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Eviction Night: Natalie vs. Russell
August 27

Last week, Jeff won the HOH and put up Natalie and Kevin, but thanks to a little lie, Kevin was vetoed and Russell was put on the block. Who will live to fight another day? Six houseguests remain, six reasons to trust no one.

It's Day 54 inside the house, and the game has turned into a living chess match. Can Russell compose himself long enough to garner enough votes to stay in the game? "Let the weirdness begin."

Jeff cites the deal made with Natalie and Kevin. Russell is convinced that they picked the wrong guy. Natalie warns Jeff and Jordan that Russell is going to work them. What Jordan doesn't know is that Natalie and Kevin are coming after them next time.

Russell and Natalie once again spend what could be their last round together. They've bonded a bit. Next week, she's probably out of the door if she doesn't win HOH. Russell feels like he let her down, while thinking Jeff is an idiot for breaking up the alliance.

Later that day, Jeff goes and faces the music. Russell concedes that it was a smart play. He says that he will mop the floor with Jeff's face at the jury house. Jeff's willing to face expulsion just to bust Russell in the mouth. He's not scared of him. And Jordan comes to "fight Jeff's battles." And all Jeff can say is "you got got." That shows Russell's true colors... loud, brash, boisterious.

Russell thinks he has one vote. He's going to try and sway another from Kevin. Russell says that he would not come after him if he gave him his vote. At this point, Kevin has to weigh his options. He can either stay loyal to Natalie or he can make a power move and take a chance on Russell.

Night turns into day once again, and Russell tells Jeff that "America feels sorry for him for laying into your ass." It's Russell's only move... barking like a dog to anyone who'll listen to him. That'll get him into a fight with Jordan. And Jeff.

Now the attention turns to the jury house, where Jessie finally gets his goodbye messages and... another juror to join him. This time, it's Lydia. She starts by totally attacking him and then shows of the footage of Chima going bat-guano-crazy. Then comes the rest of last week's action.

Going to the living room live, Russell would've chosen "weird" to describe the week. Jordan would've called it "different". Kevin's happy to get off the block. Jordan rebuffs Jeff's advances simply as a joke. Jeff faces this sort of rejection on the outside as well. And Michele as a have-not... "It was mostly churros." Good news for that, the have/have-nots are over for the summer, but there are more surprises in the game...

In Jeff's last hour as HOH, he tells us of how he used the Veto to put Russell in the hot seat. There was talk of him getting him out of the house, so he had to use something now. Jeff calls it an advantage, but at the same time, he'll have a target on his back. He will have to rely on their word. He'll continue to be focused for the final push. He wants Jordan to be the same way and when she isn't, it gets him flustered.

After 54 days in the Big Brother House, it's about to come down to a vote for one of the condemned. Natalie thanks everyone for being on this show, and thanks everyone for keeping her in the house. Russell says he had a great time... and that he's pretty much resigned to the fate given him. "We're given two rules: don't break the rules, don't curse on national TV. I tried to do those."

The vote to evict is two.

Michele: RUSSELL

By a unanimous decision, Russell is leaving the house tonight. He tried to make two things known... Personal attacks are a part of the game. He also tried to make himself to be a composite of the great Big Brother players. He thinks that Michele was an influence in what transpired tonight. He was actually going to uphold his final four deal, then take Michele to the final two. So ultimately, it was smart to take Russell out when Jeff did.


The houseguests must weather a storm of chocolate on a slick graham cracker course and retrieve a mug from which they'll cull mugfuls of chocolate to retrieve a marshmallow from inside a bowl. The first person to do that will be the new HOH.

So who'll get s'more power? Find out Sunday.

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