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Eviction Night: Jeff vs. Jordan
September 3

Last time, Kevin was crowned HOH and put Michele & Jeff on the block. But with Michele's veto win and a secret for whoever holds the HOH, the game will threaten to tear Jeff and Jordan apart only two months after getting together. Who'll be the next to join sequester?

It's day 61 in the house. With Jeff and his girlfriend both on the line, Jordan has volunteered to fall on her sword, while Michele promised Jeff her vote. That leaves Natalie and Kevin to ponder his fate. Kevin's hoping for adios, Jeff. Jeff has feared this from the day he met her. Jordan never imagined it. As for Michele... her only out is her enemy, Natalie, who's looking good in this game. Natalie's liking her chances. "Jeff going to the jury house will be my present to Jessie. Karma is a bitch."

Jeff's confident that better days are head, even though he and Jordan have got got. It's up to him to keep Jordan's head up. All she has to do is play two weeks. He believes that whatever happened this summer happened for a reason, telling her to keep her head up and stick with Michele. Jordan says that Jeff's the only one who played the game to win.

Jeff needs two votes to stay. He tries to work on Natalie. "I can't vote for you." Jeff tells her to do what's best for her. But at this point, Kevin's fate is in Natalie's hands, even though she's proven that she's not as faithful as she appears. Natalie doesn't appear to be willing to turn on Kevin at this point.

That night... break-up spooning between Jeff & Jordan.

The next day, Jeff says that if he gets through Thursday, he'll be lucky. He can guarantee that Michele is not going after her next week, as Michele suggests perhaps throwing the HOH competition (C-Note: Michele is not going to throw anything).

Jeff makes the deal to Natalie. She wonders if Michele is going to take a powder. Natalie says that destiny is in her own hands if she takes the deal.

Player profile! Michele has been downplaying her intelligence for a while now, but her husband Tim says that her best moves are yet to come. Her first date with him was spent in between studying. She's very clumsy in real life... and she has a very bad memory. But when Russell made her angry, it made Tim angry. Tim thinks Michele can win this game.

Going live to the houseguests, Kevin says that grabbing cash was more important than saving him because (FISHBOWL!). Natalie did find Kevin, but she tried to defend her action. Then... the HOH montage of falls. Jeff gives the best fall award to Natalie, who also revealed that she's afraid of insects. Even dragonflies... who do not bite.

Going to the Jury House next, as Jessie and Lydia are all buddy buddy now that the big money is out of the picture. Enter the newest juror, Russell, who prompts Jessie to rip off his wifebeater with one word... "Technotronics". Oh yeah, and they tell Russell that Natalie's actually 24. Biggedy-biggedy-boo-yah.

Kevin is in the HOH room, voicing doubt about Natalie. "I know the word 'lie' is in Natalie's name. I have no choice. She's my only ally at this point." He understands if he is held accountable for this week's actions.

Time for the vote. Jordan doesn't have too much to say, except that she hopes the houseguests vote for who will help them in the game. Jeff basically lays out the plan for the rest of the week to Natalie.

The vote to evict must be unanimous this week.

Natalie: "He made his choice early in this game when he decided to put me up against my ally Jessie. So for that reason, I vote to evict JEFF."
Michele: JORDAN

We have a tie, so it'll go to Kevin...

With apologies to Jordan, JEFF is evicted by a tiebreaker vote. "Nice desperate try. You're outta here." Jeff's greeted by the season's first standing O. He had a deal in place with Russell, but he thinks that the best move was to get rid of Russell when he did. He thinks the worst thing he did was to lose the POV. Even with the Coup d'Etat, he couldn't trust Russell. He wouldn't change a thing, though. He forgot to kiss Jordan on the way out.


Seven statements. Are they truth or fakey-wakey?

1) After his eviction, Casey began selling banana-themed merchandise online.
Jordan: FACT
Michele: FICTION
Natalie: FICTION
ANSWER: FACT (Jordan leads, 1-0)

2) During Laura's eviction interview with Julie, when asked why she got evicted, Laura said, "Because I'm beautiful".
Michele: FICTION
Natalie: FICTION
ANSWER: FICTION (Jordan leads, 2-1-1)

3) Lydia & Jessie are no longer speaking to one another in the jury house.
Michele: FACT
Natalie: FICTION
ANSWER: FICTION (Jordan leads, 3 to Michele's 2 and Natalie's 1)

4) When America voted on who they wanted to receive the Coup d'Etat, Ronnie received more votes than Chima.
Jordan: FACT
Michele: FACT
Natalie: FACT
ANSWER: FACT (Jordan leads, 4 to Michele's 3)

5) "Technotronics" is the use of technology to move tectonic plates under the Earth's surface.
Jordan: FACT
Michele: FICTION
Natalie: FACT
ANSWER: FICTION. Technotronics... is made up. (Jordan leads, 4-3-3)

6) After being expelled from the game, Chima issued an apology regarding a remark she made about Russell.
Michele: FACT
Natalie: FICTION
ANSWER: FACT. (Michele & Jordan are tied at 4 to Natalie's 3)

If Michele's right, she will have tied Jordan; otherwise, she's eliminated. The sixth statement is...a FACT, so we have a tie at four points apiece!

7) Two weeks ago, Ronnie went to a science-fiction convention dressed in his space princess costume.
Jordan: FACT
Michele: FACT
Natalie: FICTION
ANSWER: FICTION... and we have a tie!

TIEBREAKER) In the HOH Comp "Can Do", how many total cans did the competing houseguests have in their tubes at the end of the game?

... write something...

Jordan: 124
Michele: 65
Natalie: 75

And the actual retail price... is 91, and Natalie is the new HOH! "Chima, vengeance is coming for you?" I guess we know who's going up on the block, but we'll see who it is on Sunday, then on Tuesday, we'll have another live eviction... and Thursday will begin the final phase of the competition...

Only 12 days remaining until Finale Night.

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