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Eviction Night: Jordan vs. Laura
July 23

Looks... charm... everything that comes with being a popular girl. But tonight, being a popular girl only means one thing... EVICTION.

This week in the Big Brother House, Ronnie became Head of Household, and the cliques have become to turn on each other, and the house has divided into two sides, with Ronnie playing both sides of the middle. Laura tried to expose him to the house. Ronnie had no choice but to put her on the block alongside Jeff, who would later take himself off the block after winning the Veto Competition. Ronnie immediately shocked everyone by putting - instead of backdooring Russell - Jordan up, listening to Jessie's advice.

But remember... it's only a game. Only until someone's feelings get hurt, at least.

It's day 19 in the House, and Ronnie has spun a web of lies. Has he spun one lie too many?  Russell was relieved, while the populars are DONE. Jordan was put as a pawn to get rid of Laura, but Russell remains on Ronnie's hit list. Simply put... it wasn't time to go after Russell left.

One thing's for sure... Jordan's completely shocked. Jeff thinks that Jordan's good and that Laura's the bigger threat. Jeff calls Jordan his "break from the house". And sparks are starting to fly, as evidenced by the "Sparks Flying" music package.

Jordan is Laura's best friend in the house, but at the same time, it's survival of the fittest. Laura's going to campaign hard to keep herself in the house, even going so far as to sell Jordan and Jeff out to Ronnie. Michele and Chima could flip their votes if Ronnie asks. Jessie is the key. If Jessie switches, Natalie, Lydia, and Kevin will switch. His concern is that you'd put Jessie up.

Natalie, Chima, Lydia, and Kevin are brought to the HOH room. Natalie just says that she's evicting Laura. So is everyone else. So let's throw Russell under the bus. Ronnie should've put Russell up. Natalie walks downstairs in a huff, looking for Jessie to see if what the groupthink says is true.  Jessie looks for Russell... Russell looks for Ronnie. Everyone else... just thinks that Ronnie's overgaming as Laura makes herself out to be the victim. Cue the crying...

And then things get weird. No one wants to hear anything that Ronnie says. He hasn't lied to Jessie, Kevin, Lydia, or Chima. Laura thinks otherwise. Ronnie retreats to the HOH room... "I should've put Russell's ass up."

Russell is leading the charge as the house is united against Ronnie, who's been exiled to the HOH room.

"Ronnie, please go to the Diary Room."

Russell pops up at the same time that Big Brother calls Ronnie to the Diary Room. Looks like it's about to go down like that. Instead, Ronnie turns on the CC to see if anyone's coming after him.

"Ronnie, please go to the Diary Room."

And Big Brother doesn't like to be left hanging. So Ronnie obliges. And down the stairs.. through the living room, around the kitchen, and to the Diary Room, here comes Russell riding up on him like no one's business.

First words out of Ronnie's mouth: "He's an (^_^)..."

And it's only just beginning. As Jessie and Natalie say that being locked in his room isn't right, Ronnie cries to a picture of his wife, saying "What should I do?"

Going live, Natalie says that the mood is tense, but the house is united as one. Back to the Have/Have Not Challenge, Michele thought Jeff's rack was nice, while Kevin thought Casey rocked it.

Now it's time to talk to the "Square Root of All Evil". Out of the gate, Ronnie plays both sides of the house. "I took the risk because most times when contestants play both sides of the house, they have no allegiance to either side. I actually have allegiance to the athletes."

Let's see if this will work. It is.. time to vote. Last pleas... Jordan says it's been a crazy three weeks, and clarifies that she wants to be here. "If I do go home tonight... no hard feelings." Laura is just as thankful and grateful. "Due to certain circumstances, I was unable to meet a few of you... Do what's best for you in this game."

Remember, the vote to evict is five...

Jessie: LAURA
Natalie: "Let's spice it up some. I vote to evict JORDAN."
Casey: LAURA
Russell: LAURA
Kevin: LAURA (Evicted)
Lydia: LAURA
Chima: LAURA
Michele: LAURA

By a vote of 8-1, LAURA is evicted from the Big Brother House. And... no hug from Ronnie. Sour grapes much? "I'm so glad he took me down, and I'm taking him down with me." Laura called herself an easier target. She hopes Jordan or an Offbeat win.


Over the last week, the Houseguests have been practicing on a small-scale target...

Enter the BIG gun. The Houseguests will have one try to fling a ball from a lever onto a flower target. Outer rings are worth one... the bullseye is worth 10. Most points is the new HOH.

Michele: 4
Jessie: 6
Kevin: 5
Natalie: 2
Lydia: 1
Russell: 5
Chima: 3
Jordan: 1
Jeff: 6
Casey: 1

Tiebreaker shot!

Jessie: 6
Jeff: 3

And Jessie is once again Head of Household! What will this mean for the Houseguests? Find out Sunday!

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