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Eviction Night: Kevin vs. Michele
September 8

Last time on Big Brother, we were left with one representative of each of the four original cliques. Natalie the athlete, after having been proposed to in Pandora's Box, put up Kevin the offbeat and Michele the brain for eviction. Now those two, plus popular girl Jordan, will play for the right to take themselves off the block in the live Veto.

It's day 66 inside the house, and whoever wins the veto tonight will hold all the cards. Natalie says that Kevin's nomination is a ploy. Michele doesn't know what Natalie's show was about. Kevin is in on the ruse to get Michele out, but Kevin has a ruse of his own. Jordan says that Natalie & Kevin are fighting... but it's too good to be true.

Jordan doesn't know who she would send home if she won the veto. Natalie thinks that she needs to cover all angles, including Jordan. She reassures her that she's not going home, suggesting that Kevin wants Michele to go home. Jordan thinks that it's a little weird, saying that Jeff told her to stick with Michele, no matter what. And that's what she's going to do.

In the red room, Kevin and Natalie look to the POV. Technically, the odds are not in Kevin's favor, with his winning being 1 in 3 against. If he doesn't win, he goes home.


As a reminder, only Natalie will not compete due to her opening Pandora's Box.

There are 20 clues:

2nd Evicted            4th HOH
Hosted BB Mint Competition            Watched both movie screenings
HOH 2 times            4th Evicted
Won Pop Goes the Veto            Evicted by a 3-2 vote
Evicted by greatest number of votes            Wore a banana suit
Rapped inside Otev the Ape            Evicted by a 6-5 vote
Nominated for eviction 4 times            Always "folded" in Veni, Vidi, Veto
3rd Evicted            Was Captain Unitard
Wore a Space Princess outfit            Played no veto competition
5th Evicted            Replaced Kevin on the block

Find a block that matches both clues. First houseguest to do that ten times wins the most important veto of the summer.

The answers:
Laura - Russell
Lydia - Chima
Jessie - Ronnie
Russell - Jessie
Laura - Casey
Casey - Braden
Lydia - Ronnie
Casey - Lydia
Ronnie - Braden
Jessie - Russell

Winner... KEVIN! Kevin says that it's pretty good to have the final Veto, but it's not a power he takes likely. Jordan says that it's been hard without Jeff. Natalie says that it wasn't too hard to open up Pandora's Box. She says that it was well worth it. Michele... can't stop thinking about the baby.

Kevin knows that his decision on who stays and who goes could cost him the game. Natalie says that winning the veto is the best case scenario for him. Michele thinks that she's just been duped. As for Jordan... Michele says that they need hugs for not making it to the final two. As for Kevin & Natalie... they can't stop celebrating. Natalie says that she'll take the "blood" for whatever Kevin decides. Kevin says that all her friends are in the jury, and that he thinks that he needs to start thinking about himself.

Michele says that she can't get a read on Kevin and Natalie. She doesn't want Natalie to win the game, and says that Kevin could not win against her. So much to think about.

Jordan is convinced that she's going home. Natalie is convinced otherwise. Kevin is taking Michele out. Michele is continuing to work Kevin. She says that if she leaves this week, she's not giving Kevin her vote. Kevin's open to any and all options. Whoever Kevin picks is going to help him win the million.

Natalie in the HOH bedroom says that her loyalties are with Kevin. She thinks that the age lie made other people think that she was a little bit naive.


As predicted, Kevin will take himself off the block, and Jordan will take his place. Now to make final pleas. Jordan says that this is a hard decision. Hopefully he hasn't changed his mind about her. She hasn't played dirty. She wouldn't consider herself a backstabber. Michele dons the devil horns, but says that she would guarantee Kevin $500,000. "I can raise hell against you in the Jury House, or I can raise hell with you in the final HOH."

Kevin casts his final vote... "I'm sorry, Michele, but I have to vote to evict you."

With that, Michele is the 10th player evicted. She thinks that she was the better player and Kevin couldn't count on grudges. She thinks that the decision was 50/50. Maybe this is the best decision for him, maybe not. Jeff's decision to take down Russell was definitely the game changer for her.


Hold onto your key for dear life... The log you're standing on will be rotating... Last person standing will be given a bye to the final round.

We leave the final three as it starts to rain on them. And that's only the beginning. Find out how this competition ends Thursday!

Only 7 days remaining until Finale Night.

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