Michele: OFFBEATS. Correct. Eliminates Lydia.

10) Which clique's photo does America think would most likely be missing from a yearbook?

Ronnie: OFFBEATS. CORRECT!  And cue the confetti!

What's in store now that King Geek is in power? Find out Sunday... when Dan Gheesling returns to the house!

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