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Eviction Night: Ronnie vs. Lydia
August 6

Last week, the cliques were history and the fate of the house hung in mystery. The mystery was soon solved as Ronnie and Lydia were nominated. Now as the house divides itself along the middle, the woman in the middle, Michele, chose to honor the nominations and send Ronnie and Lydia to a power struggle that will come to a head tonight. Or will it?

It's day 33 in the house, and allies have become enemies and vice versa. As it stands right now, only Russell and Michele are the only people safe. Michele thought that taking anyone off the block means that Ronnie may not go home. Her, Jordan, Jeff, and Kevin have the votes to kick him out. Ronnie suggests that her only loyalty is to herself. Kevin tells Lydia that she has nothing to worry about, and Lydia honestly wants to believe that.

Michele, meanwhile, talks about her brain books. She is, after all, a neuroscientist. Russell thinks that they're talking about something else... The truth is... they're talking... about books. But still, he wants to know what's going down, so he talks to Michele in the HOH room. Jessie, Chima & Natalie are the three to watch, as their alliances are outlined. He says that it's hard to tell who's telling the truth here.

Russell asks Jessie at what point did he know that Chima was going to backdoor him. Jessie says that he's never heard his name when talking to her. Russell sends for Chima to see if that is true or not (with a warning from Natalie to play nice). She wants to go grab Michele to clear the air. Michele says that that's not true. We all know how "not true" that is in the form of a shouting match. Russell thinks that Michele is lying. Chima thinks that Russell is lying. And then... DRAMA in the backyard.

There's a new rat in town.

Time's running out for Ronnie to capitalize on this. He needs four votes to stay. He has three. He's hoping that Jordan will toss him a sympathy vote.

Speaking of which, Jeff's hoping to do the do with Jordan tonight. And killing the mood... Ronnie. Yeah, that's going to win you some votes, especially with some farting. Quote of the night comes from Jeff. "Ronnie's trying to work on us, and I'm trying to work on Jordan. I can't say the word, but he's one of those guys that stops you from doing something with the lady. You know what I mean?"

Jordan just wanted to stay out of the way of the DRAMA in the backyard. Michele says that the mood in the house is very much divided. Jessie had to eat slop all week, a first in his two years at the Big Brother House. Squid and squash... didn't help much.

Speaking to Russell privately in the HOH Room, his emotions got the best of him earlier. It's week 4 after all, and it's time for everyone to snap at the same time. Russell did apologize eventually. How will he deal with the backlash? How well can he adapt in this game? We'll see. One thing's for sure... he's very loyal to both Jessie AND Jeff. He'll have to make a decision sooner or later.

And now, we're going to see who has won America's Vote and the Power of Coup d'Etat. It is... JEFF! The question, after Big Brother teaches him how to pronounce it.... will he use it today?

NO. Which means that it's time for Ronnie and Lydia to plead their cases. Lydia is appreciative of the friends that she's made and tells everyone to use their vote wisely. Ronnie says that this show is a dream come true for him. "Sometimes you have to take a chance." He also says that he's tried to see the good in everyone... except Michele. "You're quite possibly the worst human being I've ever had the misfortune of meeting, and I absolutely feel sorry for you." Good job, Ronnie.

The vote to evict this week is four.

Natalie: "I know it's a longshot, but I'm hoping for a miracle. I vote to evict LYDIA."
Chima: LYDIA
Jessie: "Lightning didn't strike twice, but I still vote to evict LYDIA."
Michele: RONNIE (C-Note: and the sky is blue.)

Jordan's the decider...

Jordan: RONNIE

And by a 4-3 vote, it's Game Over for the gamer. "Remember, it's just a game. Play hard. May the best person win!" The difference between Michele and Ronnie is that Ronnie was very loyal. He did tell Michele that all she could do was vote for him and it was water under the bridge. "I think it was a last ditch effort, and if that didn't work, nothing did."

Back to the game. Over the last week, America recorded advice to the houseguests. They had to hear said advice all night long.


Questions on the advice you all got yesterday. True or False, last person standing wins.

1) The singer of the song "Big Brother Friends For Life" sang "We're gonna kiss and make up".
- TRUE, Michele & Lydia eliminated.

2) One caller advised "If you just ate a meal, wait 30 minutes before getting in the pool".
- TRUE. Everyone stays.

3) Bridget from Honolulu advised you to "stop lying so much".
- FALSE (stop sleeping so much). Jessie eliminated.

4) One caller advised "Those who live in the Big Brother House shouldn't throw stones; they should eat tuna".
- FALSE (... glass houses). Jordan & Jeff eliminated.

5) One rapper called to advise "One wrong move and you ain't getting a dime".
- TRUE. Kevin & Natalie.

That just leaves Chima, the new HOH! Looks like the tides, they are a-turning. How will Chima use her power? Find out Sunday!

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