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Eviction Night: Casey vs. Jordan
July 30

It all started with a plan to backdoor the resident rat Ronnie. Then add two pawns and an HOH who's running the show. Throw in a banana suit and a veto of one of the pawns, and it all adds up to... Graduation Night? That's right, school is out, the cliques are no more, and everyone's in it for themselves. But first... TO BUSINESS! Either Casey or Jordan is leaving the game.. TONIGHT.

It's day 26 in the house, and the houseguests do not yet know of the twist to be unleashed upon them... and you, America. All they know is that Jessie has designs on Casey, as the Banana Man will make his final a-peel to stay in the competition. And... there's no outrage. "Teflon Ron strikes again!" Rebuttal from Ronnie? "More than one week, sucka!"


Jeff meanwhile is frustrated. He doesn't know what's going on. Casey doesn't know what's going on. Jessie... does know what's going on. Casey's a bigger threat. Jordan suggests that the only reason why Ronnie's here is that he's Jessie's bitch. And the zinger at the end? What's up with that?

Speaking of, said zinger is sharing a bed with Lydia. He's sleeping. She's... just watching.

Jordan hasn't been campaigning to stay in the house, figuring that Casey will do all the dirty work for her. And for a while, it seems to be working, as he won't stop talking about Jessie and Ronnie's influence on the game. He's still amazed that there is no outrage... Kevin says that Lydia will vote for him if they had the numbers. If Casey stays, then... REVENGE! Casey puts his plan into motion, as he goes to Russell claiming that "he's gotta do what daddy says," rattling the cage a little. Russell says that some time, he will have to abandon his alliance. Will he pull Michelle as well?

Jeff and Jordan came into this game wanting to win half a mill. Did they win each other in the prospect? Let's go home, shall we? Watching Jordan are her grandparents from Shawneetown, NC. "She never thought she was anybody else, and no one resents her because she's pretty." Could Jeff be the one? Maybe in mom's eyes. Meanwhile, Jeff's family in Chicago are watching him. "It looks like Jeff and Jordan are cut from the same cloth." True that, Mrs. S.

Going live to the living room, Casey says that banana suit shows off his tan. Ronnie says that it's nice that actions show how they really are. Lydia says that her disagreement with Natalie all comes down to beds (C-Note: Yeah, JESSIE'S).

Speaking of Jessie's bed, we go to him watching his bed from the HOH room, which he'll have to relinquish at the end of the hour. "Our relationships are strictly platonic and I respect them both." How likely is it that these girls are playing him? "Very likely." No surprise, he pleas the Fifth.

Time to vote. But first... the final pleas. Jordan said all she could last week. "It stinks that I have to go up against one of my best friends in the house. Just vote on who you think the best person to here is." Casey thanks Big Brother and apologizes... before naming Ronnie and Jessie as the primaries that got him to where he is today. "Both of them stabbed me in the back. They will do the same to you. I've done nothing to any of you. Have your own mind. Mingo Mix. Holla."

The vote to evict is five.

Jeff: "I sadly vote to evict CASEY."
Ronnie: "I am ecstatic to vote to evict the hypocritical sore-loser mid-life-crisis having CASEY."
Natalie: "I vote to evict the bitter banana CASEY."
Chima: CASEY
Russell: "I'm staying true to my word. I vote to evict JORDAN."
Michele: CASEY

And the rest...

Lydia: CASEY
Kevin: CASEY

By a vote of 7-1, this banana has gots ta split. No, seriously, Casey, get out of here. He went out guns blazin'. "He didn't win the first HOH. The one he won.. was luck." What about Casey's gameplay? Was he overtrusting? "I made a mistake. I want to see the best in people. I didn't think I'd see lying and scheming in week one."

And then Julie drops the bomb. And Lydia guesses it right off the bat. Wow. She's smart. But she didn't guess this... one of the final 10 will be granted a MYSTERY power that can be used in the next two weeks which could completely change the course of the game. Only the person who receives will be made aware of the details of the power, which must be kept secret until it is used. Who will receive the power? That's up to America.

The mystery is called the Coup d'Etat. During either of the next two live evictions, the holder of the Coup d'Etat will be able to overthrow the HOH and set nominees of his or her own choosing. And the power is yours to vote, either by texting or by the website at

1) Chima
2) Jeff
3) Jessie
4) Jordan
5) Kevin
6) Lydia
7) Michele
8) Natalie
9) Ronnie
10) Russell

Polls close at 11:59p PT August 4, so vote early, vote often.


If you want to survive this competition... you have to hang in there, no matter what life may throw at you. Fall, and you're out. Last one hanging is the new HOH.

And the first five people to fall will choose a graduation gift from the table below. It could be anything, even $5000... or it could be nothing. .... even nothing. Who'll win the HOH? Find out Sunday when we see the conclusion of this competition.

One more thing... no graduation is complete... without a diploma. And Big Brother has a big sheepskin to hit you upside the head with. "JULIE, DO YOU WANT THIS TO HAPPEN TO YOUR KID?!"

And did we mention that it was about to be a rainout? Because that's important.

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