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Veni, Vidi, Veto: Days 27 & 28
August 4

Last time, the Houseguests graduated from their cliques and got their entry into the School of Hard Knocks. Jeff makes a deal with Russell... a spare for HOH. Russell agrees and ends up putting Ronnie and Lydia on the block, turning former allies against each other. Will the Veto save them?

DAY 27

So Russell has decided to see where everyone's alliances are, thus Ronnie's nomination. Jeff & Jordan, though, have nothing to worry about. Lydia doesn't really know where she stands with Russell anymore, due to her nomination.

Ronnie decides that if he has to cry to stay this week... and he does. The question... Will it work? He bears himself that he's never gone against Russell, and he'll do anything he can to stay in this house. Russell... can see through this act. He's made his bed, and now he'll have to lie in it.

Chima enters that night for a little hangtime with the HOH. She's going to do what he wants her to do... even if it means that Lydia goes home (Russell just wants Ronnie out first). Why? Oh, all the lies might've had something to do with it.

Elsewhere, Lydia thinks that she's safe, but Natalie doesn't like her. Jessie thinks that Ronnie is a better asset than Lydia is. They go to the HOH with that. That splits Russell and Chima up in differences. The thing is that Russell has been burned so many times already. Natalie determines that the only way to get Lydia out of the house is to keep it on the DL.

Natalie tries to work on Michele, citing Lydia's flippant tendencies. But the bottom line is that Michele just doesn't trust Ronnie. The house is split down the middle with Michele straddling on the fence. She's going to have to use her brains to try and figure out what her best move is. Jessie says that it's going to come down to whether or not she has a friend in Ronnie.

Picking players for the Veto Competition. Joining Russell, Ronnie, and Lydia are... Michele, Jessie, and Kevin. Hosting will be Chima... or, should I say... Chimacus.


Strewn all around the backyard (transformed into a field of gladiatorial combat) are various accoutrements. The houseguests will have five minutes to look at all of them. They'll will have to pay special attention to the quantities of the items, because in a moment, we'll have to guesstimate how many of them is on any given item. After all the guesses have been given, the players will have a chance to either stay with their answer or fold. Closest will earn a point. Furthest away will be eliminated. Three points is a win.

1) Number of jewels on the emperor's chariot.
Michele: FOLD
Lydia: FOLD
Russell: FOLD
Ronnie: FOLD
Kevin: FOLD
Jessie: 365
ANSWER: 514 (Point, Jessie)

Jessie: 1
Everyone else: 0

2) Number of arrows in the shield
Michele: FOLD
Lydia: FOLD
Russell: 215
Ronnie: FOLD
Kevin: 490
Jessie: 125
ANSWER: 213 (Point, Russell; Kevin eliminated)

Jessie, Russell: 1
Everyone else: 0

3) Number of grapes on the silver platter
Michele: FOLD
Lydia: 241
Russell: 320
Ronnie: FOLD
Jessie: 313
ANSWER: 907 (Point, Russell; Lydia eliminated)

Russell: 2
Jessie: 1
Everyone else: 0

4) Numbers of marks on the gladiator's belt
Michele: 280
Russell: FOLD
Ronnie: FOLD
Jessie: FOLD
ANSWER: 177 (Point Michele)

Russell: 2
Jessie, Michele: 1
Ronnie: 0

5) Number of rats in the cage
Michele: 51
Russell: FOLD
Ronnie: FOLD
Jessie: FOLD
ANSWER: 149 (point, Michele)

Russell, Michele: 2
Jessie: 1
Ronnie: 0

6) Number of feathers in the helmet

Michele: 68
Russell: FOLD
Ronnie: FOLD
Jessie: 130
ANSWER: 92 (point and win, Michele)

So once again, the power is in Michele's hands. Ronnie will try to pry it from her, but she goes to Russell for another game of pool with Natalie... which they bail out on to talk. It's okay, because Jessie and Natalie are just walking outside. So now name of the game is keep up appearances, so they think. "Regardless of whether or not they're there, they've talked." Can Russell keep Michele from using the veto? Jessie says that no one knows what she's thinking.

Right now, Ronnie's only hope of staying in the house is to coax Michele of the veto... rather more forceful than he's used to. He's with Jessie, Natalie, and Chima. If he leaves the house, and they're the next to have HOH, then they will be exacted, and Michele will be going up next week. Talk about gaming the system. The question now is... is that a risk she's willing to take?

That answer is coming in a moment. But first, who's got a crush on who? Kevin on Russell, Chima on Russell. ... Jeff on Russell? Is this going to come to a fight?

There may be a fight on this statement: "Lydia's not your new friend, Michele is."

Jessie's in the HOH room for a moment, as Chima was expecting... well, someone else. She and Jessie talk about why Russell's so adamant on getting Ronnie out. Later, Chima goes to Ronnie, who says that it's not outside the realm that he would get Michele to use the veto to save Lydia in order to put someone else up. And Russell... overhears. And by that, we mean spies. And Natalie has a hard time keeping things on the down-low because she's so paranoid. That might be her downfall.

Russell's pretty sure that Ronnie's not on his side as he was before, especially as he talks up Chima like he does.


Unlike last time, both nominees will have to prove their case. Ronnie... doesn't. Lydia just kisses but. Michele has thought a lot about it... and decides to use the power of Veto... to save... NO ONE.

So Michele takes a gamble that pays off shortly, but will it be safe for her in the long run? One thing's for sure... barring a save from the Coup d'Etat, either RONNIE or LYDIA is going home Thursday.

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